From ‘Evenin’ All’ to ‘Allah hu Akbar’. Medieval Islamic savagery takes over former police station in Chadwell Heath in Essex.

The former police station at Wangey Road, Chadwell Heath

The Islamification of the London Borough of Redbridge continues apace, aided and abetted as readers can see from other articles on this site (see links below) by the local Labour Party. However Labour are not the only entity that is helping to turn Redbridge into a simulacrum of downtown Karachi or worse.  In this case the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the Met Police are giving a bunch of mediavalist Islamic savages a helping hand. They’ve sold one of their redundant police stations at Chadwell Heath in Essex, to a hardline Islamic group whose views could be defined as backward and challenging by many a reasonable person.

The news of this latest bit of appeasement and pandering to Islamic groups and mosque impositions that have afflicted the non-Muslim population of Redbridge came to light via this article published in the International Business Times ofth July 2014.

The IBT said:

“London’s Metropolitan Police has sold one of its disused stations to an organisation run by a hardline Islamic scholar with what her critics call a “medieval view of human rights and women’s place in society”.

Dr Farhat Hashmi, who has PhD in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow, founded and runs Al-Huda International, which operates Islamic education programmes for young Muslim women across the world.

Hashmi and her organisation say they are progressive feminists who empower Muslim women by helping them to understand and interpret the Quran in order to use it to assert their rights under the Islamic faith.

But those who have experienced classes taught by her organisation, from Canada to Pakistan to the UK, claim she advocates an outdated and oppressive form of Islam that incorporates the likes of jihad, polygamy and subservience to husbands.

Boris Johnson, under the auspices of The Mayor of London Office for Police and Crime (Mopac) has sold a former police station in Chadwell Heath, Redbridge, northeast London, for £1m to Al-Huda Welfare Foundation, the UK branch of Hashmi’s global organisation, which it said will be used for “education/community” purposes.”

Firstly I’ve got to challenge this groups assertion that they are in any way, shape or form, ‘progressive feminists’. No ‘progressive feminist’ worth her or his salt would have any truck with these backward looking views. There is nothing at all ‘feminist’ about advocating subservience to husbands, polygamy and jihad.

I have to ask what has possessed the likes of Redbridge Council, the Metropolitan Police and Boris Johnson to think that this bunch of poisonous extremists are some sort of asset for Redbridge? How can imported Islamic misogyny be of benefit to anyone? Islamic misogyny is something that civilised people should be trying to wipe out, not go out of their way to encourage. It goes without saying that when this group was challenged by the reporter from IBT about their views a spokesperson said that the groups views had been ‘misinterpreted’ and that talk of Jihad had been about spiritual struggle, yeah right, pardon me for being cynical but how many times have we heard that guff before from Islamic apologists? The IBT reporter also contacted the Met Police but they could not expain why a public asset had been sold to group with such a dubious and troubling reputation.

It certainly seems that the change of party governance in Redbridge has got something to do with the uptick in the pace of Islamification. Readers will not be surprised to learn that Labour is going full-tilt for the whipped mosque vote and this latest Islamic affliction has been welcomed by Labour councillor Aziz Choudhury.

The Ilford Recorder said:

“The old police station on Wangey Road in Chadwell Heath will become the El-Huda Islamic Centre after Redbridge Council approved the plans earlier this month.

Now Cllr Aziz Choudhury has said he welcomed the opening of the centre, which is part of the Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation, a worldwide NGO which provides education and social welfare to people.

Cllr Choudhury said: “It’s actually run by women and it proposes to provide a community facility for children, young people and women.

“As the ward councillor I’m supportive of it. It’s unique and that’s something I welcome.”

He hasn’t mentioned this groups support for Jihad nor its shameless and worrying misogyny, now why could that be? In fact he doesnt’ seem to have mentioned any of the negative comments about this group whatsoever. Non-Muslim locals are, as you might expect, less than enamoured at having yet another mosque or Islamic community centre blighting their area.

The Ilford Recorder added:

“But residents living near the new centre feared there would be problems with traffic and parking, with the application not including any new parking spaces.

