Another jihadi low-life bites the dust

The welcome bit of news that another British originated Jihadi has died in Syria, should be an excuse for a bit of a party on the grounds that another threat is no more. However, this particular case has some worrying aspects to it, especially when it comes to security.

The Guardian reports that ‘British-Sudanese’, Osman Mustafa Fagiri, 23,  had died whilst fighting for ISIS against the forces of the Syrian government. As is depressingly familiar in these cases Fagiri, like others and as part of a larger group, originally went out to ISIS controlled areas for ‘humanitarian’ reasons. It didn’t seem to take, Fagiri, who was a former student in Sudan, to turn completely ‘Koranimal’, and come to see Jihad as his primary obligation.

What is extremely concerning about this case is the ease with which this particular, and now thankfully dead, Bearded Savage appears to have been able to enter and leave Britain, despite him being dodgy. He’d been part of a group in Sudan linked to recruiting for ISIS, and in 2013, he’d joined in with the Islamic groups who were against the French counterjihadi operation in Mali . Despite this iffyiness in his background, and the fact he travelled to Mali with jihadists, he was still allowed, for reasons that the Guardian report has not made clear, to travel to and spend ten days in the UK before flying off to Khartoum and then onto ISIS controlled territory. Surely having someone like this coming into and out of the UK is some sort of security risk? You can understand the security services missing a ‘clean skin’ terrorist operative, but this guy had been putting his head above the parapet and had proved that he was prepared to travel for Jihad and not just spout rhetoric.

Someone like Fagiri should never be allowed into the UK and the fact that he has been allowed to probably gain UK citizenship or been given exceptional leave to remain from the Government raises many questions. Questions such as: ‘How vigorous is the screening for immigrants and visitors who come from troubled and troublesome parts of the world?’ Another question is:’How many other ‘British-Sudanese’ are like Fagiri, beavering away in some British town or city planning jihad at home and overseas’? My answers to both questions would be ‘piss poor’ for the first and ‘probably a lot’ for the second.

Another worrying aspect of this case was how did this particular savage get registered to vote? Has sloppy, politically correct, immigration administration given him citizenship and therefore a vote? Is his vote even legal, is he even entitled to it? Here we have a man who was allowed into the UK despite not being of the sort that we either need nor want, who was a central figure in local recruitment to ISIS and who associated with Jihadis. Scandalously, this worthless jihad drone still had has the same right to vote in an election, as an ex serviceperson who may well have spent time fighting these savages and being placed in danger by them.

This country must need its collective head examined. We allow in those who hate us and wish to kill us, we give them dole money, free education and free healthcare and even allow them to exercise the right to vote, a right dearly bought by generations of British men and women. There appears to be no real sanction being taken against those in the Muslim community, who so easily and so readily shed what little remains of their humanity, after a lifetime of immersion in the Islamic ‘Big Book of Death’, and who sally forth to kill and maim innocents around the world. Do we, the rest of the British people, get any real benefit from these ‘British-Sudanese’, or do we just get more Islamic curses, the curse of Jihad, the curse of parasitism and the curse of crime.


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