Leftist bigotry by London Pride, the only reason for the ban on UKIP.

The UKIP LGBT group logo from their facebook page

The banning by the organisers of the London Pride of the LGBT UKIP group about a week or so ago, is nothing more than Leftist bigotry. What’s worse, this ban is being supported by individuals who belong to groups that were once themselves either excluded by Pride organisers, or who were and sometimes still are, treated badly by Lesbians and Gays.

Some of the Leftist bigotry on display in this case has been not only arrogant and appalling but also, as in the example below, easy to disassemble and it is even possible to see a completely different point of view from that as perceived by LGBT activists of the Left.

The story of UKIP being banned from London Pride has been covered by the Breitbart website and it is fair to say that many of the comments on the ban have been very negative. There were also commentators who pointed out the hypocrisy of an organisation that claims to be inclusive, except when it comes to political opinion of which the Leftist political clique disapproves.

There was one comment, from someone called ‘Bob’ who I presume to be an LGBT activist, who stated why the ban was a good idea. The problem, for this particular commentator, is that most of his arguments can be either destroyed, nullified or otherwise picked apart to show the intolerance of the allegedly tolerant, LGBT Left.

Below is the comment with as usual, the original text in italics and this blog’s comments in plain text:

Let me break this down for the straights:

So, ‘it’s a gay thing, I wouldn’t understand it’ – try me!

UKIPs gay contingent have been banned from marching at the parade due to the backlash from the LGBT community and prominent LGBT figures for the following reasons:

Oooh he’s setting out his stall here, it’s going to be full on finger wagging time.

the party has opposed every single piece of LGBT legislation brought forward;

Opposed or questioned the value of? Opposed or wish to see those who disagree with the LGBT lifestyle have a right of reply or right to disagree?

UKIP MEPs regularly demean ethnic minorities and LGBT people;

Examples please? There may be individual members or candidates who disagree with aspects of LGBT life but the party? As regards ethnic minorities I think that this commentator will find that UKIP not only has support from those ethnic minorities who have chosen Britain, are loyal to Britain and respect Britain but also put such people up as candidates. If UKIP was as even a fraction as bad as this particular activist has said, then no BME person would have anything to do with them. If that was the case then it would be like finding a Jewish follower of Oswald Mosley or an Indian Hindu member of the National Front circa 1977. Oh and some minorities, orthodox Muslims for example, deserve to be demeaned, as this ideology will do a whole lot more damage to LGBT people than letting UKIP march in Pride.

UKIP have consistently voiced opposition over SSM;

There are also LGBT people who oppose SSM. There are those who see marriage as an institution of state oppression both straight and gay just as there are those, also straight and gay, who respect marriage and were happy with idea of Civil Partnerships because of the protection they gave regarding children and inheritance for example, also it was a way of a gay couple publicly announcing their commitment to each other. There was an anomaly in the CP legislation that said that no religious words, music or symbolism could be included in a CP ceremony. My own view on SSM is that that this anomaly could have been removed from the CP legislation to allow those religious groups that wanted to have same sex religious civil partnerships to do so, this could have been done without having to completely redefine marriage and would have avoided a whole lot of political grief.

they want to introduce a so-called Christian manifesto that will safeguard businesses who refuse to service LGBT people.

This ‘Christian manifesto’ would not really have inconvenience LGBT people much at all, but would have prevented businesses run by Christians, or Orthodox Jews for that matter, from being deliberately fitted up by LGBT activists as appears to have happened in some recent equality cases.

I could go on.

I dare say you could.

UKIP members are free to attend Pride, just not under the UKIP guise.

The fact that the Pride organisation has specifically targeted UKIP shows that this ban has a distinctly Leftist political flavour. I wonder if the pride organisation knows that there are members of other parties that are allowed to attend who may have colleagues who hold views that the LGBT Left may disagree with. Are the Lib Dems to be banned from pride for example because some Lib Dem members may hold views that the organisers of Pride disagree with? Political allegiance can so often be much more subtle than it at first seems. I’ve encountered Communists who saw supporting LGBT people as ‘a bourgeois affectation’ and members of the BNP who were considerably more liberal in attitude to LGBT people than their party as a whole.

