Here’s another one for the ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd. Let’s hope that it will make them pause and think.

Yet more alleged Islamic rapists to trouble the UK.
Yet more alleged Islamic rapists to trouble the UK.

Yet more alleged Islamic rapists to trouble the UK. The above image is how they see non-Muslim women.

Note the ‘Morons of the Marches’ aka the ‘Ross for Refugees’ group should pay especial attention to this story and in particular they should checkout the ‘addendum’ at the bottom of the post.

I get a lot of criticism and a fair amount of name-calling from the the ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd for my view that we need to shut the nation’s doors to these alleged ‘Syrian refugees’, and in fact any refugee who hails from the Islamic world and professes Islam as a belief. I get called ‘heartless’, a ‘hater’, ‘ a man without compassion’, ‘inhuman’ along with the usual ‘snarl’ words of ‘Islamophobe’ and ‘racist’. However such insults, although annoying and mostly innaccurate (except the ‘Islamophobe’ one) do make a pleasant change from ‘die kuffar die’ which is the sort of thing that all too often comes from mouths and keyboards of the violent and deranged followers of Mo the Paedo.

I get shit from all quarters of the ‘refugees welcome’ crowd. I’ve been slagged off by Christians, Jews, Lefties, Liberals, Tories and anarchists supporters of these alleged ‘refugees’. If nothing else, it at least proves that the ‘refugees welcome’ idiocy is not confined to one religion or one political viewpoint. Hating me for my political and social views seems to be a highly ecumenical pursuit, with both Rabbi’s and Vicars wanting to ‘Get Fahrenheit!!’ I must therefore be doing something right is the way I look at it. As the old saying goes: ‘If you are taking flak then you must be right over the target’.

Not only do I feel and percieve that I’m doing something right, the evidence is starting to prove me right. I said that allowing in a lot of these alleged ‘Syrian’s’ would cause problems and I’ve been proved correct, time and time again. I’ve been proved right by what is happening in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Italy and elsewhere. The cost of allowing into civilised societies so many uneducated Muslim men of military age, many of whom are difficult if not impossible to assimilate into free societies is a high one. The problem is that this price is not being paid by the ‘refugees welcome’ fools but by ordinary , sometimes very vulnerable people, such as the young woman from the Daily Mail story quoted below. The likes of ‘Ross for Refugees’ and other similar groups who assist in keeping the Calais camp alive (and therefore a continuing risk to British truck drivers etc) and who agitate for more ‘Syrian’ ‘Refugees’ to be allowed into the UK are themselves morally complicit in the crime, social disorder and the jihad that these migrants/invaders (delete according to political view) commit.

The Daily Mail has reported that a vulnerable young girl in a care home has been allegedly gang-raped by a group of men who may well have been posing as refugee boys. As is usual policy for this blog, the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text. Please also bear in mind that as this issue is both sub-judice and involves alleged minors as defined by the Children and Young Persons Act I cannot comment too much on this specific case. However without doubt it is a case that is worth keeping an eye on if only to to see just how it is ultimately disposed of.

The Daily Mail said:

Teenager claims she was gang raped by five young Syrian migrants: Girl, 18, ‘deeply distressed’ after being ‘subjected to five-hour ordeal’ at care home in Kent

  • Vulnerable teenage victim received supervised care in residential home

  • Says she was raped by five men from Syria in horror attack last weekend

  • Four men have been arrested and detained, with two charged with rape

  • Accused all claim to be under-18 but police said to be doubting their ages

An 18-year-old woman says she was raped by a group of migrant teenagers while staying in a supervised facility in Kent.

Yet again we see a situation where a young woman is allegedly sexually exploited whilst in the care of a local authority. Now where have we heard that before, oh yes, the place called Rotherham comes to mind.

The victim claims her attackers were all Syrians who had only recently arrived in the UK.

If this story is true then it not only shows that too many of these alleged ‘Syrians’ are dodgy, but they waste no time after entering the UK to show themselves as dodgy.

She says last weekend’s horror ordeal lasted a terrifying five hours at the home she was staying in in Gillingham.

Where were the staff or others who might have protected her? Maybe such detail will come out at the trial.

Her accused attackers had been given accommodation in the same building by the local council. 

I’ve spoken before on the danger of putting those from cultures, especially Muslim ones, which have little respect for women in close proximity to our own women and children. See this link to another F211 piece:

Four men – who all allege they’re under 18 – have been arrested so far, with two charged with raping the vulnerable teen.

A source told The Sun: ‘She is deeply distressed.

