It’s time to challenge the unwarranted ‘sainthood’ of Jo Cox and to examine the Islamophilia of the Labour Party itself.

Jo Cox speaking in the House of Commons


I try not to speak ill of the recently dead. I normally feel that it is an unseemly thing to do, I try not to speak badly of those who have recently died even if their views are at odds with my own. For that reason I refrained from criticism of Anthony Wedgewood Benn when he died, even though his political policies look to me like utter madness. To not slag off the recently dead is for me a matter or probity and good taste. But, and it’s a big but, there are some situations and some individuals whose policies before they died are so outrageous, or their personal conduct so appalling, that this stricture needs to be put to one side and criticise a persons actions even though they may be recently deceased. It’s difficult to imagine, for example, holding back from criticising those such as Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda when he died. It must be said at this point that although the slain MP Jo Cox was not anywhere near as murderous as Idi Amin, her policies, her conduct and the unwarranted ‘sainthood’ conferred on her by the Left, really need to be challenged.

The time has come for the actions and policies of Jo Cox and that of her husband Brendan (see link below) and his removal from the Save the Children organisation for alleged impropriety with female staff, to be examined in a little more detail.

At this point it must be said that the murder of Jo Cox has spouted a wealth of conspiracy theories (see postscript below) which I will ignore, just as I ignore the ‘chemtrails’ and ‘NWO’ tin-foil hatters as they have no relevance, but instead muddy the waters with their claims. However, it cannot be denied that Jo and Brendan Cox supported causes that show loyalty not to the people of Great Britain, but to various socialist and Islamic causes. I also hope that by waiting until now to put this piece together I have behaved a little bit better than did the ‘Remain’ campaign and the political Left. They mercilessly exploited this tragic murder for their own base political ends and it was an episode of the most appalling political cynicism. It is a terrible thing for an MP to be murdered and as I’ve said before it’s not a common thing in Britain. Since 1300 only 47 MP’s have been murdered and that number includes that of Ms Cox. Despite it being an appalling killing by what seems like an unhinged nutter, this should not preclude us looking at the somewhat questionable political record of Jo Cox

Let’s start with Jo Cox’s Parliamentary record. A brief perusal of her speaking record obtained from the website ‘They work for you’ showed a usual mish mash of socialistic concerns such as overseas development, ‘women and equalities’, ‘evil toree cutz’ and other such stuff. There is also a very heavy preponderance of questions and statements about the Middle East, most notably that on Syria. She was also a champion of the ‘refugees welcome’ cause and obviously someone who saw no danger in allowing thousands of people from notably uncivilised cultures in to the United Kingdom. She was also a prominent campaigner for the campaign to remain in the European Union, even though this was not a position held by a great number of her constituents. Like so many other Labour MP’s Jo Cox seemed to be more concerned about the concerns of Muslims such as Gaza and Syria than just about anything else.

Continuing on the theme of Jo Cox’s Parliamentary utterances, my searches have managed to unearth absolutely nothing, zilch, nada, zero, from her about the problems of child sexual exploitation, often carried out by Muslims, in nearby constituencies and most probably in her own Batley and Spen one. Now why would that be?

Some clues can be found in her maiden speech to the Commons, when she concentrated positively on the ‘multicultural’ nature of her constituency and championed this policy. She was also a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, not exactly the first person you’d think of to speak honestly about the challenges posed by the ideology of Islam. Another cause for concern is her support of the Labour Friends of Palestine group and she was also a supporter of the policy of sanctions against Israel, the one truly democratic state in the whole Middle East region. She indirectly supported Hamas by calling for security restrictions imposed by Egypt and Israel on the genocidal Hamas government of the Gaza Strip to be lifted. She supported the importation of Syrian ‘refugees’ even after the revelations of the massive amount of crime and disorder that these alleged ‘refugees’ had brought to places like Germany and Sweden. Finally there is the matter of the financial donation, detailed in the register of members interests, to Jo Cox by one Al Murad DIY Ltd of £4,096. and the £4,665.76 fee paid for consultancy by the Gates Foundation, the charity vehicle of Bill and Melinda Gates. It is not a crime for an MP to take donations from businesses or do consultancy work for big charities, but it’s also not a crime to ask: What did these entities get out of their donations to Jo Fox and her local party?

