A parliamentary constituency with shocking similarities to Rotherham.

Map showing the location of Batley in West Yorkshire.


There are 650 Parliamentary constituencies in the United Kingdom who all send a representative, a Member of Parliament, to the House of Commons. Some of these constituencies are wealthy and some are not. Some of them have great industries or seats of learning contained within them and some do not. Other constituencies have a lot of media attention paid to them because they are marginal and often change hands and then there are some that change hands so rarely that they can be marked on the map semi-permanently in red, blue or yellow. There are some parliamentary constituencies that are famous for the right reasons, such as they provide MPs who do right by their constituents and there are others who are famous because of some awful tragedy.

One constituency that has become famous because of a tragedy, is the constituency of Batley and Spen in the county of West Yorkshire. It was there that the MP Jo Cox was allegedly murdered in the street by a man, Thomas Mair, who is currently on trial for her killing. Much has been written about this constituency since Jo Cox was killed and the area was subject to a great deal of political and media attention. The by-election called in the wake of Cox’s murder saw the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and United Kingdom Independence Party refuse to field a candidate out of respect for Ms Cox. However the Labour Party, who held the seat until Cox’s death, along with a number of smaller parties, did put candidates up. As expected, the seat was won by the Labour candidate Tracy Brabin, a former Coronation Street actress and front-woman for adverts for various insurance products of dubious value for money. There has not been a Conservative candidate elected in Batley and Spen since the seat was created for the 1983 election and the seat has been solid Labour since 1997 when Mike Wood, who was a member of the far Left Socialist Campaign Group of the Labour party, gained the seat. Wood had a wide variety of parliamentary interests including Indo-British affairs, animal welfare, Kashmir and the problem of alcohol abuse, but like Cox and Brabin, he never seemed to find enough time, or even any time, to properly highlight the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs.

Brabin had campaigned for Cox at the 2015 General Election and it appears that Brabin and Cox are of like mind when it comes to certain matters, most notably support for the ‘Palestinians’ and other dubious Islamic and Leftist causes. She’s also been seen attending a gender segregated Islamic event which brings me to wonder just what did happen to Labour’s much vaunted support for equality between genders? It was a by-election with a shockingly low turnout, only just over 25% of voters bothered to cast their votes and this was one of the lowest turnouts in a by-election since the end of the Second World War. Furthermore, out of all the minor party candidates who stood in this by-election only one, Gary Kitchen, who had previously stood for the Green Party, had a registered address in the constituency. It’s therefore fair to say that the majority of the minor party candidates who stood were mere carpetbaggers exploiting the heightened media attention that was paid to the constituency because of the sudden violent death of Cox.

In many people’s minds Batley and Spen will be associated with the murder of an MP, one of only 47 MPs murdered since the year 1300, but the constituency has another claim for infamy, that of its shocking similarities to Rotherham and the Islamic Rape Gangs that have made Rotherham notorious. Batley and Spen’s dirty little secret, that the mainstream media believes it can now safely ignore, is that just like Rotherham, Batley and Spen has a serious problem with Islamic sex crime. Also as is the case in Rotherham, there appears to be the attitude among those in authority in the political, administrative and policing areas, that these Islamic sex crimes should be played down. A number of confidential sources in the area (and by their nature they do need to remain confidential) have told this blog that ordinary British children and young women are being targeted by Islamic Rape Gangs and that the police know this, the council know this and that social services in the area are well aware that this problem exists, but as in Rotherham, they are doing very little to counter it.

There was some attempt by minor party candidates during the election to highlight this problem and the lack of action taken against Islamic Rape Gangs, but now that the media and political caravan has moved on, they have lost interest in the problems that the local people face from Muslim sex crime. This has put local people in a terrible position. They are now in a situation where those who said they would help highlight their plight have buggered off to pastures new, they are left on their own with little or no support. They are also saddled with a new MP, Tracy Brabin of Labour, who appears to be cut from the same ‘Islamopandering’ cloth as Cox.