It’s common practise for many of these fake refugees to claim that they are under 18 in order to get a better deal out of the asylum system. Under 18’s or alleged under 18’s get a more favourable hearing when claiming asylum.

‘The victim thinks there were five attackers. The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?’


The four men arrested have already appeared at a youth court hearing held inside Medway Magistrates.

They were remanded in custody and will appear again on November 20.

Another two men arrested have been released without charge.

At least they have been remanded in custody and not set free to do who knows what. As I said before a case worth keeping an eye on.

Despite claiming that they’re teenagers, police are said to believe the alleged attackers to be older than stated. 

Why does this not surprise me?

The European Commission has estimated that roughly one million migrants will have arrived in Europe from the likes of Syria by the end of the year.

This figure alone shows why we need to be very wary of those who claim to be refugees. We have no idea whether these ‘refugees’ are rapists, thieves, jihadists or who knows what. It’s much better and safer to err on the side of caution, and on the side of security, and keep them all out. If people want to help genuine refugees then donate or help an agency or charity that is working inside Syria helping internally displaced persons or those in refugee camps in Turkey. There is little to be gained and a lot to be lost by saying ‘let ’em all in’.

Net migration into the UK increased by more than 38 per cent to 243,000 in 2013-14, government statisticians have said.

That figure is thought to have sky-rocketed again this year. 

It’s plain that we can’t cope with any more people. If all of those coming here were 100% bone fide refugees with useful skills then it would still be too many people and too much of a strain. As it is very few of these ‘refugees’ are either genuine or useful and many of them are either problematical or downright criminal.


Link to Daily Mail article

Link to an article from The Sun newspaper that appears to be part of the source for the Daily Mail article.


I tend not to use Faeces-book for much more than publicising posts from this blog but I felt that you all had to see some of the naïve guff coming out of the ‘Ross for Refugees’ aka ‘The Morons of the Marches’ group as it is highly representative of some of the emotion-rich but factually impoverished attitudes of such people.

From the Fahrenheit211 Facebook page

Matt Higton You really need to stop with your hate it’s actually disgusting.

These volunteers are genuinely reaching out and attempting to make the lives of other human beings more bearable. You call them invaders, they are just human beings like myself or you, everyone should be entitled to a standard of living. you have no choice to what country/situation you are born into, thats down to chance. these people have exactly the same dreams and desires as you and your loved ones, they experience pain and sorrow the same way, they feel the cold, hunger and have families they are trying to protect and bring up.
at least these people are trying to do something positive with their time.
Rather than you who is actively preaching hate and despair.

You and your organisation should be ashamed of your disgusting hatred against humanity.

If you don’t agree with them then don’t come on pages like this and discourage it, keep it to your self and your narrow minded pitiful world you live in, because in my book your exactly the kind of attitude that is wrong with this world.

Ass hole.

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Farenheit 211

Farenheit 211 I’m not the disgusting one. I’m not the one who hasn’t engaged my brain before acting. That would be the Ross for Refugees group doing that. There are many ways to make the lives of human beings more bearable that do not involve assisting those who will do us all harm. I call them invaders because how too many of them are behaving, not just in Calais but elsewhere in Europe as well.

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Farenheit 211

Farenheit 211 They are doing nothing that could remotely be called ‘positive’, if anything they are keeping a bad situation going by helping to keep the Calais camp going. Many of these invaders are not genuine refugees, if they were they would be seeking refuge inthe first safe country. They would most certainly not be attacking British truckers or rushing the tunnel entrance like some invading medieval army. When my wife’s family came to Britain as refugees many years ago none of them behaved as badly as the Calais invaders are doing. They arrived, and joined the British army as soon as they could in order to fight Britain’s enemies, and they appreciated that Britain had given them life. i see no such appreciation from the invaders of Calais. You say I preach ‘hate and despair’ well I don;t think I do, I preach security, security from the violent thugs encamped across the Channel. I vehmently disagree with the Ross for Refugees group and if they put themselves out there in the public eye then they must expect to be challenged by those whose views differ from them. After all we are still (just) a free country. I’ll save my sympathy for those who deserve it, and that is not the Calais invaders. I’m not ashamed of my views far from it, and I’m certainly proud of being called an ‘Islamophobe’ as happens very often. Finally, I’m willing to debate my views and back them up with data if necessary with members of Ross for Refugees the question is are Ross for Refugees prepared to do the same? I guess not. I’ve noticed that they are extremely unwilling to accept any sort of criticism of their actions therefore that leaves me to believe that they cannot defend their actions or their point of view. Ross for Refugees are more than welcome to defend their point of view on the relevant page of the Fahrenheit211 website.

