A demonstration of the utter stupidity of the Islamic mindset.


An Afghan village suffers from drought, so what do the Bearded Savages do? Dig a well or irrigation ditches? Approach an aid agency for help? No what they do to get rid of the drought is to stone a woman for ‘adultery’.

Is there any more evidence needed that Islam is a violent uncivilised ideology than stoning a woman to death to end a drought? She may not even have been guilty of ‘adultery’ but may instead may have only been seen talking to a man who was not a relative, such is the extreme violence that is endemic in Islam.

It is the sort of bestial behaviour that is similar to the wholesale deity appeasing slaughter such as that carried out by the Aztecs or those other ancient tribes who undertook human sacrifice.

Is it any wonder that a growing number of British people are unhappy that this foul ideology is pandered to by the authorities?


Warning graphic Islamic violence contained within the video