People of Hereford, an opportunity to tell the powers that be what YOU think.

Tonight at 7:30pm at the Belmont Community Centre in Hereford the Herefordshire council is having one of those consultation thingy’s where people can come along and be vocal about local services. There may well be councillors there so why not come along and voice your opinion about not only the proposed mosque (although it would freak out the multiculti useful idiots if people did speak out on this subject) or enforced cultural diversification of the county but other things that as a Herefordian you are concerned about whether it be the ESG, library services, social care, transport or even the current performance of The Bulls if you wish. The event is being held in Belmont Community Centre in the south of the City of Hereford.
The postcode for the community centre if you are using sat nav and Googlemaps is HR2 7UQ and details about the centre can be found at:

The council promoted site for the ‘your community, your say’ thing is at

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  1. A stringer for this site attended this meeting and it was the usual fake consultation exercise so beloved of councils of all political persuasions up and down the country. My stringer will be guest posting on this issue later.

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