Nicola Wood, of Ballards Road, said in a letter to the council: “Residents don’t want any more [mosques], the noise is a nuisance and traffic will be bad with it.”

And John Tooke, of Edward Road, said extra cars would be “problematic”.

Following the council decision this month, Dave Hagger, who lives on Edgar Road, said he felt the authority should have done more to make residents aware of the plans.

“Nobody was told about it,” he said.

“The residents’ main concerns are the traffic, the noise and the parking.”

But Cllr Choudhury said people visiting the centre could use the pay and display car park on Station Road.

And he dismissed rumours the neighbouring Mecca Bingo Hall, which closed its doors last month, was also set to become a mosque after he was contacted by residents.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Cllr Choudhury is bullshitting those residents who are raising objections on grounds of parking. Anybody who looks at the situation regarding traffic and parking at the Jacques Hall site in Redbridge (see previous articles) would be able to ascertain that where there are mosques there are traffic and parking problems. I don’t concur with Cllr Choudhury’s statement that worshippers will use the pay and display parking in fact I think that it is just so much faff in order to shut up those who are objecting. There are many mosques in Britain and many of them have anti-social parking and traffic issues connected to them. As for his denial that the former local bingo hall is to become a mosque, well all I’m going to say on that matter is ‘he would say that wouldn’t he.’

It is more than likely that life for non-Muslims in Redbridge is going to get worse and worse. The new Islam-friendly Labour administration is abolishing public planning meetings. These meetings, although imperfect forums for discussion did at least allow those objecting to the imposition of mosques to have their say. Now not even Councillors will be able to challenge planning policy in public meetings as all planning decisions will now be made behind closed doors by unaccountable planning officers, with councillors having no say. If readers think that this change in policy will be used to speed up the Islamification of Rebridge then you will probably be right. The ability for the public to challenge the often grandiose plans of mosque-e-teers will henceforth be removed from the people of Redbridge.

Labour are basically telling people who object to the idea of planning committees disappearing to like it or lump it. The new Labour chair of the council was quoted by he local Guardian newspaper as saying ‘residents had their say on the matter by voting us into the council.’ I wonder how many of Redbridge’s non-Muslim residents would have voted Labour if they had been aware that Labour intended to remove the planning meetings which were forums where objections to mosque impositions could at least be voiced.

The Epping Forest Guardian said:

“Council leader Jas Athwal defended the decision, citing savings of around £800,000 as the reason for the move.

He said: “The cost and poor attendance of these meetings means they could not be justified, we have to save £50 million in the next four years and hard decisions need to be made.

“We have been transparent and it was one of our election pledges so residents had their say on the matter by voting us into the council.”

I know Redbridge reasonably well and like one of the commentators listed below, I’d really hate to see the state of Redbridge in 4 years time after a period of Labour misrule. It may even be the case that the ‘whipped mosque vote’ which looks like it helped to deliver a Labour victory, may even morph into a ‘bent postal vote’ situation, in which case the non-Muslim voters will NEVER be able to oust Labour from office.

One commenator on the Epping Forest Guardian article predicted what the future will hold for Redbridge and said it would be ‘More mosques by stealth and brown envelopes, and nice dinners had by some councillors to “get them on side.” Sadly having observed other areas dominated by a Labour/Islam alliance, I would not bet against this person being incorrect.


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Just in case they disappear from the Ilford recorder here is the, heavily moderated comment section. Apologies for the formatting it is a basic cut and paste data dump.

  • Surprise surprise moe under the radar tactic from our Islamic council when are we going to have centres for the rest of the boroughs population re open some of the pubs and sports facilities that have been closed down why are the council bowing to the Muslim population yet again? I am very concerned especially in the light of
    recent news from Birmingham re schools being radicalised and more British Muslims going to Syria

How It Is…5 hours ago

Moderator, You might want to chat with Laura Burnip, she is now aware that you are inappropriately moderating comments on her story….

How It Is…5 hours ago

The International Business Times ran the
story with a different take on the matter with the headline..

