Australia – a worrying escalation by Islamo-thugs

It’s not a dog shitting on Mecca but it sums up the impression that many of get about Islam and why it should be treated in the same way as Nazism was treated.


Those of us who study the Islamic world and the ideology of Islam itself know that there is an undercurrent of violence within Islam that is present in levels not found in many other religious or quasi-religious paths. Because Islam is an intellectually fragile ideology it cannot stand open scrutiny or criticism and therefore has to be propped up by violence and fear. We who are informed know that sooner or later, very often sooner, the followers of Islam reach for the tool of violence and not the more civilised tools of debate, questioning or just ignoring those who give ‘offence’.

This violent core of Islam has caused many deaths and is most likely to be responsible for the latest escalation of violence in Australia where an opponent of the ideology of Islam, Nathan Abela has had shots fired at him.

Australia’s Channel 9 News said:

Community leaders and police have appealed for calm after gunshots were fired at the western Sydney house of a senior member of an anti-Islamic group.

The attack on Nathan Abela’s home comes as NSW police investigate anti-Islamic comments the Australian Defence League (ADL) leader posted on Facebook.

The 24-year-old claimed he had to duck for cover after someone knocked on his door and several shots were fired at his Greystanes unit on Thursday night.

Earlier this week, NSW police started investigating anti-Islamic comments Mr Abela and ADL members posted on Facebook.

It is understood among the posts was a picture depicting a dog defecating on Mecca, considered by Muslims to be Islam’s holiest city.

“NSW Police respects the right to free speech but does not tolerate any offence that is motivated by hatred or prejudice against any group,” a police spokesman said on Friday.”

Maybe NSW police should drop the ‘Islamophobia’ investigation and concentrate instead on those Muslims, and I think that in this case we can safely assume that the shooter was either Muslim or a Leftist allied with Islam, who are trying to silence criticism of Islam by violence.

Channel 9 News continued:

The police force has a bias-motivated crimes unit that investigates hatred and prejudice-driven offences.

Mr Abela’s Facebook page has since been shut down.

Comment has been sought from Facebook.

The morning after the shooting, Mr Abela told reporters he would continue his fight.

“I’m gonna fight and if I have to die for it, so be it,” he told Macquarie Radio.

“I love my country.”

Mr Abela was not seriously injured but claimed he hurt his shoulder as he dived for cover.”

Not surprisingly the state supported Taqiyya artists, naïve interfath wallahs and Islam enablers have wheeled themselves into the light to appeal for calm

Channel 9 News added:

NSW Community Relations Commission chair Vic Alhadeff called for calm.

“We urge all parties to take a deep breath and let good sense prevail,” he said in a statement.

“This incident has the potential to cause serious disharmony, which is something all people of goodwill wish to avoid.

“There is no place for extremism of any kind in our society.”

A bland statement which at first glance looks very positive but one which fails to acknowledge that shooting at someone because they are offended by someone’s view of a particular ‘religion’ is an escalation too far. It should be noted that the violence has been escalated not by the stereotypical ‘Nationalist far right’ but instead by the followers or excusers of Islam. Islam seems to have shown its violent hand again, which is why people need to wake up to the dangers of this ideology.

Reading between the lines in the story it seems as if the NSW police are getting a bit worried that either their resident Islamo-nuts or those opposed to them will kick off.

Police would not comment on a motive for the attack but also warned against any retaliation.

“This is a criminal act and we will be conducting a significant investigation …,” Detective Superintendent Scott Whyte said.

“The NSW Police would not tolerate any breaches of the law whatsoever.”

NSW police look like they are trying to keep a lid on this and although they are right to call for no retaliation, their calls may fall on deaf ears should the followers of Islam engage in more acts of violence like this. How the police handle this matter is crucial. They must both catch the shooter and crack down on Islamic crime or people will start to take the law into their own hands and down that route madness lies.

Shooting at someone is far worse than showing a dog defecating on Mecca and the police should recognise that, drop the charge of ‘Islamophobia’ that Mr Abela is threatened with and instead concentrate on the danger posed by genuinely violent Muslims. Islamic arrogance has yet again shown itself to quickly turn to violence, and we must learn from this incident and prepare appropriate and permitted defensive measures. 


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  1. # picture depicting a dog defecating on Mecca

    Search engines still point to a number of stories with this phrase, but it seems that the stories have all been purged, apart from this post. Perhaps the police feared a repeat of the Sydney false prophet riots a few years ago.

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 4, 2014 at 5:59 pm |

      In that case in the interests of free speech I’ll see if I can set about ‘shopping up a version myself.

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