Some good news about the Lib Dems in Rochester and Strood.

“Hello, I’m canvassing for the Liberal Democrats”   How long will the Liberal Democrats, Britain’s political Zombies survive?

There’s been some good news from polling in the Rochester and Strood by-election for those of us who despise the congenitally treacherous and foolish Liberal Democrats, and that good news is that they are polling at about 2% according to one news report. The Lib Dems have transformed themselves from a major party, into something akin to a Political Zombie.

The Kent Online news source is quoting a Survation poll taken for the Mail On Sunday showing that the Lib Dems look all but finished in this consituency. In this constituency at least, the Lib Dems look like they are going to be fighting to save their deposit in this seat. The Lib Dems cannot be seen serious party when they are now polling at levels we expect to see the likes of the ‘Bus Pass Elvis Party’ or the ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’ polling at. In fact the voters would probably get a better political deal out of voting for the ‘joke’ parties rather than the Lib Dems who have become an even bigger joke. Riddled with sex scandals, wedded to the idea of Britain surrendering to the European Union and cursed with a shifty leader not worthy of the position, the Lib Dems are a walking political corpse. It would be a mercy to them for the voters of the UK to put them out of their misery come May 2015.

Here’s Kent Online with an overview of the political situation in Rochester and Strood.

The first major opinion poll carried out in Rochester and Strood since Mark Reckless announced he was joining UKIP has given him a nine-point lead over the Conservatives.

Mr Reckless announced last week that he was becoming the second Tory MP in a matter of weeks to switch to Nigel Farage’s party.

He said at the time he was taking a gamble and would not necessarily win the subsequent by-election.

But a poll carried out by Survation on behalf of the Mail on Sunday gave him 40% of the vote, ahead of the Conservatives (31%), Labour (25%) Lib Dem (2%) and other (2%).

Mr Reckless won Rochester and Strood in 2010 with 9,953 votes to spare; however no UKIP candidate stood in that election.

The poll findings come as both parties began their campaigns in earnest, flooding the constituency with activists to drum up support.”

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If the Lib Dems are polling at 2% in a Home Counties seat that they should theoretically be doing better at, then this bodes very ill for the Lib Dems come the General Election. The Lib Dems, because of the greater media attention given to them due to them being in Coalition have been exposed as trying to be all things to all men. Although this policy works well when a party is primarily a protest vote party or where they are strong in local government and can be Left in one place and Right in another, it doesn’t work when they are a party of Government. They have been shown to be liars, frauds, sex pests, vacillators and fundamentally opposed to the idea of Britain governing itself as an independent nation.

To paraphrase Monty Python, the Lib Dems are an ex-party, bereft of life whose time in Government exposed them as being mendacious and treacherous and it is to be hoped that the voters of 2015 send them to join the choir invisible. The Lib Dems have proved that having ‘beautiful plumage’ is no substitute for sensible policies that chime with voters.