Jewish? Living in Newham? Then you’d better get some body armour.

The location of the London Borough of Newham. A bad place that is getting worse.

There are some things that I hear or read that make my blood boil. Such things make me despair for the future of Britain and grieve for what it has become.

Such an item is this interview published on the site of YadByYad, a group that was set up to monitor incidents of online anti-Semitism. Although this interview isn’t primarily about online abuse, it deals with some of the extreme difficulties that face British Jews in geographical areas where the ideology of Islam has in effect taken over.

Now although I’m familiar with much of the London Borough of Newham, having lived and worked there in the past, and knowing that the area had gone downhill from various contacts that I have there, this interview shows just how bad things have become. Newham was once an area with a significant Jewish presence, there were Jewish cemeteries, and four synagogues. Now, as the hostile Islamic presence has grown and its grip on the local Labour party and other local agencies such as the police has increased, nearly all Jews have left.

For those that remain, life is not good. As you will hear on the interview, this particular Jew needs to wear a stab-proof vest when he goes out, he has been threatened with death, he has had his property attacked and he has reported numerous incidents of attack and harassment to the police, who not surprisingly have failed to act. It seems the police in Newham have ‘gone native’ as regards anti-Semitism, just as they have apparently ‘gone native’ regarding electoral malfeasance in the neighbouring London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Here’s the interview (approx 30 mins in total )with Yisrael Shalom of Newham.

The first part of the interview.

The second part of the interview.

I’m familiar with some of the locations that this interviewee mentioned, such as the Greenway (formerly just known as ‘The Sewer Bank’) and I know that this particular place is a pretty nasty one in which to get ambushed or threatened; it happened to me in a minor way many years ago. If a person was attacked there, it would be highly unlikely that there would be either people around to come to your aid, or anybody to call the police. It should not be necessary for British Jews, like this one, to have to wear stab-proof vests to leave the house because of Islamic anti-Semitism, it is an abomination that such things are happening and that such security measures need to be taken.

The interviewer also alleges appalling levels of outright jihadism and Islamic bullying going on in Newham College, and further he alleges that those like him who complained about such bullying and of anti-Semitic activity, were targeted for harassment by the college authorities. It sounds to me as if the college authorities are trying to deal with the irritant Jew rather than deal with the real problem, which is violent Islamic fundamentalism being allowed to grow in power and influence.

Anti-Semitism is the disease that will not die but post-World War II, it was a disease primarily confined to the ultra-nationalist far right, in the UK at least. What has happened to this interviewee from Newham shows that Jew-hatred is now a Left/Islamic phenomenon. Too often Labour local administrations pay lip-service to protecting British Jews, whilst doing nothing to protect them from what is now, patently obviously, often Islamic attackers.

One of the most powerful parts of this interview for me was when he challenged ‘Brave’ Sir Robin Wales, the elected Mayor of Newham, at a public meeting where Sir Robin was present. Now for those who do not know, Sir Robin is a multiculti operator par excellence. Not a month seemed to go by without a picture of Sir Robin, posing with a suitable multiculti group of children or adults, appearing in the local council Pravda, called the Newham Magazine. However, when the interviewee mentioned anti-Semitism in Newham, Sir Robin said ‘Don’t bother me with that’. Sir Robin is a man who makes sure that he milks any and all publicity over the Holocaust Memorial Day, but when real live Jews like this one complain about Islamic Jew hatred happening in his fiefdom, then Sir Robin appears not to want to know.

There is no way would I wish to walk up East Ham High Street North, from the Town Hall in East Ham, to Manor Park Station, a distance of a mile or so, wearing a Kippah. To do so would get me killed, or at the very least injured, not by the sort of Mosleyite thugs of the past (who were effectively seen off by the 43 Group who operated between 1946 and 1950), but by the imported Islamic hate-mongers of the present. Forty years ago it would have been possible to walk this route in relative safety but not now. Now the ‘Last Jews of Newham’ are facing the same Islamic hatred that the ‘Last Jews of Bagdhad’ and the ‘Last Jews of Tunisia’ faced and in some cases are still facing. Newham is being cleansed of Jews and the Leftists who are aligned with the ideology of Islam are gaining political benefit from the actions of Islamic thugs who are doing the cleansing. This should never have been allowed to happen.

Sir Robin Wales should not rest on his laurels and congratulate himself on just ‘not being Lutfur Rahman’, which I admit is at least something to be proud of, he should also deal with the appalling levels of Islamic anti-Semitism that appears to be rife in his borough. The terrible treatment of this man by Islamic thugs should not be seen only as a Jewish issue. This is because those meting out the abuse to the interviewee for being Jewish will not stop at harassing Jews Don’t forget Jihad is aimed at Christians, Sikhs and Hindus and any other non-Muslims as well, or failing that, the wrong sort of Muslim. Tomorrow, if it belongs to the Islamists, as it seems to do in Newham now, then the target will most definitely be YOU.

You don’t have to be Jewish to be hated by Islamists and Jihadists, but in my experience it definitely helps. The Jewish community and, more importantly, progressive Jewish groups and organisations should no longer play nicely with Islamic organisations and congratulate themselves on a job well done when they get fed bullshit by Islamists and their supporters at interfaith meetings or delude themselves that they are walking a path of peace with Islamic organisations. I know enough of my Bible to understand why Progressive Jews especially are sitting down with drek like the East London Mosque; I can pick up my Bible and read in it the theological justifications for walking a ‘derech haShalom’ or path of peace with others, even where there are religious and theological differences. However, peace can only be made with those who are genuinely and honestly interested in peace. Being genuinely and honestly interested in peaceful co-existence with others is not what we are seeing, neither from groups like the East London Mosque, nor from the sort of Islamic thugs who have been allowed free rein in Newham. Such people should not be pandered to or appeased, nor should we negotiate or work with them.