After all, gay Pride is about celebrating our long fought struggle for equality

Fair point, but along with that equality comes the responsibility to acknowledge that LGBT people have a variety of political and social views. There is or should be no ‘approved’ way to think for LGBT people or for anyone else for that matter. I’m encountering an increasing number of LGBT people who recognise that the threat to their safety and security is not from the patriots of UKIP but from the sort of Islamic extremism that is doing so much damage to so many British towns and cities.

, and UKIP has proved they are the antithesis of this.

Again, I ask how? Is it because some members and supporters of UKIP have expressed views that this commentator doesn’t like or which the committee of Pride don’t like? It certainly seems that way. If I recall correctly there were Gay Tories at Pride prior to 1997 even though Section 28 of the Local Government Act, brought in by the Tories, which some LGBT people saw as an impediment to equality was still in place. I’m racking my brains here but I can’t remember Gay Tories being banned from Pride.

Once the party acknowledges LGBT people as equal citizens

There are many people involved with or who support UKIP who accept LGBT people as equal, some may have issues with aspects of the LGBT lifestyle or who dislike LGBT activists. There are also some who vehemently disagree with things like SSM, but who otherwise have a ‘live and let live’ view of LGBT people. Despite the weasel words from the Pride organisers, this is a blatantly political decision.

, then I’m sure the organisers of Pride will be happy to accept their contribution.

Let me translate that for you. If LGBT UKIP and UKIP as a whole sign up to the whole Leftist package from the Pride organisers then they can attend.

If people outside the community can’t quite grasp this, then so be it.

This looks very much like the equivalent of the Left-winger shouting ‘racist’ and running away when they’ve lost an argument. As I stated before it’s really only saying: ‘It’s a gay thing you wouldn’t understand it’. It assumes that all LGBT people are politically Left, dance to the same music and think the same thoughts. It’s as far from the idea that LGBT people are no different from others and deserve to be treated as individuals, as you could get.

There is another aspect of this story that should make anyone who believes in freedom of opinion or who is opposed to the blatant hypocrisy of the Left that oozes from them like pus, and that is the reaction of various British bisexuals and bisexual activists.

My research into this story has shown me that for years Bi’s were either squeezed out of Pride events or made to feel unwelcome, either by organisers or attendees. Some bisexuals are alleging that such behaviour still goes on. Bi’s have also had the piss royally taken out of them by certain Lesbian and Gay groups, including Stonewall. When, back in the 80’s and 90’s, there was public money around for health promotion activities aimed at getting bisexually active people to be more aware of the health risks of unsafe sex, Lesbian and Gay groups grabbed the money, stuck the word ‘bisexual’ into their titles but then often did bugger all for the people the money was intended to help. I know this because I had contacts who were involved in health promotion work at the time, and they would get angry at being given the leavings on the plate after the money had been spent on stuff that the money was not intended for.

Bisexuals therefore knew what it was like to be excluded from nominally inclusive events such as Pride, to be treated as an ‘adjunct’, It is rank hypocrisy of the worst kind, for UK bisexual activists to call for bans on people on the basis of their party political affiliation. The website bimedia.org, publishers of the monthly bisexual activist magazine Bi Community News, featured in a prominent sidebar position a link to the rantings of a Leftist activist, Jacq Applebee, who whined about UKIP being fascist and used the issue to ride her own Lefty, race obsessed hobby-horses.

Jacq Applebee, who describes herself as a ‘poet, writer and activist’ seems to spend a lot of time whining that there should be more acceptance, for Bi’s, for ethnic minorities, for transpeople etc etc. However she doesn’t seem to be asking for acceptance for those who don’t agree with her or her friends. Hypocrisy – much?

