Speak Your Mind About Islam Day – 6th June 2014

The beachhead of Islam has been landed upon, it’s up to all of us to continue to speak against it.


Last year this blog, along with others, tried to encourage people to speak out about Islam and to speak about it on the anniversary of the start of Europe’s liberation from Nazi dictatorship. It is time to do so again.

In the year since last 06/06 I’ve noticed many more people speaking out against the ideology of Islam, more people prepared to say ‘I don’t hate Muslims, but I am opposed to Islam’. Modern communications have allowed anybody in any part of the world to hear the phrase ‘religion of peace’ and immediately be able to find something that gives the lie to that laughable phrase.

Do not be intimidated by the use of the word ‘religion’ in the context of Islam because Islam has more in common with authoritarian ideologies than a religion. The cultures it creates are often violent, corrupt and oppressive. We can see the difference between the ‘word’ and the ‘deed’ when it comes to Islam and Islamic culture.

No longer are the lies about the ideology of Islam put out by entities such as The Guardian newspaper or the BBC being so readily believed. The situation in places like Tower Hamlets, Rotherham, Bradford, Birmingham and elsewhere has now got so bad that it can no longer be easily hidden. The epidemic of Islamic Grooming Gang cases that are now reaching the courts, the corruption of Tower Hamlets and the transfer of traditional Labour votes to UKIP in Rotherham are evidence that more of Britain’s Islam problem is being noticed by a wider audience. Britain is seeing Islam up close and personal and they do not seem to be liking what they see.

Alongside this growing antipathy to the ideology of Islam is a realisation that although Islam is bad, many Muslims are not. It is increasingly obvious that there are those opposed to Islam who believe, as I do, that Islam by its nature must have victims and often the first victims of Islam are other Muslims, especially the female ones.

We must continue to speak out against Islam and what it does to individuals, to societies, to cultures and to nations. We must attack in word and by vote, the ideology of Islam itself, but we must also hold out a life belt or a rope to those Muslims who wish to leave Islam. The urge to worship the divine is part of the make up of many humans but it would be preferable if people followed spiritual paths that do not make such a fetish of violence as Islam does. There are a multitude of religious and spiritual paths that a person can follow but it is only Islam that in the modern world causes so much violence, so much corruption and so much oppression. We have a moral duty to help to rescue those ex Muslims who wish to get away from the ideology of Islam.

The right for a person to freely practise their religion is an important one that was achieved after much pain and sacrifice, but a line should be drawn and it is high time that we stopped seeing Islam as being equal to other faiths but instead to see it for what it is, which is a violent threat to them.

Speak out about Islam, not just on 06/06, but every day because if you do not then eventually you will find that Islam will silence you. Because we can all see the appalling cultures that Islam creates around the world, we should not be frightened of being called ‘racist’ for criticising Islam, we should instead be proud because by criticising Islam we are undertaking a humanitarian act. We stand up for freedom whenever we criticise the ideology of Islam. The slaves of Islam should be free, they deserve to be free, and by speaking out you may encourage those slaves to claim their right of freedom.

Islam is not a peaceful ideology and we must continue to point that out to all that will listen, just as the more wise of previous generations spoke out against the oppression of both Communism and Fascism.  We cannot have peace with honour by appeasing Islam and neither can we have freedom from fear by following that path.