Video – Paula hits the nail on the head regarding bacon vs spitting


Another excellent video from the popular YouTube channel ‘Plain Talk with Paula’. In this video amongst other things Paula eloquently talks about the monstrous double standard that is applied in British courts when it comes to crimes committed by non Muslims against Muslims as opposed crimes committed by Muslims against non-Muslims. Britain, as Paula points out, is a nation where if you are a non Muslim, you can get a lengthy stretch in prison for putting bacon on a mosque door as part of a protest against Islam. But, as Paula says, if you are Muslim and you take part in racist attack on a 9 month old baby, which includes spitting in the baby’s face, then you walk from court with a minimal penalty.

Here’s the video and I hope you found it as interesting as I did


Oh and as Paula says, if you are an LGBT person or an ally and you recognise, as a growing number of people are, that Islam is a threat to the lives of LGBT people, then check out Tommy English’s Twitter feed at @EnglishTommy1 to find out more about the forthcoming demonstration by LGBT people against Islam and Shariah Law.