“London Mayor Boris Johnson Sells Police Station To ‘Medieval Muslim Women’s Group”

Given the views of Dr Farhat Hashmi, I would say The International Business
Times have covered the story more accurately…

Here are the comments from the article in the local Guardian newspaper

Comments (7)

8:59am Fri 18 Jul 14

UKIP-local says…

This is a bad day for democracy in Redbridge. It tells us a lot about the contempt they have towards the public and politics in general.

In Norfolk Labour councillors worked in alliance with UKIP to abolish the cabinet system (in which decisions are taken in secret meetings). Cabinet members are not even allowed to discuss policies outside cabinet in case they are influenced by what the public want! I had begun to think Labour really had embraced democracy.

In Redbridge, meanwhile, the council is going in completely the wrong direction. Clearly they only act to change the system when another party is in power. That is not democracy it is tribalism.

9:14am Fri 18 Jul 14

Villagecranberry says…

This is a worrying trend.

Why are the Tories not saying much on this?

9:14am Fri 18 Jul 14

How It Is… says…

Yet more centralisation from Labour, first Local Area Committees, now Local Planning Committees. The moves will make it far easier for Labour to sell off land, build inappropriate developments and ignore local concerns.

Have a developer put a planning application in for your house he does not own? Tough, it complies with planning law…

Local Village green proposed for houses and shops? Tough, it complies with planning law…

Proposed Mosque of inapropriate design, totally out of keeping with the local area? you can guess the answer….

Wonder what the borough will look like after Labours four year term….

11:45am Fri 18 Jul 14

mdj says…

The answer is for local neighbourhoods to hire a church hall every couple of months, hold their own meetings, and invite their councillors, telling them in advance what will be discussed. This should only cost a pound or two a head for those who care enough to get involved.
See if the councillors dare not to attend…

11:46am Fri 18 Jul 14

RedbridgeCouncil says…

Residents interested in the proposals for local forums which will replace Area Committees, can find more information about them here


2:55pm Sun 20 Jul 14

weknewit says…

Maybe people should just start turning up at the full council meetings, airing their views by protest…. im sure the press would have a field day. Sod the formality, gate crash the full council meetings and just start shouting until you are heard or removed….. that’s how the minorities get what they want. Labour will lose what they “save” in the extra they have to spend on security.

2:58pm Sun 20 Jul 14

weknewit says…

How It Is… wrote:
Yet more centralisation from Labour, first Local Area Committees, now Local Planning Committees. The moves will make it far easier for Labour to sell off land, build inappropriate developments and ignore local concerns.

Have a developer put a planning application in for your house he does not own? Tough, it complies with planning law…

Local Village green proposed for houses and shops? Tough, it complies with planning law…

Proposed Mosque of inapropriate design, totally out of keeping with the local area? you can guess the answer….

Wonder what the borough will look like after Labours four year term….

More mosques by stealth and brown envelopes, and nice dinners had by some councillors to “get them on side” (you know who you are if you’re reading this).. it will all come out one day, and the people that let these go through had better be afraid of the ramifications.

9 Comments on "From ‘Evenin’ All’ to ‘Allah hu Akbar’. Medieval Islamic savagery takes over former police station in Chadwell Heath in Essex."

  1. And so it carries on,I say let it, the more people that see Islam for what it is then the sooner people will say no and get rid of and the people that supported it.

  2. “PhD in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow” – that tells you all you need to know about the state of academia in the UK.

    There is some great research being done into the origins of Islam in Germany, mainly at the University of Saarbrucken. Google for Gerard Puin, Elisabeth Puin, Volker Popp, Karl Heinz Ohlig and wonder why nothing comparable is being done in British universities.

    • It’s the word “Sciences” in “PhD in Hadith Sciences” that beggars belief. A very very damaging misuse of term: an academia that believes that any faith-based study (perhaps apart from Psychology of Religion) merits that title is seriously deluded or desperately trying to pander to someone.

  3. Corrections to above post – the scholar’s name is Gert Puin, the university Saarland, not Saarbrucken.

    “Sciences” has been used to translate the Arabic “ulum” and is indicative of the Islamist influence on academia. They have been allowed to set the terms of their spurious methodology. A university allowing a PhD with such a title demeans itself.

