February British ‘Neville Chamberlain’ Award Winner – Appeasement of Islam from Labour Party Councillors, what a surprise.

There was really no need for much effort on my part to make the selection for this months British Neville Chamberlain Award for appeasement of Islam.  The blatant appeasement by two Labour Leicester City Councillors to an Islamic promotion outfit called the “Goodwood Community and Education Trust “, a name which, probably deliberately, hides the organisations Isalmic credentials, stood out by a mile.

Councillor Patrick Kitterick Leicester’s Planning Committee chief, showed whose side he was on , by voting for the idea of the mosque encroaching on the area by being built on the site of a demolished pub. The plan to build the mosque which would include a 60 foot Minaret was objected to by local residents but Leicesters planning committee ignored these and passed the plans unanimously.

Patrick Kitterick is a prime example of why the Labour party have ceased to be the party that traditonally fought for the British working classes, but instead has degenerated into something akin to the ‘Islamic party.’ Those who are opposed to pandering to Islam should think very carefully before voting for the Labour party in the future if this is how they are behaving. Voting Labour may have been something you’ve always done, but it is things like this which should make anybody who is concerned about what is happening in the UK, reconsider their traditional voting choice.

Councillor Kitterick, you are a joint winner loser of this months British Neville Chamberlain Award.

Also sharing the winners losers podium this months is Councillor Dr Lynn Moore, also Labour, who said of the proposed mosque: “I think we should encourage the building of holy places dedicated to prayer.”

Yes Councillor Moore, but what is going on in buildings ostensibly dedicated to worship is a legitimage question, not all ‘religions’ are the same, some are more peaceful than others and all too often in British mosques, we have seen exhortations to prey rather than pray.

Believe it or not Cllr Dr Moore, who and what, people worship or venerate does make a difference and it is now very plain to a growing number of people that, to be quite frank, the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed was a bit of a bastard and this sets Islam apart from other religions and ideologies. Islam is more violent, more misogynistic, more oppressive than any current religion today and people outside of the multikulti bubble are growing more and more concerned about the state facilitating it. Islam is more than a faith it is an ideology no different from Communism or Fascism and shares such oppressive ideologies innate authoritiarianism.

Councillor Moore, for your idiotic statement that treats the violent ideology of Islam as an equal to more peaceful ones you are this months joint winner loser of the British Neville Chamberlain Award.

It is difficult to find appropriate words to describe my disgust at what the Labour party has become and how far it has fallen, but when I see councillors of the calibre of these two, it is easy to get a general idea. Sadly it seems that the apologists of Islam have captured the Labour party in a coup far more effective than the entrist policies of Millitant Tendency were in the 1980’s.

The Neville Certificates for these two ‘Labour’ representatives will be despatched to them in the post shortly.


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