The intolerable situation in Tower Hamlets

No need for the question mark now as he really and truly is as bent as a fork.
A 'Lutfur Rahman - Bent?' t-shirt is available from the Fahrenheit211 gift shop at

A ‘Lutfur Rahman – Bent?’ t-shirt is available from the Fahrenheit211 gift shop at


(Update:  Here’s one of the Bearded Savages who support Rahman telling the world that Muslims will kick off in a ‘civil war’ if Rahman’s ‘result’ isn’t upheld. See

Nobody who takes the slightest interest in politics, but who gets their news from sources other then the BBC, could have failed to be aware of the appalling political and electoral situation in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The behaviour of those who support the ‘elected’ mayor Lutfur Rahman has been nothing short of that which would make Robert Mugabe feel ashamed. All sorts of allegations have come out of the process of election and the process of counting the votes in Tower Hamlets. There have allegedly been threats and hints that if Lutfur Rahman is not confirmed as mayor, then there is the likelihood of Islamic violence starting up. There has been allegations of intimidation at polling stations, sample ballot papers marked with Rahman’s name and symbol given to Bengalis who can’t speak English to show them the right way to vote. There have been alleged incidents of unauthorised marks being put on ballot papers at the count, very poor security and even exclusion of mainstream media from where the votes are being tallied. For background on many of these stories please go to the Brietbart and Daily Telegraph websites. These outlets have done what the BBC has failed to do and have reported the goings on in the Rotten Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Some of what is being said to be happening there should make every Briton, no matter what their skin colour, religion, gender or sexuality, bloody angry indeed. Tower Hamlets is not so corrupted by Islamist politics that it has been said that even the Metropolitan Police are failing to intervene.

This has been a disaster of an election. The agencies that should have ensured that the violent politics of Islamism could not triumph have failed dismally. Neither the Electoral Commission nor the Metropolitan Police have done nearly enough of the right things to ensure a fair vote and a fair count. I cannot help but wonder whether those in charge of the police and the Electoral Commission are so much in thrall to politically correctness that they have lost the ability, when it comes to Tower Hamlets to call a ‘spade a spade’ or in this case a bunch of corrupt Bearded Savages by their proper name.

This election must not be allowed to stand, it must be re run but re run with proper security, widespread public scrutiny and if necessary with the British Military providing the security that the police have so patently failed to ensure. Tower Hamlets is Islamic politics at its very worst and this cancer must be killed before it spreads. What Tower Hamlets needs at the moment is not another term for a mayor who is beloved by Islamo-fascists but a strong dose of disinfectant of political and electoral honesty.

The corruption of Tower Hamlets should not be seen as only being a problem for those who live there because such corruption could easily be coming to a town where you are. We should be shocked and scandalised that Islamic fascists and their allies now control the borough in which is Cable Street, where in the 1930’s Jew and Gentile, man and woman, democrat and socialist fought together to force Mosley’s fascists off of the streets. That this area is now controlled by fascists of the Islamic kind should make as angry. If you are not angry at such things then you are either dead or probably getting most of your news from the BBC.

Lutfur Rahman and his boroughs brand of bent communal Islamic politics that he benefits from, is not something that this country should tolerate any more.