Video – Pat Condell gets it right about the pointlessness of the ‘two state solution’

Ah! Islam, what a lovely tolerant and inclusive religion – not


The atheist commentator Pat Condell is well known for cutting through the crap when it comes to the ideology of Islam, and in this video he has really excelled himself. Those of us who have been observing the Arab/Israeli conflict for a while know that the root cause of the problems is not the actions of Israel, but the pathological Jew-hatred that is embedded in Arab culture and promoted and sustained by the ideology of Islam.

Let’s face reality, it’s not a solution to an ongoing conflict that the Arabs want, it’s another ‘final solution’ for the Jews that is desired by the Arabs. As Mr Condell said the Arabs have broken every peace treaty and squandered every opportunity for genuine peace. There is nothing the average Israeli would want than to live in peace with their neighbours, but how can you live in peace with neighbours like the Arabs. Arabs don’t went lasting peace, the just want to kill Jews. In my opinion it is high time that the civilised world treated the Islamic world as the backward savages that they so often prove themselves to be. If you don’t believe me then just think on this fact, since the 11th of September 2001 there have been 24,152 deadly terror attacks carried out by Muslims. In the week of October 11th to October 17th the followers of Islam have clocked up an ghoulishly impressive 830 dead bodies. Religion of Peace, don’t make me laugh.