Victim of mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal to appeal conviction

Mr Tim Burton of LibertyGB. Jailed for a joke job application.


This blog has recently received a Press Release from those representing Tim Burton of the Liberty GB party. In late March, Tim Burton was convicted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court of religiously harassing mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal. the founder of the thoroughly dishonest Tell Mama group. This case was related to a joke job application and some subsequent emails that Mr Burton sent to Fiyaz Mughal.

Because there were, according to both the defendant Mr Burton and various trial observers, a number of perceived problems with how the case was handled in the court, there is now going to be an appeal against conviction. There is not sufficient time to submit an appeal before sentencing in late April 2017 therefore the appeal will have to be submitted after sentencing. Below you will find the Press Release put out by Mr Burton’s supporters. I would urge you to read it and contribute to Mr Burton’s fighting fund.

My own opinion of the proceedings in court, based on contemporaneous notes that were taken in court and which I have seen is that there should have been some challenge to potential jurors and examination of them for any possible bias along with a warning by the Judge about putting personal views aside. In addition there should have been greater emphasis in the Judge’s summing up about the right to freedom of speech. The introduction of prosecution evidence relating to Tweets that had nothing to do with the indictment also skewed the case significantly. This extra evidence was allegedly not properly disclosed to the defence counsel. I can understand Mr Burton’s concerns about the demographic make up of the jury and this does raise questions about whether he would have been acquitted had the trial been held in an area that had been less ‘enriched’ by migration than London has been. The jury was heavy with those apparently of migrant heritage. However, I disagree with Mr Burton’s representatives on the subject of jurors affirming rather than swearing an oath on the Bible. This is because affirmation rather than taking an oath on a religious text for those without a religious belief, has been an established part of court procedure for many decades and may not be a major factor in the result.

On the subject of the conduct of the trial I believe that far less emphasis was given by the defence on the marked difference between Fiyaz Mughal’s claims of being the sort of person who is easily harassed and his aggressive, evasive, rude and shifty behaviour whilst giving evidence. There also should have been some evidence brought in about Fiyaz Mughal’s personal connections with the Crown Prosecution Service where he is an advisor on ‘Islamophobia’. Fiyaz Mughal’s connections with the CPS has given rise to much speculation about how much influence Fiyaz Mughal has had on how the CPS has conducted and progressed this case. Those who I have spoken with who have greater knowledge than I on court procedure, have said that this case has come before the Crown Court remarkably quickly. This is not mere empty speculation as Fiyaz Mughal is known to have extensive contacts with police forces, civil servants and ministers of the Department of Communities and Local Government as well as with the CPS. The question of how much influence Fiyaz Mughal had on the conduct of this case when he was supposed to merely be an alleged victim and the Crown’s chief prosecution witness will not and should not go away. As I have said in other pieces published on Fahrenheit211 regarding Tell Mama and Fiyaz Mughal. If they think that this trial is the end of the criticism they get or that the result of the trial will frighten critics away then I’m here to tell them that they are very much mistaken. Also the post trial comments from Fiyaz Mughal and the Tell Mama group showed a marked level of departure from the truth which this blog has examined in an article that can be found HERE.

I conclude here my comments on the case and the Press Release by Mr Burton’s representatives itself. Below you will find the original text of the Release.

Press Release from the representatives of Mr Tim Burton

As you may have heard, there has been a serious miscarriage of justice concerning the Liberty GB representative Tim Burton at London’s Southwark Crown Court, and…


On Thursday 30 March 2017, Tim was convicted of one count of Religiously Aggravated Harassment in front of Recorder Alex Gordon at Southwark Crown Court. A jury of 10 men and women (two jurors went sick during the trial, never to return) returned a unanimous guilty verdict following the introduction by the Crown Prosecution lawyer of highly prejudicial material dating back four years – which was never disclosed to the defence in advance and which consisted of a series of tweets that were nothing at all to do with the matter at hand but which certainly adversely influenced the jury.

All this together with the prevailing atmosphere of political correctness and the woeful performance of the defence barrister meant that Tim never had the chance of a fair trial.

We are most definitely going to appeal this verdict.

According to an independent barrister, there are grounds for appeal on the basis that the defence asked for items to be disclosed prior to the trial, and these items were never disclosed to the defence by the prosecution. These items included a complete transcript of the communications between Fiyaz Mughal, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service that led to the decision to charge Tim. This is important because, as we have mentioned before, Fiyaz Mughal is part of a panel that advises the CPS, and it begs the question as to whether he unduly influenced the CPS to press charges.

In addition, the jurors were never properly examined for bias, and it was clear that many of them were not what one might call true-blue English men and women. Several of them refused to swear on the Bible and were only allowed to serve after taking a non-religious affirmation. The demographic make-up of the jury strongly suggested that they would be prejudiced against Tim’s politics even before the trial started.

There was also a question of the impartiality of the judge during his summing-up to the jury. Our independent barrister is of the opinion that not enough emphasis was given to ECHR case law on the subject of free speech. The jury were merely told that there was such a concept as free speech, that it might be claimed as a defence, and that it was up to them (the jury) as to whether they felt that was an important consideration.

For those of you who would like an independent assessment of the proceedings, a reporter from the Fahrenheit 211 blog was present throughout the trial and has contributed to several articles which Tim has reviewed and has declared to be accurate in all material aspects.

There was also a link part way through the trial from the UK Daily Mail newspaper –

We hate to have to ask once again for money – this appeal is just one more unexpected but necessary cost and every penny would be appreciated.

This struggle represents a battle that must be fought for the sake of future generations if our civilisation is not to succumb to Islamic tyranny. Please continue to spread the word in whichever way you can, through friends, family and work colleagues, or by copying and pasting this article on your favourite blogs and websites.

Last but not least, please tune in regularly to Kel Fritzi on Red Fox Radio – – Kel attended the trial in person and will always have the latest updates and developments concerning Tim, straight from the horse’s mouth. Here are a couple of the latest links – however all of Kel’s shows are available in archive format at Blog Talk Radio.

Kel has been one of Tim’s staunchest supporters since the start and always brings a fresh insight into current affairs involving global politics in general and the scourge of Islam in particular.

As things stand, Tim will be sentenced – with anything up to two years imprisonment – at the end of April. The judge said after the verdict –

“I would not want Mr Burton to be under any illusion that I am considering anything other than a custodial sentence.”

These are going to be trying and difficult times. Stay strong, everyone. Thank you once again for all your support.

Never forget – the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797

PS – Once again, Tim would like to thank all those who have contributed to his Legal Defence Fund to date – however, we would ask you to continue to support this cause in whatever way you can if at all possible – all of our freedoms are at stake if Tim cannot find a way to reverse this verdict. As we have said many times, this is a politically motivated show trial designed to make an example of Tim, and to discourage the rest of us from exercising our right to Freedom of Speech in this country.

The Legal Defence Fund Donation Button can be found on the Liberty GB home page and also here –

You can also donate to Tim’s Legal Defence Fund directly via PayPal – Pay Tim Burton Legal Defence Fund using PayPal.Me

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  1. Paul Hughes | April 16, 2017 at 11:37 am |

    Truly frightening that we have come to this. This all needs a wider airing. I am afraid Bob-on-the street does not not know and does not care.

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 16, 2017 at 11:44 am |

      It is truly frightening. However, there is a bit of positivity to be taken from this case and that is a far wider group of people are now aware of the existence of the mendacious grievance monger Fiyaz Mughal and his equally dodgy organisation. I agree that this info needs to be shared far and wide and from what I can see it is being done.

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