There are also questions to ask about her employment prior to becoming an MP. She served as a policy director for the Left leaning charity Oxfam, an organisation that has gone way beyond its initial remit of famine relief and is now a big political player. Out of all the aid charities that are out there, Oxfam is the one that I least feel comfortable with supporting, primarily because of their support for the so called ‘Palestinians’ and their general Leftist ethos. Even allowing Hamas, an organisation that wants to exterminate Jews, to have unrestricted access to trade, including access to weapons, was not beyond the pale for Jo Cox.

All in all it’s plain to see that Jo Cox, the Left wing secular ‘saint’, has never ever appeared to come across an Islamic cause that she didn’t like. With a record like this, is it any surprise that there is no record that I can find on the web of her ever speaking out or up for the thousands of British girls and women, Atheist, Christian, Sikh or Hindu who have been victimised by Muslims in Britain? There is not even any record of her expressing concern about the massive amount of Islamic child sexual exploitation for which the North of England is getting worryingly well known. Jo Cox found time to speak a lot about Syria, refugees, the arms trade, Israel, welfare and even hospital car parking charges, but she said bugger all about the epidemic of Islamic Rape Gangs that afflict towns and cities from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. She had a lot to say about many things but not the subject that she should have spoken up about, the predation by Muslims of British girls and women, some of whom were vulnerable and easily manipulated into a position where they could be exploited and then trafficked.

The murder of Jo Cox was a terrible thing for British politics and a tragedy for her own family, but let us not have any illusions about who she was or what causes she supported. She supported so many Islamic causes and went out of her way to say little if anything about the very many problems that the ideology of Islam has brought to our shores. If she really, really wanted to do the right thing for the people of her constituency, she could have chosen to speak up for those unknown suffering thousands of girls who are the victims of Islamic sexual predation. It is this lack of concern for local people and her fulsome selective compassion for those who come from a culture that teaches its members and adherents to hate us ‘kuffar’, that turns my stomach when I think of Jo Cox. With a record such as hers, it’s difficult for me to see her as a ‘saint’, but very easy to see her as yet another Labour Party Quisling for Islam. Jo Cox didn’t speak out about Islamic sexual predation just as so many other Labour Party MP’s have not spoken out.

Sometimes you have to look at a person’s record of their words and their deeds to get the measure of them. Such dispassionate information often gives a better picture than the sort of emotionalism we were subjected to in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder.

Jo Cox may have been a loving wife and mother, but to me she was the epitome of all that is wrong with today’s Labour Party. She seemed to care for the Muslims and their interests much more than her own people and our own interests and I believe that is taking compassion far too far. Such a view is suicidal and could even be seen by some as treasonable. Sometimes selective compassion, of the sort we’ve seen over the Syria issue, shows up the hypocrisy of individuals and also of political parties.

Jo Cox is no saint, she was a normal human politician, and her record bears this out. Jo Cox did not deserve to die and especially she didn’t deserve to die in the manner that she did, but let’s not have any illusions about the causes she supported. Too many of them were causes that were linked to Islamic interests and it’s an indication of just how far the so-called ‘party of the workers’ has turned itself into ‘the party of Islam.



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Postscript. There are other sites out there which have been critical of the beliefs of Jo Cox and her political record, but many of them appear to be taking information directly from white supremacist tin-foil hatter conspiracy theory websites (which I’m not going to link to). You can be assured that the information contained in this piece by Fahrenheit211 has taken nothing at all from such sites to construct this story, and all information has come from trustworthy published sources that I judge to be as accurate as possible. My view is that there was enough to criticise about Jo Fox’s political record, and the record of many other Labour MP’s, over the issue of Islamopandering, without having to resort to cut and pasting stuff from the sort of lunatics who see a ‘zionist plot’ around every corner.

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  1. I agree, the fact of her murder should not whitewash her views. If she wanted to be spokesperson for the people of the Middle East she should have gone and tried to get elected there (good luck!) – not fraudulently pretend to represent her constituents best interests.

