Good News! Another Portsmouth based ‘British’ Jihadi dead.

Kobani, where the latest ‘British’ Jihadi savage has been killed.

The most appropriate way to begin this piece is by saying ‘goodbye and good riddance’.

It appears that Manunur Roshid, 24 of Portsmouth has been killed whilst fighting on the side of Jihadist fascists in Syria.

Britain’s house organ of the Islam appeasing middle class Left, The Guardian has gone into full ‘shock horror’ mode at the latest death of a Jihadi savage.


The Guardian said:

“A third British jihadist from Portsmouth has been reported killed fighting in Syria, according to religious authorities in the city.

Manunur Roshid, 24, was known to be part of six men from Portsmouth who went to Syria in 2013 and reports of his death follows that of Ifthekar Jaman, 23, last December and Muhammad Hamidur Rahman, 25.

Experts in tracking the movements of foreign fighters in war-torn Syria said Roshid may have been killed in the battle of Kobani, where Isis (Islamic State) is currently fighting Kurds backed with US air strikes for control of the town which borders Turkey.

The chair of Portmouth’s Jami mosque, Abdul Jalil, told the Portsmouth News that Muslims residents were shocked to hear of another young man’s death and that there were also been reports that a fourth man from the city had been hospitalised in Syria.”

With any luck this hospitalised savage will also die and never return to Britain to trouble us again.

Of course as is usual in these cases you get the Taqiyya crew from the local Mosque out in force to express how shocked they are.  I can’t see why they are shocked myself, after all going on Jihad and killing non-Muslims or those they believe are the ‘wrong sort of Muslim’ has been a feature of Islam for well over a thousand years.

The Guardian added:

” “We are very worried. They are on the front line,’ Jalil said. “It is a very big shock for their parents and we are working with the community to make sure that [something like this] does not happen again.”

“We are working with the police, the crime prevention team and the council to warn people, our youngsters especially, telling them not to go to Syria and also to get parents to watch their children,” he added.

The newspaper has reported that Roshid was killed on Friday and that his family learned of the death on Sunday.”

What’s the betting that the mosque chair is being economical with the truth on this? As for the family, well they really should have done a lot more to divert their offspring from Jihad, that is if they were not party to or approving of what their son was up to.  Why is it when these Jihadi savages are killed, injured or captured fighting in the way of Jihad they always say that they are ‘shocked’ or ‘didn’t know what was going on?  It is almost as if there is a pre-prepared script that they use on these occasions?

The Guardian also shed some light on how this Jihadi savage died and it looks as if he died in Kobani whilst fighting for the Islamic fascists of ISIS.

The Guardian continued:

“Shiraz Maher, a senior researcher at King’s College’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalism, said: “It is probable that Roshid died in the battle for Kobani as another of his Portsmouth counterparts, Muhammad Mehdi Hasan, is known to be fighting there, although we haven’t been able to independently verify this yet.”

Maher says the centre has so far confirmed the deaths of 25 jihadists who have travelled from Britain to partake in the Syrian civil war.

“The Portsmouth cluster of fighters is perhaps one of the best known. In total six men went to join Islamic State last year. Now three are dead,one returned to the UK and is in jail, and two remain fighting in Syria.”

Although in general I consider most life to be sacred, it is as difficult to feel sorry for jihadist scum like Roshid as it is to feel sorry for the SS concentration camp guards executed after World War II .  People like Roshid have forfeited their right to have any civilised person feel sorry for them.

Good riddance to very bad rubbish.



Original story from the The Guardian

4 Comments on "Good News! Another Portsmouth based ‘British’ Jihadi dead."

  1. considering all the readily available information regarding political and religeuos groups these days, anyone joining isis is aware of their murdorous beheadings, raping and beheading of children.
    The uk will be a safer place for the loss of this misguided fool.
    I’ll give credit to the daily mail for reporting how isis tteat their neatest and dearest. a brutal stoning to death of a poor woman begging for mercy.
    whatever nationality I’m absolutely delighted to hear of the passing of each ofthese devils.
    I’ll drink to that

  2. English...not many of us left. | October 25, 2014 at 6:13 pm |

    We should be using EVERY weapon in our arsenals
    to terminate these vermin.
    ERW’s,napalm,cluster munitions,WP,mines,chemical……
    anything and everything to hasten a speedy and,
    hopefully, painful demise.
    It’s what they want, isn’t it?
    They should be thanking us.

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 26, 2014 at 6:38 am |

      It is a pity that we don’t have someone like Sir Arthur Harris about today. He would know what to do with those ISIS savages that have turned Iraq and Syria into places of horror. Instead we have cowards like Cameron, Islam-fellators like Miliband and untrustworthy Wormtongues like Clegg calling the shots.

  3. English...not many of us left. | October 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm |

    Cameron, Miliband and Clegg……….
    and STILL people vote for them.
    That they do so, scares the pooh out of me.
    No cure for stupid.

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