    It’s bad enough that Oxford employed Tariq “Taqqiya” Ramadan

  4. My family are from the Borough. I have been out of the UK for almost 10 years now. I have been witness to many unpleasant things committed in the names of various deities. Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, etc… I once naively believed that if Anti-theists & Athiests like myself left the religious in peace, they would return the favour. Yet the Jews with their 613 Mitzvot, and their treatment of all non Jews, the Gentiles. Islam and its five pillars. Islamic treatment of non-muslims. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim! The Christian treatment of anything non Christian, blah, blah, blah… Now our guests believe it is ok to lay claim to our country? Islam, wants you all to convert or die.

    I have experienced almost 10 years of hate and fear of the non-religious. Almost 10 years of being called the F’ing Infidel, the Gentile! The word “Atheist,” spoken/whispered/screamed like it’s a disease! And yet those same name callers and cowards, want to live in my country! They rape and beat our women, girls and boys. Murder servicemen in public! School takeovers! The Imams, call for Jihad! The Jewish hypocrites Cry Victim, Victim! Anti Semites! And the Catholics are just Buggering the Alter boys, whilst stealing their pocket money. If this is their thank you, maybe it’s time for our “Bitteschön.” If they cannot read a different book, then maybe it really is time to come home. It’s enough already. I was hoping to come back and teach in a classroom, instead of teaching something else on the street.
    I’ve seen enough blood already, for one lifetime. Not as much as many, but it’s enough for me. I don’t want to see anymore. I would rather have peace.

    But, as our boys in Blue are obviously too shit scared of their own fcuking reflections, or being called Islamaphobes/Anti Semites. And our Politicians are all so busy bending over for Pizza, they’ve failed to notice what’s happening outside the windows their chins are resting up against. It’s time to come home!

    And the fence sitters should decide on what side of the fcuking fence they belong!

    Apologies for the long comment..

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 31, 2014 at 6:15 am |

      You do not need to apologise for a long comment. Britain was heading towards being a country where nobody cared whether or not your life was guided by the Christian Bible, the Torah or whatever, or even whether a person had many gods or none. The insertion of the ideology of Islam into our society has undone much of that positive societal change. Where I would disagree with you is your implication that all religions are the same. It is not the Christians or the Jews who are turning our cities into places of fear and corruption, it is the followers of Islam that are doing that. The problems with the RC church are bad but the problems with ecclesiastical perves, although they need to be dealt with, are nothing like the violent Islamic rape gangs that are afflicting too many of Britain’s towns and cities.

      I don’t think that the police are bending over because of cries of anti-Semitism, but they are bending over for the many, often false, claims from Islamic interests, of Islamophobia. If anything the British state is ‘throwing the Jews under the bus’ in order to appease or pander to the more electorally important whipped mosque vote.

      I think the politicians are not tackling the obvious problems that many places in Britain have because they and their children are not the ones at risk of rape, violence and oppression.

  5. No sooner has the building been aquired by the new group, with the ink still wet on the agreement, than the various new demands go into the planning department….

    Planning Application 0848/14/01 for a change of use…

    Planning Application 2485/14 asking to increase the numbers to 90, then to 150 when major events are held, such as Eid etc, etc….

    Now the planning committees have been scrapped, these applications will just get nodded through…

    Bet the locals don’t know yet, traffic will be a nightmare……

  6. I use the Wagney Road car park to park during the daytime. I returned to the car park one evening last week at around 10.30pm to discover chaos in the car park. It was busier than I’ve ever seen it, with cars flooding in looking for a space to park when there were none left. Men, women, and their kids, all in Islamic garb were rushing over to the mosque. Trying to get out of the car park was difficult as the road was blocked both to the left and the right by even more cars wanting to get into the car park. I’d say it was a fairly unpleasant and unsettling experience. I feel sorry for the residents nearby who have to suffer that on a daily basis.

    I doubt I will use that car park again, knowing that that sort of thing is probably going on throughout the day for whatever ‘events’ they are holding there.

    It’ll soon be time to move out of Chadwell Heath and surrounding areas.

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