On her blog called ‘Blogging in Shadows’ Ms Applebee, said (her text in italics F211’s in plain text):

UKiP aim to march at London LGBT Pride.  For those not in the know, UKIP are a political party that wants the UK to have laws in place that would stop HIV+ people entering the country.  

Tories, Lib Dems, Labour various flavours of socialists and the occasional libertarian type group also march at Pride, so what? Ms Applebee seems to be under the misapprehesion that there is a magic socialist money tree that will pay for the treatment of foreign HIV+ patients. She claims to work with HIV+ people but seems not to have heard of HIV+ people of British origin who are finding it more and more difficult to access appropriate treatment because so many treatment slots are being taken up by foreign HIV+ patients. If you cared about the people you claim to care for, Ms Applebee, you would support restrictions on the health tourism that is draining resources from the NHS.

They want Christians to be able to discriminate against LGBT people.

No, what some UKIP people want is Christians to be protected from a) having to produce items or provide services where the provision of a service or a product comes into conflict with their beliefs and b) being set up by LGBT activists as some have alleged the Ashers Bakery were. What Ms Applebee calls ‘discrimination’ is no different from the protection that a Kosher shop would have from a customer who demands that they sell bacon or prawns or stock copies of Mein Kampf. She calls herself a Christian but fails to stand up for Christians being protected. Some mistake surely?

 They want Immigrants out, and whites in.

Strange, the last time I looked UKIP had quite a lot of members and supporters who were black or minority ethnic. Also many sensible and reasonable people would have no moral objection to the removal of immigrants who were poncing, committing crimes, not contributing to society, engaging in sedition. To not remove such people is the equivalent of finding a burglar in your house and instead of chucking them out, cooking them a meal, leaving them with the keys and saying ‘lock up when you leave won’t you’. Britain does have a very real and very destructive immigration problem and to not deal with it will only stir up conflict.

 This party is incredibly poisonous.  

In your opinion Ms Applebee.

However they have a LGBT group, and this group wants to join in pride, complete with UKIP banners and a sense of hatred.

So where is the sense of hatred in this banner sported by LGBT UKIP’s? Maybe you could tell me Ms Applebee, because I can’t see any.


Neither can I see any ‘fascistic’ or ‘nazi-like’ activity when I scroll back to 1st May 2015 on the UKIP LGBT group’s Facebook page.


London Pride has a history of being aimed at white gay men, with anyone else pretty much ignored.  

White gay men started Pride and this demographic is the same as that which the sponsors of Pride are chasing so there is naturally going to be some market bias. It’s not down to skin colour prejudice Ms Applebee, it’s down to the thickness of the wallet. A company is not going to sponsor an event that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to run purely for the benefit of self appointed community arbiters like Ms Applebee are they?  Maybe its’ not ‘racism’ and is more to do that bisexuals of colour don’t spend as much in the gay bars as other groups or are not really that bothered about the ‘gay scene’.  Not everything in this world comes down to racism. 

UKIP marching at Pride isn’t just something that will affect People of Colour though; it affects everyone.

Whose this ‘everyone’ that she’s talking about? Does she believe that everyone who attends Pride is of like mind to her or worse should be of like mind to her? It certainly seems that way.

 UKIP may not have a policy on LGBT people, but their councillors have said some very LGBT-phobic things in the past.

So have members of the Labour Party, the Tories and many others, but representatives of these parties are attending Pride. Should the Labour Party or the Lib Dems be excluded because former MP Dai Havard voted against gay marriage or former Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather did the same?

 There is no place for them at this celebration.

In other words, there is no place for anybody at Pride who disagrees with either Ms Applebee or her coterie of leftist activists.

On a personal note, I have recently taken over as the Black and Minority Ethnic persons rep on the Pride Community Advisory Board.  I wasn’t told that UKIP were marching on the parade.  It was only by accident that I found out about it. I feel that the officers of Pride have ignored non-white LGBT folks yet again.  But this time I am not going to be silent, and you don’t have to be either.”

