And another act of suspected Islamic Jihadi savagery, this time on the outskirts of Paris


For a ‘religion of peace’ Islam is certainly clocking up a significant death toll recently. Maybe the term ‘religion of peace’ is an absolute and total lie?

I’ve just seen reports of another suspected Jihadi attack, this time on an American woman taking pictures in an ‘immigrant heavy’ (for that read Islamised) suburb of Paris. The woman was stabbed from behind by what the press is describing as a ‘recently arrived migrant’, more than likely a recently arrived Muslim migrant, and died at the scene.

France, like Sweden, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom the Netherlands and elsewhere in Western Europe needs to admit that it has a serious problem with Islam. More importantly, the continent’s politicians need to admit this too.

Europe’s Islamic problems need to be dealt with. European nations have been offering the hand of humanity to the Islamic world for far too long, only to have that hand bitten and scarred. It’s time to recognise that a great deal, although I concede not all, of Europe’s Muslim citizens, harbour views and attitudes that are a threat to the rest of us. All too often those Muslims we have called ‘brother’ have turned on us and murdered us and our families or brought grief to many. No matter how much I may desire and pray for a world where everyone walks together on the ‘Derech haShalom’, the path of peace, I cannot and should not do it with those who wish me dead and I’ve come to the conclusion that Islam wishes me dead.

With every passing Islamic atrocity, every tale of Islamic horror, every act of Islamic lawfare against us, I find it harder and harder not to think whether the only practical answer that will ensure survival of Western European nations, is to give Europe’s Muslims an ultimatum· This ultimatum should tell Europe’s Muslims ‘live in honest peace with us and reform your ideology, or leave’. I hate having to think this way, but I’m sick of seeing the followers of Islam heap the dead bodies ever higher. I’m also sick of seeing the wider Muslim communities doing virtually nothing to clean out their own religious and political midden. This sort of behaviour makes the wider Islamic communities in Europe look complicit in the terror, the intimidation, the corruption and the crime that is carried out in Islam’s name. Muslims in Europe need to put an end to the violence, put an end to the lies and taqiyya, sort their shit out or leave. At the end of the day sometimes it’s better to toss the troublemaker of a tribe out of the camp, rather than let them poison everyone and everything else.

I see no end to the violence unless we tackle the violent ideology behind it. The time has come to recognise that there is an ideology that has come to kill us and our societies should take the appropriate steps to prevent it, and this ideology’s followers, from doing so. That ideology’s name is Islam and it needs to be stopped.


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  1. I hear you, but I believe that it would not be enough just to speak at them. Their leaders and the sheep who follow them have driven Jew- and other hatreds in western societies to such an extent that they are impervious to such verbal reasoning which is why all the strategies aimed at integration have failed.

    No, such an ultimatum would have to be BEHAVED

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