    Sorry to be the typo guy again, especially as my spelling is erratic at best, but several times – including in the “Topics” – you call Ms Cox “Jo Fox”.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 27, 2016 at 6:34 am |

      There are several Labour MP’s who seem to be more interested in pandering to Muslims and their middle east issues rather than serving their constituents properly. Stephen Timms of East Ham is one that comes to mind.

      Thanks for spotting the typos. Spellchecker didn’t pick up on it. I’ve got a new pc with new operating system and more importantly a new keyboard which is causing me endless aggro. I’m going to have to get rid of this keyboard and getr another as I really can’t get used to this Dell one

  2. I agree with this. It’s always important to distinguish between sympathy for a person’s family and friends and their political views – but the Remain side deliberately conflated the two. As well as the Islamic support and disregard for the children abused I would also add the disruption of the fishermen’s protest on the Thames. MPs need not be swayed by protests – it’s a part of political life where hopefully the protesters can make their points courteously and reasonably – but for an MP (I am not clear whether she was on the boat or whether it was just he husband and children) to deliberately try and suppress a protest smacks of totalitarianism.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 27, 2016 at 1:45 pm |

      It was a monstrous crime for a nutjob to murder an MP but this crime was compounded by the actions of the Remain campaign and especially Will Straw who allegedly ordered that this murder be used for political advantage. Jo Cox was not alone in her dangerous Islamophilia it is a trait shared with far too many other Labour MP’s and I think it’s right to call these MP’s out on it, whether the MP be alive or dead. Sarah Champion is another Labour MP who seems to spend more time inserting herself as far as she can into the metaphorical rectums of the Muslims of Rotherham, rather than dealing with some of the hurts that these Muslims have caused. On the subject of Sarah Champion, you may be interested in this piece from F211 on her

  3. Cox was also campaigning with the Muslim grievance mongering group TellMama which lost its government funding due to massively inflating the incidents it was supposed to be recording and reporting upon.

    She was basically whoring after Muslim votes in her constituency whilst completely ignoring the suffering that this hatred stemmed from. A deeply evil woman.

  4. I have been asking this same questions. Her murderer is a sick individual who should be punished that I can agree on but what about the MP’s who are democratically elected to represent their constituents and then go on to ignore them and champion causes centred in the middle east?

    The MSM unashamedly promote Islamic hate with the bias in their reporting. The government let them and now the wave of refugees who openly admit that they want to breed us out of existence are arriving in our country. I have nothing against Muslims, I’m live and let live. Not all Muslims are sexual predators, not all Muslims want us bred out of existence, some are the same as most sane people who want to live their lives peacefully.

    It is wrong on so many levels that MP’s are elected then free to champion what ever cause they see fit. They should be made to serve their constituents first and champion their own causes on their own time with their own resources. I wonder if Mrs cox local election campaign was centred on what she would do for Syria or what she would do for her constituents.

    Maybe what needs to happen is more streamlined powers to de-elect MP’s who would rather deal with other countries problems than their own after all, is this not the mandate these people hide behind when they are elected? to do the will of the people, to represent us?

    We live in an extreme world. People are unhappy on both sides and are far from represented by the MP’s. The brexit for example is a prime example of this. When the US and UK governments decided to destabilise Libya and Syria in an effort to secure oil pipelines and surround Iran they did so without public support, the public opinion wasn’t even taken into account. Fast forward a few years and refugees from these countries are appearing in Europe and the UK. If you disagree with this then often as was the case with the Brexit you are labelled by the left as a racist, as ignorant as someone who has no humanity.

    I’m all for refugees being sheltered in the UK. We should allow them them occupy parliament, the MP’s will always need cleaners, housemaids and gardeners for their second homes and such. It is inhumane for a people who are falsely represented and have no say to be made responsible for MP’s actions. If it continues I fear that attacks like the one enacted upon Mrs Cox will become more popular……

    Are they listening now? Were they ever listening?

  5. what kind of parents bundle their child into a dingy and head straight for a bunch of fishing boast waving an ‘in’ flag berating people protesting for thier very livelihood.
    I think if she had spent less time on twitter she may have still been alive today

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