I bet Pride organisational meetings will be a right bunch of laughs now with po-faced race obsessives like Ms Applebee on board. She not only fails to comprehend that others may have different views to her, and support different political parties, but believes that views and the expression of such views, that are counter to hers should be suppressed.

I’ve done some research on this particular story and what I’ve found coming from UK bisexual activists is a whole lot of Leftist group-think regarding UKIP and a complete disregard for the idea that adults should choose what to think, as well as which other adults to sleep with. That to me is hypocrisy and also shows how this community of activists is so dominated by Leftists that it must put non-Leftist Bi’s off of becoming involved. Here’s the words, from Twitter of someone called Marcus Morgan who states that he teaches organisations about bisexuality, and who has had an article in the Guardian which bemoaned attitudes to Bi’s in LGBT communities and groups, but who has cheered progress at Bisexual inclusion in Prides, on the subject of UKIP at London Pride:

Marcus Morgan ‏@MarcusTeaches  Jun 5

UKIP members welcome at Pride, UKIP banners not. I’m happy with that. #NoUkipAtPride

Followed by:

Marcus Morgan ‏@MarcusTeaches  Jun 6

There is no requirement to help right-wing movements use Pride to recruit LGBT people just because some LGBT people are already right-wing.

In other words Leftist LGBT people are free to organise, recruit and display banners but those who are not leftists are not – nice to know what side of the debate on freedom of speech that Mr Morgan sits on isn’t it?

These bisexual activists may think of themselves as being representative of wider opinion of people who fancy the same or both sexes to a varying degree, but they are not. They are only a representative of that section of society that is a) Leftist in tooth and claw and b) sees matters of sexuality as the be all and end all of a person’s life. Maybe these bisexual activists should recall how they felt when they were excluded from organisations aimed at Lesbians and Gays before they start calling for bans on people they disagree with.

This Leftist coterie among the LGBT community has spent years speaking the language of freedom of belief and freedom of thought whilst at the same time working to shut down non-leftist views on politics, race, faith, inclusion, law and culture. The banning of UKIP from Pride is just one example of how Leftists have taken charge of LGBT organisations that should be working for all LGBT people not just the Leftist few. This sort of Leftist bigotry, for that’s what it is, really does need to be countered.


Breitbart story on UKIP LGBT group being banned from London Gay Pride


The website of Jacq Applebee, poet and promoter of intolerance when it comes to political views



Marcus Morgan Guardian article on bisexuality.


and the man’s home page


New Statesman magazine page with information on which Lib Dem and Labour MP’s who voted against gay marriage.


5 Comments on "Leftist bigotry by London Pride, the only reason for the ban on UKIP."

  1. Vincent Bate | June 14, 2015 at 6:19 pm |

    As a heterosexual Englishman with socially conservative points of view, I don’t even feel like I belong in London anymore, let alone anywhere near a so-called. “Pride” rally!

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 14, 2015 at 6:28 pm |

      As is your right. But the hipocrisy of those who bang on about freedom whilst denying it to ukippers as in the 3 examples I gave stink to high heaven.

  2. left wing nuts of all ilk hate any contradiction of there unfair narrative of ukip being a racist , mysogonistic anti gay party of hate.
    ukip officially contributing towards there event shocked them enough to cause there mask of tolerance to slip.
    behind that mask is the undemocratic, intolerant hateful facism of the modern metro left

  3. Adam Carter | June 15, 2015 at 6:06 am |

    I am a UKIP voter.
    One of the problems that UKIP faces is to counter what people claim that UKIP says rather than what UKIP really says.

    I am socially very liberal.I am not pro-LGBT groups, or anti-LGBT groups; I simply don’t care about people’s sexuality.
    It seems that the ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ do not take the same view as me. As evidence for this I cite the splits between homosexuals, bi-sexuals and transgenders and the shifting alliances between them.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 15, 2015 at 7:42 am |

      I also have come to the view that I don’t give a chuff what consenting adults do in bed. Many of the ‘liberals’ in the LGBT movement are anything but liberal when it comes to dissenting opinions.

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