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Matt Higton

Matt Higton Ross for refugees are probably busy doing some much more positive humanitarian aid than pointlessly arguing with some aggravating bigot. at least they are doing something to make other peoples lives more bearable. other than yourself who obviously feel…See More

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Josh Wilkinson

Josh Wilkinson I strongly agree with you matt on your decision I truly believe that its people like that with the attitude of hatred to others in such a way is wrong with world . I am for ross for refugees !

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Sam Madeley-Pollard

Sam Madeley-Pollard If your wife’s family came here as refugees then you know yourself that the exodus of people from Iraq and Syria is not something the people have a choice in. Stop assuming they are all coming to Britain. Other european countries are taking a far higher number of refugees.
You do not preach security you preach hate and fear of those who are different to yourself, using de humanising language (bearded savages?) on your website.
And please stop telling us that if we allow muslim refugees in to our country our daughters will all be at risk of being raped. Sexual abuse almost always comes from those we know and trust, Your daughter is more likely to be raped by your best mate or brother then by some random muslim guy attacking her.
It makes me really happy to see that people from my town are willing to travel to a different country to help people in need, despite of a difference in language/faith/melanin content that you seem to be unable to get over.

Note well they keywords ‘hate’, ‘disgsting’ and the personal insults such as ‘asshole’ ‘bigot’ the false allegation that I’m a ‘racist’, along with the usual Lefty lies that there is no issue regarding some specifically Islamic types of sex crime which runs counter to the findings of the Jay report and other published sources. If anything the comments from the supporters of ‘Ross for Refugees’ have shown themselves to be lacking knowledge of the dangerous situation faced by Britain and other EU nations that will only get worse if we continue on our current political courses. I would most certainly advise Sam Madley-Pollard and the other ‘suicidally altrusitic’ members and supporters of the Ross for Refugees group to consult the map compiled by the counterjihad writer Kafircrusader, which although not updated for a while, does show the shocking extent of Islamic sex crime. Kafircrusader’s map can be found via the link below:

Finally, I stand my challenge to Ross for Refugees to debate with them on this issue and it will be interesting to see if they respond. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to them, let’s see if they pick it up. Hey, I’ll even make arrangements to travel the considerable distance to Ross if necessary to speak to them, now you can’t say fairer than that can you? I’m willing to put my travel money where my mouth is the question is are they? I’ve got facts on my side what have they got apart from a bucketload of misplaced emotions?

11 Comments on "Here’s another one for the ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd. Let’s hope that it will make them pause and think."

  1. Sam Madeley-Pollard | November 6, 2015 at 4:22 pm |

    why have you linked our facebook pages to this article? could you remove the link please?

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 6, 2015 at 4:37 pm |

      No I will not remove it. It’s public data. Your group seems quite happy to have publicity when people agree with you, but you want to be less visible when confronted with those who disagree with you. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? If you don’t like the criticism then don’t put stuff out there that is liable to attract criticism. Your group needs to learn that there are other points of view on the ‘refugee’ issue out there.

      • Sam Madeley-Pollard | November 6, 2015 at 4:54 pm |

        Firstly, I am not part of any group let alone Ross for Refugees.
        Secondly, while I accept that my comments where on Facebook which I know is public, I do not feel it is necessary to post a link to my or any other persons Facebook account, I am happy for the quote you used to credited to my name.

        • Fahrenheit211 | November 6, 2015 at 5:06 pm |

          Thank you for the clarification, it has been noted. However, the comments, both from you and others came from this blog’s FB page and were cut and pasted into the article. Social media is public and those who came on this blog’s FB page should have realised that. Therefore the comments, and the links stand, if only so that the wider population know what is being said by pro ‘refugee’ advocates about this extremely controversial subject. If I had disclosed a private or direct message, then you may have had some grounds to ask me to take the data down, but as it is public data, I don’t believe I should. It’s no different from reporting a letter from the New York Times letters page. It’s ‘fair comment’ to be frank. BTW I don’t like it when those I disagree with, quote or use my stuff,but I have to put up with it. Goodnight.

  2. Matt, Josh & Sam really need to open their eyes, for it is not just women who are at risk from Muslim rapists, men are targets too….

    As the traumatised male victim stated…

    “I cannot believe what I’m saying, they raped me. It was horrible, I feel horrible. Don’t say anything to my mum.”

