From Elsewhere: The ‘Gaza’ demo of 09/08/2014 – Terror supporters a-plenty

A Hezbollah flag, now openly on display in London.

This article is for the benefit of those who don’t spend their Saturday afternoons hanging round with the sort of Jihadist and Lefty scum who yet again infested the streets of Britain’s capital yesterday.

It is quite plain to see from the pictures and description by Raheem Kassam of Breitbart of the most recent ‘Gaza’ demo in London, that this is not a demo for justice or peace, but is a demonstration that contains many who support violent Jihadist groups. The Black Flag of Jihad and the Hezbollah flag was yet again flown on the streets of our capital and yet again the Metropolitan police have done sod all about it.

Mr Kassam said:

Today’s anti-Israel protests in London reportedly attracted around 150,000 according to organisers, making the rally the largest since Israel’s war against the terrorist group Hamas began over a month ago.

The Independent newspaper quotes London’s Metropolitan Police in saying that the march from the BBC’s studios on Regent Street to Hyde Park “was entirely peaceful and no arrests were made”. 

But photos obtained exclusively by Breitbart London show a dark side of the protests that mainstream media organisations refuse to report.

The march, which was attended by Members of Parliament, media commentators and more, also played host to Hezbollah supporters, people with effigies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and even activists with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s head on a stick – a particularly disturbing image considering recent calls by jihadists for Cameron to be “beheaded”. 

A mock Israeli flag is paraded around next to an effigy of Prime Minister David Cameron. There are red hand prints plastered across it. Placards being waved are those of the ‘Socialist Worker Party’ – a hard line, Marxist organisation. Another reads ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ – the name of a group whose logo is the entire State of Israel plus the Palestinian territories draped in a Palestinian flag; a fact that has led to criticism of the group for effectively calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Read the rest of this story and see the worrying photographs taken at the London pro-Hamas demo here:

This is yet more evidence of the sort of violent Islamic political carcinoma that naïve British politicians have allowed to grow in this country. We should never have let this happen. We now have violent savages and their idiotic supporters flying the flags of those who would quite happily have British people killed.