The Torah tells us that we should love the stranger because we were once strangers in the land of Egypt, and the stranger may have experienced some of what has happened to Jews throughout history, such as exile, oppression and hatred. To oppress the stranger is to be lacking some human empathy and therefore is a action that is to be avoided. The Torah is correct on being fair to those who are different, and that is no less than anybody should expect, should they find themselves strangers in a new job, city or country. However, adherence to this commandment should not mean that we put away our critical faculties and ignore the fact that Islam hates Jews, hates Christians, hates Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists and often murderously hates other more heterodox Muslims. Commandments such as ‘do not oppress the stranger’ should not lead us all to commit suicide. Whilst we must not oppress the stranger, we must be wary of the stranger who carries a great big stick and at the moment the more violent followers of the ideology of Islam appear to be being allowed by appeasement-minded Authorities, to carry and use a big stick.

The tuchus (arse) is no place for a person’s own head, and it is time for many more British Jews to wake up, remove heads from arses, and begin to appreciate that there is a serious threat out there, which is only starting with Jews, and this threat needs to be fought by all peaceful means necessary. Sometimes, there comes a moment when it is realised that the price of not fighting something is worse than the cost of fighting and sadly I believe that the time has come to fight. To fight doesn’t have to mean running round the streets with a flaming torch or picking on a member of the random ‘other’ group to attack, and also it doesn’t even have to mean resorting to violence. But it does mean that we should have a bit of honesty about what the threats are and where they come from. It also means that people must make political representatives aware of the seriousness of the threat that is today faced by Jews, but will be faced by others tomorrow.

It will not be easy for many people to be honest and recognise that there is a serious threat out there and such honesty will be decidedly uncomfortable for those whose spiritual path has been, up to now, made up of a bit too much Marx and not enough Moses. The time has come to acknowledge that Jews must build links with all those non-Jews and atheists who are people of good intent, and who are also at risk of attack from Islam. It is time for a grand coalition of all who are opposed to the sort of hatred that has been allowed to grow unchecked in Newham.

To build this coalition of the concerned, we must all make links between those diverse individuals who share the same worries about Islamism as you may do yourself. People must also take part in the democratic process remembering that electoral apathy is a weapon that only benefits tyrants. Most of all we must all start to see not the differences between people in matters of religion or race or origin, but instead to understand that no matter who we are, we are all similar because we are all at risk to some extent from Islam and Islamism.

The British house, which Jews and Christians have shared, sometimes with mistrust for each other, and sometimes with mutual respect, for 350 years, will burn unless we take steps to prevent Islam lighting any more matches than it has done already. To mix a metaphor, it is time for Jews, Christians and those from other faiths and none, to ‘sing from the same hymn-sheet’ when it comes to countering threats that are aimed at both the Jewish people and the Christian and secular peoples and just about everyone else.




6 Comments on "Jewish? Living in Newham? Then you’d better get some body armour."

  1. Stephen Gash | June 6, 2014 at 10:05 am |

    In 2009 when I tried to get Jews in London to relay their anti-Semitic experiences at the hands of Muslims, at a demonstration I organised, I was keelhauled by the Community Security Trust and local Jewish councillors demanded Jews stay away. Jews need to tackle their own leaders because they are patently useless.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 6, 2014 at 10:18 am |

      Stephen you are correct. There are many Jewish leaders who are useless. I can understand the impetus to keep the head down and not rock the boat, sometimes it really is dangerous to stick ones head above the parapet, but the time really has come to speak out about anti-Semitism and recognise that although there is some coming from the old style Neo-Nazis, there is a growing amount of Jew hatred coming from the followers of the ideology of Islam.

  2. How about getting rid of leaders, this could be a good start, especially amongst the Islamic lot, see what happens then.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 6, 2014 at 4:10 pm |

      Too often in organisations, and not only Jewish ones, there is a culture of ‘like hiring like’ so if the previous manager of AN Other organisation was a liberal lefty then they will appoint another liberal lefty. Look at how the BBC has a very narrow hiring range, especially when it comes to the political slant of those hired.

      Personally I think that if the leaders or the culture of an organisation cannot be changed then new organisations and new structures for action need to be created. For example I trust this new YadByYad group much more with monitioring and countering anti-Semitism than I trust the Community Security Trust, who are normally the ‘go to’ group for such things. The reason I think that way is I believe that the CST has morally compromised itself by making links to groups like Tell Mama which are politically troubling. Links between organisations matter. They matter because if a good organisation is aligned with a bad one then it taints the reputation of the good organisation and gives cover and respectability to the bad one. I vehemently disagree with CST having a close association with the Tell Mama organisation. Because Tell Mama have a terrible reputation for misrepresentation of hate crime data the link between CST and Tell Mama makes me trust and respect CST less. CST might THINK sincerely that they are doing the right thing in having this link, but to me it just looks like the wrong thing. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the work put in by the ordinary security volunteers, sadly in Britain they are needed, but the management is a different kettle of fish.

      New organisations and honest discussions are needed to counter the new/old Jew hate that is based on Islam.

  3. Yisroel Shalom | July 23, 2014 at 9:24 pm |

    I am that Jew, sadly, I am now forced to make Aliyah in order to survive. My only hope is that I get to Israel before I am killed in Newham.

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