Brabin, like Cox, is alleged to have been going out of her way to avoid being confronted with evidence that Batley has an Islamic Rape Gang problem. She has been said to be blocking on social media the growing number of people who are trying to bring the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs in Batley to her attention. If these allegations are proven to be correct, then they show that Brabin has a similar problematical appeasing attitude towards Islam as was possessed by the late Jo Cox. Cox, you need to realise, never seemed to find an Islamic cause that she didn’t like or an Islamic group that she would not back. Cox was very much in favour of the dangerous ‘Syrian refugees’ being brought to the UK. Cox’s parliamentary record is a near total litany of pro-Islam, pro-multiculturalism and pro-migrant statements.

In a previous article on this blog on the subject of Cox’s lamentable parliamentary record, I pointed out that despite her short time in the Commons, the majority of Cox’s statements appeared to be backing pro-Islam, pro-migrant and similar causes. Those who may criticise me for pointing this out and who say that maybe Cox didn’t have time from her election in 2015 until her untimely death earlier this year, to investigate fully the Islamic Rape Gang problem in her area, need to be made aware that she managed to find time to whine about ‘Palestinians’ or to praise the multiculturalism of her constituency and to run round backing various Islamic causes, but not to highlight the scandal of rapist Muslims in her own constituency. Why was that I wonder? Was it because she genuinely didn’t know or was not aware of what is going on, or was it because she preferred to back Muslim causes and didn’t give a toss about those who have been victimised or seen their children victimised by Muslims? Sadly I think that it’s the second reason. She could not be arsed to engage with the problem of Muslim rapists, as she was too busy appeasing the Muslim community from whence the rapists emerged. We should never let the terrible manner of Cox’s death divert us from the knowledge that Cox’s politics were vile, religiously partisan, and often focused on matters that were of little concern to the majority of the voters in the Batley and Spen constituency. Cox should rightly be condemned, both for her dangerous Islamophilia and for the fact that she showed a complete lack of concern for those for whom she really should have shown concern, those individuals and families who have been victimised by Muslim sex criminals.

Some of the stories I’m hearing coming out of the constituency from various contacts about what is going on there, are truly terrible. One source tells me of his daughter’s abuse at the hands of Muslims and of the local police’s lack of interest in either the abuse, or the abusers or the significant number of premises that have been and are still being used as venues for sexual abuse of British girls by Muslim sex offenders. Another source speaks of social services child protection meetings where the issue of Islamic sex offenders was discussed, but where no recommendations for action to stop the abuse were made. To all intents and purposes, those parents who’ve seen their children raped, sexually abused or trafficked by Muslim Rape Gangs have had no practical support from those agencies who should have been helping. A further different source tells me how reports to police about missing young women were put in and suspicions that these girls were being victimised by Islamic Rape Gangs were completely ignored by officers of West Yorkshire Police.

The more I hear of the situation in Batley and Spen, the more my heart sinks and the more similarities I see with Rotherham. We have the similar sort of local Labour Party Establishment who have plainly chosen to back the Islamic side, no matter what crimes or anti social behaviour emanate from the Islamic community, rather than side with the rest of us. We also have a similar ‘can’t give a toss’ attitude from police officers and ominously, a very similar culture of ‘we can’t say anything about this problem’ dominating local Social Services.

Batley is not alone in the area in having an Islamic Rape Gang problem, there have been gangs uncovered in Keighley, Halifax, and Dewsbury and individual Muslim sex criminals have also been a major problem for the people of the area and the areas to which these Muslim sex criminals travel, in order to commit their offences. I find it fantastical to assume that those in authority, or who are political representatives in the Batley area, are unaware that Batley has a Muslim sex crime problem and I find it obscene that this problem is being ignored. Batley shares a similar demographic to those other areas that have become hotbeds of Islamic sex crime. Bearing in mind that Batley has a much higher proportion of residents who are Muslim than Rotherham, 25% as opposed to 3.9% (2011 Census figures) I would be saddened but unsurprised to find out sometime down the line that the Muslim sex crime problem in Batley and the surrounding areas is equal to, if not worse than, the figure of 1,400 victims of Islamic sex criminals which the Jay Report on the Rotherham Muslim abuse scandal revealed.

