Audio – Fahrenheit 211 Editor on Red Fox Radio


Another appearance on the Red Fox Radio show for the editor of F211.

I appeared on the show with host Kel and Tim Burton of Liberty GB where we discussed a variety of subjects including the growing and gut wrenching disgust that many people feel when they examine the ideology of Islam. We also discussed the problem of fake ‘child refugees’ along with the growing anger at Islam that is happening in Italy and how some Italians are starting to get so angry at the distinctly un-peaceful activities of the ‘religion of peace’ that they are stating that they are prepared to take the law in to their own hands.

The French situation was also discussed and we noted that Islam has brought to France, not any sort of positive enrichment, as other groups have, but only destruction and death.

In addition we talked about Pat Condell’s latest and really excellent video which firmly throws down the gauntlet with regards to the savagery of Islam.

All in all it was a very enjoyable programme and I would like to thank Kel and all others involved in the show for giving me a spot on it.

Click on the link below to listen to the episode

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  1. Red Fox Radio, alongside Liberty GB, is so happy to welcome Fahrenheit 211 as the latest on air addition. 211, your voice is an instrumental one which the Globe needs to hear – and it is, as near in the UK and as far away as China. We are a Global Movement within the Counter Jihad message. Welcome aboard!

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