From Elsewhere: Trade Union bullies who tried to get UKIP poster removed told to ‘get lost’.

The ‘offending’ poster in question

An excellent result for free and open debate as reported by The Commentator Blog.

It seems that a Trade Union organised plan to harass a poster site company into removing a UKIP poster that criticised unrestricted EU immigration from a site in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester has failed.

The Commentator blog said:

“In what is being hailed as an online campaigning victory, the advertising network Clear Channel has decided not to withdraw UKIP posters after a series of complaints by local trade-union members and left-wing activists.

The issue, first raised by The Commentator this weekend, was over a UKIP poster which called for an end to open ended EU immigration. Twitter users, residents of Levenshulme, took to making phone calls and sending e-mails, eventually boasting on Friday night that they, “Just got an ad company to take down a UKIP poster where we live. After mass emails and calls from community”.

Following enquiries led by The Commentator, it was ascertained that Clear Channel had not yet taken a decision and that one was due today. The company announced the following after The Commentator exposed that the ‘campaign’ by local residents included partisan figures such as Dr. Sue McPherson, a local trade-union activist with a history of political campaigns in Britain’s far-Left movement.”

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Well done to all those who stood up for freedom of speech on this issue.  It seems that the advert was ‘legal, decent, honest and truthful’ after all.  Another defeat for the Left authoritiarians.  Much kudos should go to The Commentator for highlighting and investigating this issue.