If the government wants open public rebellion against multiculturalism and against Islam, then they are going the right way about it.


There is a famous poem by Rudyard Kipling called ‘The Norman and the Saxon‘. In this piece a Norman lord, one of the invaders who arrived in Britain in 1066, is on his death bed and is advising his son on how to treat the Britons. The Norman lord advised his son to treat the Saxon Britons fairly. The dying Baron then told his son to watch out when the Saxons grumbled about equity and fairness. The Norman Baron warns that not treating the Saxons fairly, invites violent and justifiable revolt. The second and third stanzas of this poem read as follows:

“The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.

“You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

As it was regarding the relationship with the Norman and the Saxon back then, so it is with the relationship between on one side the indigenous people of Britain and the settled and loyal migrants and on the other side the government and the government’s Islamic pets. Part of the problem with the relationship between these two sides is the perceived lack of fair dealing, as the poem describes it, on the part of the current HM Government.

We have reached the appalling position where open and honest debate about the ideology of Islam is almost impossible to have in the United Kingdom at the moment. Public criticism of Islam, and there’s a lot to criticise in Islam, at a meeting for example, or in a newspaper or on mainstream broadcasters is difficult. It’s difficult, not just because broadcasters such as the BBC are inherently biased towards the Left, but also because of a combination of the violent Left, who don’t want such criticism aired, and the government, often egged on by dubious ‘Islamophobia‘ groups, who wield the big stick of ‘hate crime’ law.

Britain is currently seeing a rash of excessive sentences being handed down by the courts for people who have either ‘offended’ Muslims with their words, or who have carried out relatively minor assaults on Muslims. We are also seeing considerably long prison sentences handed out to people who have protested against Muslims by using bacon. Just in the last year we’ve seen the imprisonment for twelve weeks of the patriot writer Tim Burton for insulting the Islamic grievance monger Fiyaz Mughal, a man from Sussex jailed for two years for using Facebook to slag off Muslims and calling for a ‘bomb a mosque day’ and two Polish migrants who got 8 months for throwing bacon at a mosque. Maybe these disproportionate sentences could be justified if ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’ laws were applied equally, but they are not.

Islamic hate preachers can promote the murder of Christians, Jews and homosexuals with virtual impunity and rarely, if ever, face the sanction of imprisonment for the violent incitement of their equally violently inclined followers. Muslims can spit at British babies in the street and get non-custodial sentences, the genocide supporters of Hamas can march freely in our streets and there is the ongoing problem of Islamic Rape jihad which has seen tens of thousands of Islamic rapes of British women and children brushed under the carpet by police and politicians.

Although many Britons, including myself, are quite prepared to accept that there are many Muslim individuals who represent zero problems to the rest of us, the same can’t be said about the ideology of Islam itself, or for that matter that significant minority of Muslims who choose Islam over the good of the nation. Many of us are also can’t help but notice that there is a double standard being applied by the police, the courts and the politicians when it comes to Islam.

We are now in the situation in Britain where Muslims who engage in disagreeable speech about other religious or cultural groups walk from court with non-custodial sentences, or never even reach court at all. However on the other side we are now routinely seeing some quite harsh custodial sentences handed down to non-Muslims who offend Muslims or who express vehement dislike of Islam.

Now we have another appalling case of double standards in the legal system where a man who hit a Muslim teenager with a slab of bacon is sentenced to six months imprisonment. Now whilst I concur that hitting someone with anything or even hitting someone per se, constitutes assault, I very much doubt that such a sentence would be handed down in other cases, one where there were no Muslims involved. Just think about what you see in the crime pages of your local newspapers. There are often cases where street altercations ending up with, say minor bruising, often are disposed of by way of fines, probation, community service or even, if it is at the upper end of the offence scale, a suspended sentence. However, when the victim is a Muslim an immediate custodial sentence can be expected for the offender, even when a comparable offence where a Muslim is not involved, may only attract at worst a suspended sentence.

Here’s the latest bacon attack case in which our courts and politicians are showing extreme partiality towards Islam and Muslims despite this incident occurring shortly after Islamic terrorists murdered 8 people in the London Bridge attack. The report comes from the Associated Press agency via the Breitbart website. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text:

Associated Press said:

A British man has been jailed after hitting a Muslim teen with a slab of bacon after hurling insults at her and her mother.

Alex Chivers was sentenced at a London court on Thursday to six months in jail for assault and a public order offense. The 36-year-old admitted to religiously or racially-aggravated assault.

