Staying silent in the face of fascism

Flag of Belgian fascist group, active prior to, and during World War II.

The Belgians, like the rest of the low countries and quite a bit else of Europe, knows from bitter experience what fascism is like. The German nationalist form of fascism decimated Europe, and expounded ideas that are the complete opposite of democracy.

You would expect, the Belgians, having been occupied by fascists would speak up against fascists.

One brave man did when two avowed promoters of fascistic Shariah Law were sworn in as councillors, in Anderlect in Belgium. He stood up and stated the truth, that proposing the imposition of Shariah Law is incompatible with both Belgian Law and the European Human Rights legislation.

What is utterly sad and frightening is here is a man who has had the courage to ‘call out’ the Islamonazis for what they are and nobody in the hall with him appeared to back him up. See the evidence for yourself in this video.!

It makes me wonder, was it like this prior to 1933 in Germany? Did people speak up but were not backed up? Did people assume that the Nazi’s (like these Islamists) were just like other political parties? Were they cowed into silence by fear of the Nazis? We will never truly know, because we were not there, but what we do know is that this brave and principled man in Anderlect, has spoken out against fascism and he stood alone.

The people around him, cowed by political correctness and a misplaced fear of being called ‘racist’, sat silent whilst the representatives of an evil ideology were installed onto the municipal council.

These cowardly Belgian citizens sat silent like the Germans did a couple of generations ago, whilst their children were dragooned into the Hitler Youth, their young men and women conscripted for aggressive war and their Jewish neighbours were disappeared. These Belgian citizens who stayed silent should be ashamed of themselves.

I hope I never see ordinary British people acting in a similar manner to how these silent enablers of Islamofascism have done in Belgium. My plea at the conclusion of this piece is that if you see someone speak out against Islamofascism then back them up, stand with them and help them. If you do not do this, and also stay silent, then will you have rendered the sacrifices made by that heroic generation of British people who fought fascism on the battlefields of Europe and elsewhere, utterly worthless.

I do not wish to see my country shamed like these citizens of Belgium have shamed their nation.


Hat Tip Orphans of Liberty

Link to original You Tube film of incident.!

Or maybe the Belgians are just living up to their history as collaborators.  After all according to Deutsche Welle, the Belgians were enthusiastic collaborators


3 Comments on "Staying silent in the face of fascism"

  1. Furor Teutonicus | January 5, 2013 at 7:32 pm |

    XX The German nationalist form of fascism XX

    Fascism? Germany????

    National SOCIALIST party.

    All the same bastrd commys in the same bed!

  2. Furor Teutonicus | January 5, 2013 at 7:33 pm |

    ONLY for replys….sorry…. forgot.

  3. Fahrenheit211 | January 5, 2013 at 8:25 pm |

    FT that is very true. The Nazis did borrow a lot of stuff from the left I’ll give you that, and it pulled a lot of people in at the time I believe. The only reason that the likes of Stalin are not held in the same level of disgust as the Austrian Corporal is the hold that the Left has gained on our culture. We’ve been brainwashed by the left in education etc to see Stalin for example as ‘not quite as bad’ as other dictators despite Stalin and Mao having a horrendous body count.

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