Bearded Savage Of The Day

Bearded Savage of the Day – it was going to be Bearded Savage of the Week but I sadly found myself spoilt for choice when it came to Bearded Savages, so at the suggestion of Ambush Predator I’ve renamed it Bearded Savage of the Day – Each day or as often as I can make it, there will be here, a new Bearded Savage or Bearded Savages of the day for your non-delectation.  See how many you can stomach before you vomit. I’m just picking the ones that grab my attention I’m sure that you could, sadly, find more on your own.

This particular feature of this blog is put up in memory of Theo Van Gough, murdered by, you guessed it, a bearded savage.

Khalid Chishti

Today’s bearded savage, Khalid Chishti, takes the biscuit for me in terms of moral depravity, even though his direct body count is in the low to zero range. If true it throws yet more light on how bearded savage environments treat minorities.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the Imam in Pakistan where a mentally handicapped Christian teenager was accused of desecrating a copy of the Qu’ran has himself been arrested for desecrating a Qu’ran. It looks like he is accused of this because he was trying to fit up the Christian girl in order to ‘push the Christians out of the neighbourhood’. It appears that he may have desecrated the Qu’ran himself in order to put the blame on the innocent Christian girl. If this is true then as well as being a vile thing to do to a child, is yet more evidence of the pressure that the Christian community is under in Pakistan.

I’m just an ordinary bod and try as I might I cannot conceive of the sheer depths of moral depravity a person must descend to in order to fit up an innocent child for an offence that could have carried either death penalty or a long sentence in some hell hole jail.

I cannot conceive of the sheer hatred, lack of empathy and conscience and complete bastard mindedness needed to throw a retarded child to the lions. And they as a nation and they as a culture ask us for respect and sometimes whine and threaten when we refuse to go along with their world-view. Why should we respect a culture that has created such a vile inhumane creature who sadly is not exactly a one off . It got me thinking that maybe we should ship Ian Brady off to an Islamic nation to spend his last years on this earth as such a vile, third Reich obsessed murdering psychopath as Brady would feel quite at home in a bearded savage nation, like Pakistan, or Sudan, or Somalia, or Saudi, or Iraq, or Iran or Syria or…..there are just so many to choose from.

The only good thing in this case is that at least someone in that hell-hole had an attack of correct thinking and grassed the Imam up. I worry about in how many other cases that this has happened and someone has not spoken out.

Would you choose to live in a bearded savage paradise, I know I wouldn’t but the Pakistani Christians are stuck there and are getting more beaten by bearded savagery every day.

Hat Tip Huffington Post