Gay’s turning to the political Right in Europe?


If the figures quoted by the Associated Press and promulgated by the Brietbart site are correct, France it seems is being subjected to a shift in political opinion from gay voters. Traditionally Left leaning, because of the Left’s support for LGB equality, a significant number of French LBG people are shifting their opinions towards the Right and in the case of this year’s French Presidential Election, towards the National Front’s Marine Le Pen.

This shift could have a lot to do with how the Left has become politically identified with policies and with ideologies that put gay people’s lives at risk. The Left’s promotion of open door and anti-nation-state policies has brought into France, a large number of people who are religiously motivated by Islam to kill or harm gay people. This pandering to Islam by the Left has apparently disgusted French Gays just as much as it disgusts many other people who may in the past have been on the Left.

Also, the fight, that took place across the 20th century to gain acceptance for gay people has been largely won, in the West at least. In many countries social acceptance of lesbian, gay and bisexual people is markedly better than it was fifty years ago. No longer do gay people have to hide in the shadows or speak in the security code language of Polari in order to avoid arrest, imprisonment or blackmail. What people do in their bedrooms with other adults has become to a large extent a non issue for society, provided that what is going on is safe, sane and consensual and to many of us that is a good thing.

The Left in other words, can offer nothing to the vast majority of LGB people who just want to get on with their lives in relative safety and security, than they’ve already got. Acceptance has already been achieved in the West. What the Left is offering however, is more Islam and gay people are starting to wake up to the threat posed to their lives by that ideology. The average gay on the street, or at least among those I’ve encountered, once they’ve matured, stopped partying so much and taken a look around at the world, knows that the threat to gay people’s lives doesn’t come from the Catholic church or a single family of inbreeds from the Westbro Baptist Church, but from Islam.

It is mostly the followers of Islam who are murdering gay people by throwing them off buildings, stoning them to death or beheading them. It’s not Christians doing this nor is it Jews doing this. Followers of Judaism and Christianity may have moral issues with the gay lifestyle which they should in a free country be entitled to express, but they are not murdering people for being gay. Where such murders by Christians and Jews do occur they are seen as aberrations, departures from faiths that have at their core the admonition to ‘ not commit murder’. This is completely different from Islam whose foundational texts can be seen to encourage violence in the here and now. The Korans is not, as are the Tanakh and Christian Testament, a record of events long, long ago. The Tanakh and Christian Testament also contain commandments that have been interpreted differently in the light of later knowledge. However the Koran instead contain exhortations to commit acts of violence, including violence against gay people, that apply unchanged by later learning right up until today.

I suspect that there are a large number of Gay people across Europe, who look at the Left and see the abject Islamopandering that they are engaged in, see the pro-Islam and open door migration policies that they promote, then turn away from the Left in utter disgust. This is also happening in the UK where groups of gay people are getting together and telling the truth about Islam which is that this ideology is a threat to LGB lives.

In the UK for example, in June, in Manchester’s Gay Village area, there will be a march against Islamic Shariah Law which is a recognition at least by this group of protesters of from which direction the greatest threat to LGB people is coming from. This event which is taking place on June 10th, would have been unthinkable 20 or so years ago. LGB activists were almost entirely to be found on the Left and gay Conservatives were a rare species indeed.

I agree with the AP/Brietbart piece in that part of the reason for the shift in political attitudes among gay people has been the murderous homo-hatred of Islam. The followers of Islam are not merely content to disagree with gay people or to peacefully not have dealings with them as far as possible as is the case with the followers of other faiths that disapprove of Islam. The followers of Islam kill, kill and kill again. Islamic attacks that are aimed at gay people, such as the Orlando attack in Florida. This attack, where a Islamic savage who was previously considered as integrated, murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub and injured 53, has woken a lot of people up to the danger posed to life and security by the ideology of Islam.

I don’t know if gay people can help to propel Marine le Pen to the Elysee Palace but if the figures are correct and gays are recognising that the Left no longer has their back, then this is a good thing and recognising that no matter what our sexuality, we all share the same violent, despotic and lethal enemy called Islam. This could also be taken to be a sign that the gay community, the one that is now outside of the Left, has matured and contains not one political opinion but a diversity of opinions just like the variety of opinions that can be found in the straight community

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  1. The Cowboy Online | April 9, 2017 at 6:10 pm |

    I really hope Marine le Pen wins, it feels doubtful but I feel she’s Europe’s last chance to avoid cultural suicide. If she isn’t elected, again I feel that probably won’t happen, then it will continue to be “business as usual” for the EU elite, aided and abetted by the mainstream media and politicians, here and elsewhere.

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