From elsewhere: Muslim police officer accused of being bent. How many bent Muslims are there in public life?


A Muslim police officer has been arrested and accused of passing confidential information to his wife, who is an aide to the treasonous Islam-fellating MP George Galloway.

The Daily Mail said:

A Met Police officer leaked details of plans to arrest hate preacher Anjem Choudary to his wife while she was working for MP George Galloway, a court heard today.

Detective Inspector Mohammed Afiz Khan, 46, from Yorkshire, is accused of passing confidential information to his wife Aisha Ali-Khan while he was at the helm of the Muslim Contact Unit – part of the force’s Counter Terrorism Command.

Ali-Khan, 33, who worked as the Bradford West MP’s parliamentary secretary, is said to have asked her husband to use his position to investigate the source of a string of e-mails and obtain personal details.

In addition to the alleged leak concerning the radical Islamist cleric, Khan is also accused of obtaining CCTV footage from South Yorkshire Police without a valid reason.

The couple appeared together to face the charges during a brief hearing at Westminster Magisrates’ Court.”

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Although comment and speculation cannot be made about this particular case because it is sub judice, this arrest and charge does raise questions about whether other Muslims in sensitive areas of public life are being entirely loyal to the United Kingdom.

It is chilling to think that ensconced in our police, military, local government and civil service may be hundreds or thousands of individuals who could be aiding and abetting the enemy or destabilising this nation in other ways. Are Muslim police staff helping terrorists evade capture, or Muslim housing and benefit officers allocating properties and cash unfairly to other Muslims to the detriment of other groups? What about those Muslims employed by defence related ‘List X’ companies, or by security organisations and universities doing advanced research, are they entirely loyal to the UK, or are they secretly loyal to the Ummah?

Those who are concerned about the growth of Islamic grooming gangs for example, may wonder if the presence of Muslim police in key positions could have contributed to the lack of action taken against these vile rapists for many years. During the Labour years of misrule many Muslim police officers were the subject of accelerated promotion in order to fulfil ‘diversity’ quotas. Because of this desire by the Labour party to increase the number of minorities and non-British in the higher ranks of the police, it is quite possible that the vetting of such officers could have been more lax than it should have been. The question must be asked: Did Labour pack our public services with ticking time-bombs of disloyalty in order to make their party members feel good about ‘diversity’?

How many areas of public life have been compromised by the employment by the State of those who allegiance is not to the Crown or to the people of the UK, but instead to Allah?

Cases like the one featured in the Daily Mail raise lots of questions that require answers.

Maybe it is time for Parliament to set up some form of ‘Un-British Activities Committee’ and clear out these Islamic fifth columnists, and their Leftist cheerleaders, from those positions where they may be doing great strategic damage or causing significant financial loss.

National security must be a greater priority than political correctness. Maybe it is time that all Muslims employed by the state or in sensitive non Governmental entities are subject to ‘developed vetting’ even if they are not handing the sort of information and material that would normally entail the employee to go through some form of developed vetting process.

The case of Sparkbrook in Birmingham, where local Muslims turned a blind eye to suspicious behaviour and movements by terror plotters, should make us more vigilant about the employment of Muslims in vital administrative and commercial areas.

Yes such a policy would be discriminatory on the grounds of religion, but it is better to be a bit discriminatory than throw caution to the wind and hope for the best, which seems to be the current policy of this government in these areas.



2 Comments on "From elsewhere: Muslim police officer accused of being bent. How many bent Muslims are there in public life?"

  1. Furor Teutonicus | August 18, 2013 at 6:04 am |

    XX Did Labour pack our public services with ticking time-bombs of disloyalty in order to make their party members feel good about ‘diversity’?XX

    What a bloody stupid question!

    Of COURSE they did.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 18, 2013 at 4:23 pm |

      You and I may know that Labour treasonously packed the public sector with those who are not loyal to the UK, but there are many others out there who do not know that fact.

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