The ‘fog of war’ is clearing over the Quebec shooting

Aftermath of Quebec mosque attack (picture from NBC)


So it appears that contrary to initial reports from normally trustworthy sources that the Quebec shooting was the result of a ‘Muslim on Muslim’ attack, that this may not be the case. Poor and confused communications by the Canadian police and media to the public fuelled speculation as to motive. Some of the details that initially came out, including some witness reports that said the attacker shouted ‘Allah hu akbar’ during the shootings, did give the impression that this massacre was the result of intra Islamic disputes. Throughout the world we see countless stories of Muslim killing Muslim so it’s not surprising that intra-Islamic violence was considered as a possibility by many, including myself and the counterjihad writer Robert Spencer.

However, now the fog of war is clearing somewhat, it appears that these initial assessments compiled in part from the various confused and evasive statements made by Quebec police, may not have been correct. According to Sky News in the UK this shooting was allegedly carried out by a non Muslim nutcase, a man described as ‘a loner with no friends’ according to an unidentified fellow student at Laval University.

So far, the defendant, Alexandre Bissonnette aged 27, has had an initial court appearance but has not entered a plea to charges that include six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. The mainstream media appears to be attempting to link the crimes allegedly committed by the lone gunman with ‘right wing sympathies’ although Sky News is basing this assertion on what seems like a couple of Facebook ‘likes’ for President Trump, Marine Le Pen and a stated dislike of multiculturalism. I’ve no doubt that more information about this case and Bissonette’s mental conditions, will eventually emerge at the trial.

These murders were, if the press reports are correct, a counterproductive tragedy. Not only have five innocent lives been lost but these killings by this alleged assailant will be used as a totem by the Left and various dodgy Islamic groups to smear all those opposed to the violent ideology of Islam as being of the same mindset as this shooter. They will use this just like the actions of similar headcases such as Thomas Mair and Anders Brevik have been used. As much as I hate and despise the ideology of Islam and wish to see its activity and influence restricted in non Muslim nations, I cannot condone the wanton murder of innocents. As I have said so often before, the way to effectively and fairly deal with the scourge of Islam is by political and legitimate military and policing means and not by mobs with flaming torches, because that way madness lies.

I do believe that there will be political fall out from this incident and this fall out may not be good for non Muslim Canadians. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has a long and undistinguished reputation for Islamopandering. Trudeau’s ‘refugee’ policy has been the cause of violence and disturbance in Canadian schools with ‘refugee’ ‘children’ committing acts of violence against Canadian children, along with ‘refugee’ parents and children making unreasonable demands to be given time off school for Islamic prayer.

I fear that Trudeau will exploit these killings to emotionally blackmail Canadians to accept more unwanted Islamic encroachment on their society and to further restrict Canadians right to express opinions that are critical of Islam. Canadians should resist such emotional blackmail or speech restrictions because if they do not they could find that the followers of the ideology of Islam along with those who behave like Quislings to that ideology, may end up holding the whip hand over ordinary Canadians. This attack will be seized up by the Left to shut up Canadians, a growing number of whom appear to be unhappy with Trudeau’s naïve passion for dangerous forms of multiculturalism.

These deaths are indeed tragic and unnecessary but it may help to put these deaths into context and compare it with violence in the Islamic world. Although a lone nutcase (which is what Bissonnette appears to be) has taken five lives it is a fraction of the number of deaths that are caused by the followers of Islam each and every day. Between January 21st and January 27th 2017 alone Muslims murdered 275 people and injured 228 in 37 attacks in 12 different countries. The Left and the various groups of Islamic grievance mongers will no doubt make a great deal of the Quebec attack and exploit it mercilessly, but it should be remembered these groups are so often notably silent when it comes to the ongoing mass murders committed by Muslims. Attacks by non Muslims on Muslims are astonishingly rare when compared to the death toll racked up by the followers of the ideology of Islam. All violent deaths are a tragedy but the Left and Islamic groups will treat this as much more of a tragedy than the ongoing slaughter of non Muslims and heterodox Muslims in the Islamic world.

There’s a lot about this case and how it has been handled by the Canadian police and media that gives cause for concern along with things that don’t seem to add up. As I said earlier the Canadian authorities could have taken steps to reduce the ‘fog of war’ about this case by being more honest and proactive with the public. I felt that it was disgraceful that the authorities allowed by their inaction, confusion and silence a man who it was later revealed was a witness to be treated as a suspect and publicised as such. Much of the inaccurate information that circulated for many hours could have been quashed by timely and accurate statements by the Canadian authorities. The second thing that for me doesn’t add up is the description of the weapon allegedly used by the assailant as being an AK47. Now it may be the case that the witnesses could have mistaken another weapon for an AK47 but if the weapon was an AK then the question arises: How did Bissonnette get hold of it, bearing in mind that AK’s are severely restricted in Canada? The alleged assailant does not appear to be old enough to have purchased the gun legally before they were restricted by Canada’s vast and confusing array of firearms laws, so if this was a genuine AK and not something that merely looks like one, where did it come from?

This incident looks likely to be, when later information has been taken into account, to be the tragic result of a murderous fraggle with a shedload of personal problems going mad with a weapon and killing random people. Sadly this tragedy is going to be milked and exploited by a large number of individuals and groups with various axes to grind and I fear that the result of this exploitation is not going to be good for Canadians who believe that Islam should not be exempt from criticism or for responsible firearms enthusiasts. This attack is going to bring the ‘gungrabbers’ and the ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced diversity’ types out of the woodwork and it’s almost a dead cert that Trudeau will cynically exploit this tragedy for political ends.

We should quite rightly of course pray for the souls of those whose lives have been taken, have great sympathy for the families of those who have died and with those who have been injured in this attack. However we should also watch how the politicians deal with the aftermath of this attack as it’s quite likely that the shock and horror caused by these deaths will be used by the Trudeau government as an excuse to engage in ever more increasing levels of Islamopandering. The only winners from this outrage will be the dangerously pro-Islam politicians of Canada’s Liberal Party and the various groups of Islamic grievance mongers, such as the discredited Tell Mama group in the UK, who both hanker after restrictions on what people can and cannot say about the ideology of Islam.


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