So, let’s unpack the description of the case and the description of the assault and see what it all boils down to shall we? We have a very basic public order offence, some transient verbal abuse, with a little bit of common assault thrown in. No lasting damage appears to have been done physically to the victim by being hit with a slab of bacon and the other aspect, the verbal aspect, doesn’t seem to me to pass the threshold of ‘gratuitous degradation of the victim’, which according to the Sentencing Council would be a aggravating factor with regards to sentencing. Having read numerous court reports and undertaken professional court reporting myself in both Magistrates and Crown courts, I would have guessed that if this was a conflict between two non-Muslims then the sentence would probably have ranged from a fine to a suspended sentence. It’s only the fact that a Muslim was insulted and hit by bacon that has elicited this grossly disproportionate sentence. It’s this sort of double standard that is rapidly turning law-abiding and law respecting Britons into a people who are starting to boil with anger.

Police said Friday that he approached two Muslims on June 8 in north London and made abusive Islamophobic comments before striking the teen with bacon.

We see numerous incidents of people being randomly insulted because of their mode of dress or because of the sub-group that they belong to. We only need to look at the insults that some Goths get as they walk along the street or the conflict between opposing football fans on match days to see the truth of that. In many of these cases the police take no action or if the cases do come to court they are dealt with by non-custodial means, unless there is an aggravating factor such as a weapon being used or available. The guiding factor in why Mr Chivers was jailed for such an excessive amount of time was because the victim was Muslim and our courts and our politicians are biased towards the followers of Islam. As a member of a religious minority myself I wonder what the response would be if I reported to the police someone throwing a cheeseburger at me (something forbidden in Judaism) or cussing me out for being Jewish? I very much doubt that any of Britain’s police forces would take me seriously and I would be extremely unlikely to get justice if the assailant had in addition, been Muslim. There have been cases where police officers have refused to deal with anti-Semitic crime but who would probably rush out immediately if it was a case of a Muslim feeling ‘offended’ on their patch. There is a double standard and it’s not good for the idea of justice and may even end up being a threat to peace.

Detective James Payne said other people were present during the attack including someone who filmed the incident. Payne called the assault “truly shocking.”

If Detective Payne considers being ambushed with bacon ‘truly shocking’ then all I can say is that he’s probably not handled enough murder cases or not met enough victims of Islamic Rape Gangs.

It came five days after Islamic extremists attacked people on London Bridge and at Borough Market.

Islamic extremists who, it must be said, appeared to be at best ignored and at worst tolerated and encouraged by the British Muslim community.

British police have reported a rise in hate crimes.

Correction. British police have reported an increase in hate crime reports, few of these allegations have been before the courts and many of them may even be fake. It should not be forgotten that following the Brexit referendum there were many reports that were frivolous in the extreme including people complaining about Nigel Farage.

The excessive sentences handed down to those who insult or attack Muslims and the lenient sentences given to Muslims for similar or worse offences is winding Britons up. When I talk to people online and in real life about this double standard in how Muslims and non-Muslims are dealt with by Government, I hear from my interlocutors a tone of anger, a boiling, righteous anger.

The dichotomy in how Muslims who preach violent hatred against non-Muslims or foment actual violence are treated and the non-Muslims who merely express vehement dislike of Islam are treated, is becoming more and more noticed. The Government is responding to the rise of public dislike of Islam, often for good and sound reasons and the expression of this dislike, by instructing the courts to impose draconian sentences on non-Muslims. These excessive and oppressive sentences, for that is what they are, are being dished out to any non-Muslim who either speaks out against Islam or who engages in relatively minor assaults on Muslims. These sentences appear to be primarily handed out in order to frighten Britons into keeping silent about Islam, even if it’s the followers of Islam who are rapidly turning their areas into ‘shariah shitholes’.

HM Government may be thinking that as Islamic terror and crime rises and as the burden placed on our society by Islam also increases, then cracking down on dissidents may be the best way of controlling a violent reaction to Islam and towards individual Muslims. Unfortunately they may well be wrong and this sort of policy may make things worse, much worse. This sort of heavy-handedness on non-Muslim Britons and the kid gloves treatment of Muslims is only going to increase tensions and increase anger.

Shutting up people who say unpleasant things about Islam by gaoling them whilst having an open door to Islamic hate preachers is causing widespread anger and increased distrust of government and the police. British people are being denied their God-given right to freedom of conscience and freedom of opinion when it comes to Islam and this policy is not going to end well.

As a policy, it’s the equivalent of putting a pressure cooker on the stove, sealing the lid and then glueing down the safety valve. If you did this foolish action eventually,without the means for excessive pressure to escape, the pressure cooker would explode. If you were lucky, then the lid will merely fly off and damage the ceiling. But, if you are unlucky, then the exploding pressure cooker could send shards of metal around the kitchen doing great damage and possibly killing the idiotic cook.

Similarly, when the government imprisons people for saying nasty stuff about Islam, whilst allowing Muslims to spout incendiary bollocks about Christians, Jews and Gays, it also ramps up the pressure, but this time the pressure is political and social. You end up with a situation where the populace boils and boils and there’s no way for the pressure to safely escape. You also create a situation where people feel that they will have their legitimate grievances about the impact of Islam ignored by the Government. None of this sort of thing is good for a society that used to consider itself functioning and free.

