The crazy world of Islamic Fatwa’s

How Islam Sees Women (picture courtesy of Bare Naked Islam)

Every religion has rules that appear weird to outsiders or may not appear to fit in the secular world. For example: Avoiding all work on a Saturday or a Sunday as applies in the cases of observant Jews and Christians respectively, to those for whom shopping at the weekend is their ‘religion’, will appear odd and strange, but as long as those obeying those rules do not frighten the horses, a civilised society should just let people be, to believe and practice what they want. Unfortunately Islam DOES frighten the horses, and the gays, and the free thinkers, and the Christians, and the Jews, and most especially, the women.

The online News magazine India Today carries a report on the fatwas (religious legal judgements) issued by a University in Cairo, Egypt during the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood supported President Mohammed Morsi. They read like a manual of misogyny and do, as the India Today piece states, show up Islamists attitudes to women.

Some of the Fatwa are:

Fancy a banana, if you are a woman then you can’t have one. The Mullahs have said that eating bananas or other phallic looking fruit would ‘lead women down the wrong path.’

Marry off your ten-year-old daughters before they commit ‘sin’.

Those girls who manage to obtain an education and are not married off must be prevented from travelling more than 25km from their homes.

A couple must not make love, naked.

And the big one.

Want to swim in the ocean, the Mullahs decreed that the sea is ‘male’ therefore a married woman swimming in the sea is – adultery for which the penalty is death.

Read the India Today piece that this post is based on via the link below:

The above is just a small snipped of the crazy world of Islam. Unfortunately, for many British people, and especially those many British people of Islamic heritage who want to escape from the Islamic World of Mentalness, these nutcases are not half a world away, they are very close indeed. It would be naïve to think that such backwards attitudes to women and society in general was not being taught in at least some of Britain’s Madrassas and Mosques.

That’s Islam for you, never mind the scholarship, just feel the misogyny.


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  1. Logic does not work on sick minds. Why don’t governments expel the worst of them.

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