    He continued: “They were horrendous, they weren’t human. They weren’t human people. They were horrendous people, they were sick people. They don’t deserve to live, they shouldn’t be alive.”

    The finger should be pointed squarely at the government for allowing this to happen…

    As the old Afgan saying goes…Women are for children, boys are for fun”…..

  3. Meanwhile in Austria due to the, due to the infux of ‘refugees’ shotgun sales are off the clock, with shotguns “virtually sold out”.

    Women are driving the sales rush as fears grow amid influx of refugees.

    The most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women who are also buying tear [pepper] sprays, which are much in demand.’

    Alas the UK government has disarmed it’s citizens, so no such protection can be afforded to us…..

  4. People will give you grief and call you names if you don’t agree with their platform, in politics and in life in general. Where I reside there is a problem with Muslim gangs (Somalian). They routinely commit crimes such as robbery, scams, and yes, gang rape and then cry racism and bigotry at anyone and everyone who confronts them and their behavior. While the United States does not have the scale of problems with an active Muslim invasion of it’s territory, the same ‘bury your head in the sand’ approach is taken by many of our political, civic, and church leaders. They actively promote bringing in Muslims with a storm of guilt and directed finger pointing, yet completely divest themselves of any culpability when the Muslim men they bring in commit crimes and form criminal gangs.

    A stupefying proposal was made recent at an immigrant based political caucus. Allow an expedited process toward citizenship if the young men were to serve a 4 year enlistment in the armed services. That made me laugh at first at it’s stupidity, then made me get angry. Take young Muslim men, train them in military discipline, teach them to use some of the most lethal weapons on the planet, and then let them become citizens after a short period of time. The idiocy of our politician’s even defies basic common sense: Don’t teach and arm your enemies.

    I fear Europe will be facing a massive, massive Islamic militancy movement within it’s borders in the next few years. Merkel and her like minded Islamopanderers have doomed any future prospect of Europe remaining relatively free from large scale Islamic based violence. No state security apparatus can effectively monitor that many militants unless severe and draconian laws are passed and enforced, much like what Merkel experienced in Communist East Germany when she was growing up. Perhaps that’s the end goal with this evolving threat to Europe and the U.K.

    The people who naively support massive migration of Islamic people, mostly young military age men, are setting the stage for unrest and violence on a scale only seen in war. While these do-gooders sip their Chardonnay and pat each other on the back for believing they are doing a good thing now, what will they think when their daughters get gang raped and their son’s attacked merely because the Islamic gang doesn’t like non-Muslims? What about the local off-license that is owned by a do-gooder that gets fire bombed by Islamic extremists that are opposed to any form of alcohol? How about a Muslim cashier refusing to ring up pork or pork products because “It’s against their religion”? That actually happened to me last week at a local grocery store.

    A vast majority of these “refugees” will never assimilate into their host counties cultures, no – they will demand the host countries change their culture to their liking. If that does not happen, well, then they will get violent to get their way. This type of violent arrogance among Muslims has been seen the world over wherever they migrate time and again. Einstein’s famous observation that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is applicable here with expecting large populations of Muslims to successfully integrate into European culture. It’s been proven they won’t many times over.

    In 1980, there was a mass migration of Cuban’s to Florida called the Mariel boatlift. Castro flushed out his prisons and psychiatric asylums and populated the boatlift with these people. The resultant crime wave, explosion of murder at an exponential rate caught Florida and the USA off guard. The U.S. was supposedly doing the humanitarian thing by accepting everyone on the boatlift as refugees, despite 45% of them being hardened criminals, insane, or both. The problem Europe faces is similar due to how many young men, some with military experience, are landing on the shores daily with expectations of a house or flat and money given to them by the government.

    These young men won’t take the apprenticeship programs offered to them because they will have to actually work to get paid. The ones that do take the apprenticeships drop out at a 70% plus rate once they find out that they will need to work a couple years and get trained and certified to be qualified to hire on to a position where they can make a decent living. Makes one wonder what these men did back in their home countries for work.

  5. Wafa Sultan – Syrian ex-muslim woman living in the USA – author of A god who hates on islam….

  6. These Ross for Refugees people can dish it out but can’t take it. Incapable of reasoned argument.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 8, 2015 at 2:02 pm |

      I’ve gathered that. Any challenge to their views, no matter how mild or indeed accurate, on their FB page and they block. They need to realise that the world is not the same as their lefty echo chamber.

  7. You are not “Islamaphobic”: phobias are described as “an irrational fear”. There is nothing irrational in your views, or the views of those who agree with you.

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