Samiya Butt, another fifth columnist embedded in our government.

Fifth columnist Samiya Butt (picture from The Sun)


On the 11th November 1947 the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that ‘democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time’. Unfortunately in our present time of 2016, democracy is in danger not from Communist and Fascist dictators overseas, but from the supporters of Islam at home who have become a ‘fifth column’ embedded in our administrative and security systems.

The Sun newspaper has revealed the shocking and worrying story of a woman who works for the Government’s counter extremism unit but is simultaneously promoting dangerous Islamic extremist groups on her social media pages. The Sun revealed that Samiya Butt, who should be helping to protect British citizens from various Islamic nutjobs, especially in the area of Manchester which she is responsible for, has been instead helping to promote them. She has been showing support for a group called MEND that calls for Muslims to boycott the Government’s PREVENT counter terror strategy. It’s worrying that someone with such extreme tastes should be allowed anywhere near counter terror and it makes me wonder about whether there has been both a failure of vetting for people like Butt or if there is a culture of naivety about Islam in Government?

The Sun said:

A WOMAN who works for the Government’s counter-terrorism unit has been posting backing for extremists online.

Samiya Butt, a co-ordinator with Prevent, a taxpayer-funded role, changed her profile picture on Facebook to show support for Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend).

She changed it to advertise Mend’s logo for its Islamophobia awareness month, which features a finger pointing upwards that has been used by ISIS fighters in propaganda images.

Ms Butt, who is responsible for allocating funds locally in Manchester to combat radicalisation, also posted a picture of a Mend event with the caption #iam2016.

Ms Butt is also Facebook friends with Mend’s director, Azad Ali, an extremist who has supported the killing of British troops and praised al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki.

It is unbelievable that such a blatant supporter of violent Islamic savagery and sedition should be allowed anywhere near counter terror work. It’s wrong in the extreme. In fact I’d go so far as to say she should not be in any government employment. I know of current and former Civil Servants who’ve been hauled over the coals by their management for involvement in political campaigns that are much more benign than that which Butt is involved in and because of that she should go. This is a disgraceful failure of vetting and a worrying indication of how far promoters of Islamic sedition have managed to embed themselves in our administrative systems.

Butt should be removed from her position forthwith and never again employed in any similar administrative or advisory capacity in the UK. She’s a fifth columnist, a supporter of the enemy and because of that should be kept well away from any area where she can cause damage. She is undermining the very programme that she is supposed to be promoting and that is unacceptable.

Butt and those like her are chipping away at our society and our governmental systems from the inside and it’s long past time that there was a purge of such people and their removal from their positions of influence. In the past Britain did not tolerate avowed Communists working in sensitive areas and the Government now need to take the same attitudes to those like Butt who are liable to be just as dangerous to today’s fight against Islamic savagery as the Cambridge Five were to the fight against Communism.

Get her out of her position and get her out now. Now other course of action should be considered as acceptable.


Original Sun newspaper story about the seditious activities of Butt

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  1. I do feel bad for the new Britain where speaking the truth about Islam is a complete No-no . Its the same in India though the difference is we have 180 million muslims . Dont let the same happen to your country.

  2. remember they breed like rabbits or rats.

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