From Elsewhere: Hilarious, a full on caps-lock death threat Islamo-loon.

My name is Sabreena Sadaf and I am completely f**king mental.

The website Your Daily Muslim, does a fine job of documenting all those crazy Islamic characters that we wouldn’t want to meet in an dark alleyway at night.

This latest one from them is a cracker, and shows someone, unsurprisingly someone with an obsession with 911 conspiracy theories and ‘illuminati; bullshit, growing increasing unhinged in her attempt to blame the whole world’s problems on the eating of bacon.

I’m gobsmacked over this one, it’s the first time I’ve come across illiterate Islamic ravings that blame something other than ‘the Jews’ for the worlds problems, this idiot blames bacon instead, which I suppose could be viewed as some sort of improvement.

This one, and the Your Daily Muslim’s comments about the loon are well worth reading.

Your Daily Muslim said:

Muslims are notorious for having thin skin, and Sabreena Sadaf is no exception. Upon seeing counterjihad pages on Facebook, she immediately began raging harder than Michelle Obama after Barack took a selfie with the Danish PM. There have been some pretty obscene foamers on this site before, but Ms. Sadaf (who was unable to be married off due to her unsightly appearance) definitely takes the cake. We’re talking caps lock, death threats, Allahu Akbars, basically everything that makes Islamic rage the endless source of comedy we all know and love.


So according to Sadaf, eating bacon causes children to be born out of wedlock. Now, many Muslims have absurd theories, like how camel urine can be used as medicine or howadditional loads of semen increase an unborn child’s intelligence, but Sadaf’s has to be among the craziest. How she reached her conclusion remains a mystery to those of us without severe mental disorders. Of course, like most angry Muslims, Sadaf was nowhere near finished with her foaming spree. She continued, this time less comprehensibly and with even more references to pigs and pork:


What’s funny is that the page didn’t show any pictures of anyone’s mother. However, that didn’t stop Sadaf’s incoherent blithering. She was probably so angry she went through multiple keyboards trying to “type” (read: slam her fingers onto the keys) out her message. As for her calling other women “piggy” – she’s the one with the double chin.”

Read the rest and laugh some more here:


Oh and here’s a present for Ms Sadaf which would perfectly match with her pork fetish, a beer mug constructed out of bacon rashers.

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  1. Dear Lord, the two competing ideas of how human beings have come about, the first being made in God’s image, if He was Toyota he’d have a recall of some of them, the other evolution, six million years of continuous improvement. She manages to destroy both concepts, but at least has given me a good laugh.

  2. Fahrenheit211 | December 18, 2013 at 10:16 pm |

    Bunny, this woman is undoubtably what could be classed as a ‘civilisation fail’.

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