Bearded Savage of the Day Number 83

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We in the Western civilised nations have over many centuries developed a culture of free speech and freedom of religion. Although how this is expressed varies between different Western nations the principle is much the same in that people have the right to peacefully express their opinions but that right stops at calling for the deaths of others or incitement to murder.

This culture of freedom of speech with reasonable restrictions against the incitement of murder is however not one that is shared by the Islamic world. In the Islamic world the incitement to murder Hindus, Jews, Christians and others is too often considered as ‘normal’.

Today’s Bearded Savage of the Day is Sheikh Sharif Hussein who is a Bearded Savage resident in Austrialia. This particular savage has crossed the generally accepted free speech line by calling for the deaths of those who do not believe in Islam.

The Australian news source said:

POLICE say they will not act against a radical preacher who publicly prayed for the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists, leaving him free to spread his messages of hatred.

A sermon videotaped in South Australia last year also showed Sheikh Sharif Hussein accusing Australian troops, whom he called “crusader pigs”, of helping to rape tens of thousands of women in Iraq, but SA police say he has broken no laws.

This has prompted outspoken SA conservative senator Cory Bernardi to demand changes to race-hate laws, or the way they are enforced.

He says the police decision proves that Australian freedoms are “being used against us” and claims that any similar attack on the sheik’s fundamentalist Muslim ideologies would be met with outrage.

Buddhists and Hindus have expressed shock at the police decision and say the sheik will lash out again.”

I think that it is a dead certainty that this particular Bearded Savage will vomit hatred again and Mr Bernadi is correct in his assertion that freedoms granted to all Australians are being abused by the likes of Sharif Hussain. Hussain has gone way beyond the legitimate criticism of a nations armed forces which is permitted in free societies by calling them ‘crusader pigs’ and pushing the lie that Australian troops have been involved in mass rapes. Personally I think that Hussain is indulging in ‘projection’ here as we have seen so often that it is not Western troops who routinely indulge in mass rapes but the followers and soldiers of Islam. Hussain is also crossing the line when it comes to the incitement to murder Buddhists and Hindus. continued:

According to a translation of the Arabic video, published by the US-based Middle East Media Research Institute, the sheikh publicly prayed: “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one. Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one”.

A police investigation was launched after The Advertiser last year revealed details of one lecture recording, believed to have been delivered, in part, at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of SA, in Torrensville.

In the video clip, posted online in August last year by the research institute, the preacher also attacked Jews, former prime minister John Howard and US President Barack Obama, speaking in Arabic.

Senator Bernardi said the fact Sheikh Hussein had not been prosecuted showed that Australia’s freedoms were “being used against us to further a dangerous cause”.

I can only imagine the political and legal repercussions if similar statements were made about adherents to Mr Hussein’s ideology,” he said.

Frankly, the Australian public have had enough of the double standards that seem to apply to people like Sharif Hussein. They appear free to spread their poison, while those who challenge their world view are condemned as bigots or racists.”

A South Australia Police spokesman said the matter had been investigated and that “in this instance, no criminal offending occurred and no charges (were) laid. No further comment will be made on this matter.”

I dont’ know about you but I’m also sick of the double standard which is applied by cowardly politicians and police to the violent utterances of Islam. He is quite plainly using Australia’s free speech culture to promulgate hatred for others. It’s time that the ‘free pass’ that have been handed to Islamo-fascists like this was ripped up.

This double standard is not primarily an Australian problem as it is one that afflicts us here in the United Kingdom as well. Islamic hate preachers spout their incitement to kill those like Jews and Gays and almost nothing is done about them. Worse still various members of the Leftist intelligensia pop up to ‘contextualise’ this vile hatred coming out of the mouths of Islamic hate preachers. If we the non-Muslim were permitted to openly debate with and about the vile ideology of Islam then the problem of Islamic hate preachers and their effects may not be as bad as it is at present but too often Islamic hate preachers and their supporters and enablers hide behind racial hatred laws that were put in place by good people and for good reasons, but which have been exploited mercilessly by certain Islamic groups and individuals who use such laws to attempt to prohibit speech criticial of the ideology of Islam per se. I think that the South Australia authorities are being disingenuous in their statement that there is no law that Hussain could have been charged with. What about incitement to murder? The incitement of violence is as far as I can make out, an offence under Australian Law, so why not arrest and charge Hussain or are the authorities more concerned about pandering to Muslims than stopping this particular bearded savage from calling for the deaths of others?

If we continue to allow Islamic hate preachers like Hussain to abuse both our hospitality and our culture of freedom of speech we will wake up one morning to find that not only will we have no freedom of speech but also our nations will be desertified by the ideology of Islam. We must not let ourselves sleep walk into such a nightmarish situation, for the sake of freedom of both thought and word we need to be able to call a spade a spade and a 7th century warlording lying, peadophile, the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed. We must not let these bearded savages use our own laws against us.


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