Video – I told you this would happen (Italian edition)

A stereotypical angry mob from one of the Frankenstein movies

One of the primary things that any minority group should do in order to live in peace with the majority, who may believe in different gods or have different cultural mores than the minority, is to not piss off the locals. The easiest way to bring down opprobrium or possibly violent attacks on your community is to do things that wind up the majority population. Being a decent person and treating all with decency may not completely guarantee that your group will not have problems but it does help to avoid problems.

Unfortunately this lesson, one that has been learned by many minority groups over many many years, is not one that seems to be being learned by the Muslims migrants who’ve been given entry to Italy. The bad behaviour of these Muslims along with their arrogance and sense of entitlement has infuriated a growing number of Italians and, as this video taken from a Italian channel 7 television programme, shows members of the majority community have not only had enough of Islam and the problems that it brings, but are forcefully saying so.

I’m not sure when this video was made or when the programme was broadcast, but it illustrates just how cheesed off the average Italian is with the presence of so many troublesome and arrogant Muslims. The anger expressed by these Italian citizens is palpable, you can see that they are seething with rage about the presence of the Muslims and probably also angry at the politicians who allowed Islam, as they see it, to defile their nation.

The language used by those interviewed is both harsh but understandable in the circumstances. Comments about the Muslim interlopers such as ‘We don’t want them’, ‘they are disgusting’, ‘they make things bad for the Italians’ abound. The Muslims, mostly Bangladeshi’s it seems, are doing very little to make the Italians like them. Muslims are taking over and blocking the public streets for Islamic prayer services and whining that there are ‘not enough mosques’ for them. One Italian interviewed by the Channel 7 programme drew attention to the fact that the Muslims are behaving arrogantly and aggressively and he referred to the Muslims as ‘pieces of shit’. Another interviewee, an elderly woman said that the Muslims block the pavement and don’t let Italians pass easily, if at all.

The Muslims of the town featured, a suburb of Rome, are demanding that a new mosque be built as the other three mosques are ‘too small’ and this development is being vehemently resisted by local Christian Italians. Passers by who were spoken to by Channel 7 about the new mosque said ‘we don’t want it’ and ‘it will not be accepted’. Others interviewed by the programme said that there were ‘too many mosques’ and the unwanted presence of Islam had made one lady ‘too afraid to go out’. I’m not too shocked by the dislike that the locals are showing to the ideology of Islam and its followers, it’s understandable bearing in mind many of the changes that Islam and Muslims have made to the area are not wanted by local people. What did shock me however was the section of the video where a local Imam was interviewed via an interpreter. He didn’t seem to think there was any problem with building a new mosque and insisted that it was their ‘right’ to practise their religion. It was an attitude of supreme arrogance on the imams part. There was no attempt at conciliation with locals, no recognition that some of the changes caused by Islam may be negative or could be perceived to be negative by the majority, just the arrogant statement that ‘we have our rights’. There was of course no consideration given by this Bearded Savage, who could not even speak Italian, to the rights of non-Muslim local people.

For some locals the presence of Islam has forced them to consider violence against the Muslims who have taken over their neighbourhood and driven most of the Italians themselves out. When asked about what he thought about the mosque one man said ‘I would burn them all down’ and ‘ ‘massacre them all like dogs’ . This is a very worrying development and the fact that not only are people prepared to think such things but say so to representatives of the media, shows how much the social fabric of parts of Italian cities is being damaged by the Muslim imports. I have consistently declared on these pages that there should, if we are to be considered as civilised a political solution to the problems caused by the foolhardy importation of Islam. Politics and politicians caused this problem and it should be politics and politicians need to solve it. If it comes to the need for some form of harsh action to be taken against the troublesome Muslims, then it should be done by the legitimate police and military forces, not mobs with flaming torches. Sadly because of inaction by the authorities when it comes to the matter of Islam, frustrated Italian citizens look more and more likely to start taking the law into their own hands and mobs with flaming torches may will on the agenda for some Italians. I fear that the situation in Italy will not end well and may well end up with great bloodshed. If there is one take away feeling that this video gives me it is that in Italy Islam has not brought enrichment but only destruction.

As always it gives me no pleasure to make such predictions of bloodshed or violence or vigilantism or to be constantly proven correct about these predictions but I find I have to say yet again ‘I told you this would happen’.

Here’s the video of the section of the Italian Channel 7 programme from You Tube which was originally uploaded to Live Leak.

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  1. Philip Copson | November 24, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

    Reality check – they don’t pray on the streets, buses etc because the mosques are too small – they do it to intimidate others
    and claim the public space.
    “Preying” upon the locals is a more accurate description….

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 24, 2016 at 5:37 pm |

      Agree there it’s a well known tactic of intimidation. The Beardies do it in Soho in London. The Imam is lying about the ‘too little space’ statemetn it is about intimidation pure and simple. I agree also that maybe the word ‘preying ‘ should be substituted.

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