If even a fraction of what I’m being told by various sources in the Batley and Spen area are true, then it has the capacity to spin out into a scandal of monstrous proportions and it is a scandal that the authorities show all the signs of wanting to sweep under the carpet. Batley and Spen seems to be yet another British constituency, like so many others, governed by an almost permanently entrenched Labour Party oligarchy, that has turned its back on the weak and those in need of protection. Instead this Labour Party oligarchy has chosen to place itself further on the side of the Muslim bullies, paedophiles, rapists and other sex criminals and the Islamic community that produces them. Batley, like so many of the other places mentioned in this article and in the writings of others who are observing the Islamic sex crime epidemic, are categorical proof that if you want an Islamic rapist for a neighbour, then vote Labour.

The ordinary decent people of Batley and Spen have suffered for years from Islamic sex crime and from Islamic Rape Gangs and it seems little or nothing has been done to stop this problem or even to acknowledge that this problem exists. Worse still, many of the agencies that should act in this matter, are doing nothing, whilst being fully aware of the nature and scale of the Islamic sex crime problem in Batley. The police have done nothing, the social services have done nothing and the parliamentarians have done nothing. They have sat on their hands and stayed silent, even as the cries of those abused by Islamic sex criminals flooded their ears. The people of Batley and especially those who were or have had family members abused by these Muslim sex criminals have been abandoned to their fate and the Muslim sex criminals have mostly been left to walk free unburdened by legal sanction and free to abuse yet more children and young women.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9 (Parashat Shoftim for my Jewish readers) that it is the duty of a society to appoint just and honest judges and by extension honest enforcers of the law in order for a society to be considered as ‘just’. Unfortunately, going by what I’ve been told by sources in the area, it seems that in the Batley and Spen constituency, as in too many others, justice is nowhere to be found for those who have been abused by Islamic sex criminals or have had family members abused by the followers of the Islamic cult. It’s time that this monstrous injustice was stopped and it’s time for those in authority to step up to the plate and do much more than they have done already to stop the epidemic of Islamic sex crime and to bring to justice those who perpetrate it, along with those who stay silent on the matter.

It gives me no pleasure to say this but I suspect that over the next few years we will be hearing a lot more about the problems caused by Islamic sex crime in the Batley and Spen areas. The Islamic Rape Gang problem of Batley is a problem that could have been avoided or reduced, had those who should know better done the right thing and taken justifiably strong action against both the rapists themselves and the community that produces them.

I’d like to conclude this piece with a message to the new MP for Batley and Spen, Tracy Brabin. My message to her is this: Do not stay silent on the problems of Islamic sex crime. Do not keep your own counsel on this matter because it is politically advantageous to do so. Do not appease or be seen to appease the community that is producing some of the worst gangs of organised sex criminals that this nation has ever seen. Most importantly Ms Brabin, do not dismiss those who come to you with complaints about Islamic sex criminals, merely because you find the allegations unpleasant or uncomfortable to hear or they challenge your pre-conceived political and social views. If you do that, you will be judged as an appeaser of evil and if you are not judged so at the ballot box or in a temporal court of law, you will certainly be judged by the Harpies of your own conscience and ultimately by a higher power than either you or I.


Jo Cox’s lamentable and highly pro-Islam Parliamentary record


Jo Cox never seemed to find an Islamic cause she didn’t like


Dewsbury Grooming case


Keighley Grooming case


Halifax grooming case


Muslim nonce travelled to Croydon in South London in order to meet girl to abuse


Voting record of the previous MP Mike Wood


Current MP Tracy Brabin appears in advert for an insurance product of dubious value


Link to text of Deut 16:18


2011 Census data showing the Musilm population of Batley and Spen to be at 25%. As we all know sadly the more Muslims in your town or city the greater the number of Muslim sex offenders.


Batley and Spen demographic data.

Total population 107,899

of which Pakistanis 10,314

1,978 holders of passports from the Middle East and Asia

20,257 Muslims