I fear for the future and for peace, I really do. With every unjust gaoling of people who say unpleasant things about Islam or Muslims, the pressure ratchets up a notch. With every excessive punishment for assaults on Muslims that would be dealt with by non-custodial sentences had the victim not been a Muslim, the pressure moves up a bit more.

Eventually, just like the pressure cooker with the disabled safety valve, things will blow and when it does it will not be pleasant. As a parent and as a human the very last thing I wish to see is violent conflict, but sadly violent conflict in the UK is looking more and more likely. Could there be any other outcome when non-Muslim Britons see their daughters raped and assaulted by Islamic Rape Gangs, or Islamic terrorists committing mass murder, yet it is Britons who are jailed for speaking truth about Islam? Also ramping up the tension is a populace that sees nothing practical and effective being done to bring to heel the Islamic communities that produce rapists and terrorists, with all the efficiency of one of Henry Ford’s production lines?

The more draconian the actions that the government take against critics of Islam, or those who engage in relatively minor actions against Muslims, the more the anger will rise. HM Government does not realise that they are not just bent towards Islam and its followers, but equally importantly they are being seen to be bent and this attitude is starting to disgust more and more people. This is ramping up the pressure on a people that are often suffering from the adverse effects of Islamic theology and culture but who now see that the Government is not prepared either to help and defend them or even listen to their pleas.

This latest case of unjust sentencing may not make Muslims safe or reduce ‘Islamophobia’ or whatever multiculti guff phrase the Government may use, but it certainly encourages more people to get angry at being betrayed by our leaders who now blatantly and obviously favour Muslims over the rest of us.

Like the Norman Baron telling his son to be fair in his dealings with the Saxon, I appeal to the Government to recognise that the path that they are on is unlikely to end in a peaceful manner. It’s going to cause more anger from non- Muslims, more hatred of Islam, which in my opinion is justified, and more hatred of individual Muslims, which I believe is unjustified.

When I talk to people online or in pubs or in other social environments I see and hear people starting to become divided into two tribes. I find there are those who believe all the dishonest statements put out by the likes of the BBC about Islam and then there are those who have a more realistic view of Islam and it’s this second group that is growing in number.

We are now at the stage where there appears to be an awful lot of ‘Saxons’ who are starting to grumble, ever more loudly and publicly, about ‘fair dealing’ and this is a bad sign. If it all blows up in the government’s faces, and that’s quite possible if an appropriate spark comes along, then they will only have themselves and their Islamopandering to blame. We could end up with both the government and their Islamic ‘pets’ facing an angry abandoned people being ‘on them like hornets’.

No reasonable person, myself included, wants that sort of civil disorder, a sort that will inevitably end up with widespread deaths of innocents. However the only way that I can see that this sort of conflict can be avoided, would be for the government to unequivocally act in the interests of the majority of Britons who do not profess the Islamic faith and deal, harshly if necessary with the UK’s by now obvious Islam problems.

If the majority of people see the government defending them and listening to them, then tensions will start to reduce, which should be what everyone wants. But if the government carry on with their policy of Islamopandering and in doing all that they can to shut people up, then tensions will increase and may even break out into open inter-communal violence. Such a conflict will make the Ulster Troubles look relatively minor in comparison.

The policies with regards to Islam currently being espoused and carried out by HM Government are not good and will not have good long term effects. Such policies of pandering to Islam will inevitably create a cadre of non-Muslim British people who feel abandoned, betrayed and sidelined by their government. These abandoned people may end up feeling that they have nothing left to lose and may erupt in violence.

It doesn’t take a genius intellect to realise that creating large numbers of people who feel that they have no stake in society, who have nothing to lose by hitting back, because they will be treated like shit whether they peacefully object to Islam or not, is in no way a good idea. Angry people who believe they have nothing left to lose are extremely dangerous to ordered societies and governments create such people at their peril·

The government has a choice at this moment. They can recognise the problems caused by Islam and the negative effect is having on Britain’s non- Muslim population or they can carrying on pandering to Muslims and to Islam. If they choose the first option, then there is a chance of what Douglas Murray once called in a radio interview, a ‘soft landing’ with regards to Islam and widespread conflict can be avoided. If on the other hand the Government continues on its present path, then I dread to think what the future holds for the nation and its people. If the government wished to foment rebellion against both the increasingly creaky and flaky ideology of multiculturalism and against the threatening death cult of Islam, then their present policies are going the right way about that.

I pray that there can be a political or even a legitimate policing and military solution to the problems caused by Islam in British society and that open conflict can be avoided. But, as time goes by and both the depredations wrought on our nation by Islam and the anger about such problems grow, I fear that my prayers may well go unanswered..