From Elsewhere: Here’s some good news. Prematurely exploding Bearded Savages

Normally the news from the Islamic world is all oppression, violence and misogyny.  However today I bring you some good news from the Islamic world, namely prematurely exploding Bearded Savages.

Front Page Magazine is carrying the story that 15 Islamic terrorists have prematurely exploded before they could carry out their suicide bombing attacks.

FPM said:

Beware the IEDs of March. Maybe the moonshine is flowing a little more freely now that spring is here, but Muslim terrorists are practicing poor workplace safety skills and scoring a record number of own goals.

The death toll for March is up to 15 Muslim terrorists dead and 10 wounded (not counting their own family members) in unintentional suicide bombings. (Though some of them were planning to eventually suicide bomb.)

Three Al Qaeda operatives accidentally blew themselves up while outfitting a car with explosives. A member of a Sinai based jihadist movement who led a deadly attack in Israel in 2011 died last week when a car accident he was involved in exploded a bomb that he was carrying.”

Read the rest at:

Lets have more violent savages exploding harmlessly please. Every prematurely and  hopefully harmelessly exploding Savage is one less suicide bomber to murder and maim innocent people.



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  1. I’ve only one question, which is probably OT:

    Why do you generalize by claiming that all Muslims behave in the deplorable way of a few Muslims?

    This is consistent in most of your posts throughout your website.

    Such a generalization is untrue. The former leader of the EDL allied with a Muslim because of BNP radicals who radicalized EDL rallies into small groups of gangs with violent racist action againt both the UAF and almost all Muslims.

    And I’m afraid your own rantings will only attract similar radicals who believe what you believe.

    Again, I will state not all Muslims are the same.

    A good example is that Banglashi-American Muslim kid who saved a group of Jewish American kids from being beat up by a bunch of anti-Semitic cretins.

    Your generalizations about Muslims is this close to being Islamophobia.

    I had to read your website’s About page to reassure myself that you mean best but the overgeneralization will only attract the crazies.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 24, 2014 at 6:59 am |

      Dear Steve,

      Firstly to avoid any confusion of mistake I’d just like to say for the record that I AM an ‘Islamophobe’. I’ve been brought to this position reluctantly and after much searching of the conscience after being presented with incontravertable evidence that although indiviudal Muslims may be good peoole, they are good in spite of Islam and not becasue of it. Islam the ideology is like Nazism and like that accursed ideology within it there are those who are in it for a multitude of reasons some because of fear, some because they are unable to think outside of the ideology and some who are true believers.

      It is difficult not to make generalisations when many of the followers of Islam have in the UK either done horific things, or agreed with such things or who have turned a blind eye to such things. Apart from the 7/7 bombings in London and the constant threats of violence from various Islmaic groups and the calls for Shariah Law and the Islmaic groups corrupting our local and national democracy we have had to contend with a wave of rapes and tortures of girls and young women the like of which we have not seen for many a year. All of these wrongs have to a greater or a lesser extent their roots in Islamic ideology or Islamic culture.

      If you have read as much of my writings as you say you have then you will also know that I do not see individual Muslims as ‘untermenschen’ but instead as victims of Islam. For example a woman who has suffered FGM is not a victim of ‘racism’ or ‘capitalism’ or ‘imperialism’ but is so often a victim of Islam.

      All groups of people have crazies and extremists but the Islamic world seems to be producing many of the most murderous ones. How many people have been murdered by counterjihadists in Britain, answer none. How many murdeed by those professing Islam, many.

      I want those born into Muslim backgrounds and families to live their lives in peace and to live their lives to their full potential, which is why I delight in seeing and encountering those who have left this disgusting ideology behind.

      One example of a good humane Muslim doesn’t undo all the damage done by the extremists, liars, rapists, murderers and corrupters that the Muslim community in Britain has produced.

      No other confessional group has behaved in the consistently appalling manner that British Muslims have done and any dislike they have attracted they have brought upon themselves.

      I will conclude this comment with a message for Britain’s Muslim community. Leave Islam and join civlilsation.

      Your statement that the UAF were victims of violence is also a little off. During demonstrations it is consistently the UAFwho kick off, the UAF who worship ‘revolutionary violence’.

  2. English...not many of us left. | October 20, 2014 at 2:59 pm |

    Fahrenheit 211…………
    100% agree with EVERY word you wrote.
    Islam…… the enemy within, and breeding like
    maggots in a skip.

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