Picture Post. If Islam wishes to be respected.

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This is very true.  It is only the followers of Islam who in the current time period are acting in the bestial manner to which we have grown all too accustomed.


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  1. I am increasingly convinced that the Muslims have missed the really big trick by not learning from the Jews. Jews also have a tradition of arranged/assisted (not coerced) marriages, but conventionally want their son/daughter to marry someone with desirable/useful characteristics rather than from a particular cultural background. Hence, nice Jewish daughter ends up being paired off with bright young man with a good future in a business or profession, while her Muslim contemporary gets shackled to some illiterate peasant from the home village back in Pakistan. Breeding matters. So do education and culture, and I’m not exactly sure that Muslims are terribly keen on either. With disastrous consequences.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 11, 2013 at 7:34 pm |

      Andrew, I completely agree with you on the difference in how the followers of Judaism and Islam respect things like learning and culture, I would also add to that respect for legitimate Law and justice. The concept of Dina Malchuta Dina (‘The Law of the Land or the law of the King is the Law for all those in that land). A comparison of how ‘law abiding’ each community is can be very instructive. A very Jewish area like Stamford Hill in London will not see the horrendous levels of rapes that occur in Islamised areas of Britain or the Scandanavian countries.

      Although you are correct in that the fiscal, moral and career probity of a person is important in Jewish marriages, so also is culture, although not to the sort of extent we see in Islamic communities. The same could also be said of believing Christians, because Christianity has the same ‘moral root’ as Judaism.

      A Christian man or woman can walk completely unmolested through any Jewish area in the UK, they cannot do that in some of Britain’s Islamic ghettos, that should tell people a lot about the differences between two ‘rule-based’ religions of Judaism and Islam. Observance of the 613 Jewish Commandments or Mitzvot, do not impinge on the general population to any significant negative degree, when compared to those who observe some the more troublesome commandments of Islam and the Shariah.

      Islam is not a religion of life like the other Abrahamic religions, Islam is a religion of death that contains the seeds of its own destruction in things like cousin marriage and extreme tribalism for example. The only reason that Islam is successful in terms of numbers of adherents and geographical spread is the use of, and approval of, violence. Violence in Christianity and Judaism has been a secondary thing, a side issue, something done reluctantly, in the distant sometimes Biblical past or as an abberation, that is not the case with Islam. Violence is at the core of it and appeared at its conception.

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