Now that’s why Pakistan is a S***hole volume 35

Anybody who observes Pakistan cannot fail to see that it is a top line, first class example of an Islamic shithole. Pakistan, a nation carved out of the sub-continent of India in order to be a home for South Asia’s Muslims, has not lived up to the hope expressed in 1947 that it would be a secular state. Over the years it has rapidly transmogrified itself into an aggressive, backward hell-hole whose only ‘export’ seems to be rapist taxi drivers, which they send too many of to Britain’s towns and cities.

Pakistan has taken a similar path to ‘uncivilisation’ as other Islamic nations but with Pakistan the disaster is made more stark by comparing it with its neighbour India, which gained independence from the United Kingdom at the same time. India is a democracy, with a healthy education sector and a growing economy. Freed from the shackles of Nehru-ish socialism India is blossoming. Pakistan on the other hand, is nothing but a shithole and it is one that is becoming worse for Pakistan’s religious minorities.

At the time of independence the area that eventually became Pakistan contained a significant number of both non-Muslim minorities and non-Sunni Muslims. Today the situation is very much different. At partition in 1947, religious minorities made up 23% of Pakistan’s population, now that figure is down to 3%. Since independence members of religious minorities have been murdered, expelled or forced to convert to Islam and the oppression is still going on. In a recent incident a Muslim mob attacked a Christian and attempted to set him alight.

The Pakistan Christian Post said:

“Radical Islamists riding a motorbike stopped a Christian youth and after confirming that he is Christian started beating him and then threw kerosene oil on him and burnt him in broad day light in Lahore which is capital city of Punjab.

This sad incident of attempt to burn a Christian youth alive happened on April 10, 2015, in same city where twin suicide bombing killed 20 Christian worshippers and injured more than 80 in attack on two churches on March 15, 2015.”

Later the Pakistan Christian Post gave more detail of the attack on Nouman Masih, the Christian tailors assistant and said:

““I was going to overlock the shirts when two people stopped me, while Muslims were going to their mosques and asked me whether I was from which religion. I told them that I am Christian. They started beating me when I tried running the both boys started following me through the street and then they threw Kerosene oil on me and burnt me. I kept on running when a heap of Sand came on my way, I lied down on the sand whereas few people from the community named Patras and Sadiq Masih turned off fire by putting sand on me. I became unconscious and they called 1122 Emergency medical helpline and called an ambulance”. I don’t know them but I had an Intuition that somebody will try to kill me and I told this to my family as well as to my Master Tailor but everybody just kept on saying that nothing will happen to me. “

Nouman has had horrific injuries from this attack and it is said that over 55% of his body has been burned and all for being a Christian.

What we see happening in Pakistan is Islamic ‘tolerance’ in action. Whenever some idiot says that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ point them to this story and show them the true face of Islam.

The more I read of Pakistan the more sorry I feel for India. Imagine what it is like having a shithole like Pakistan as a neighbour?


Pakistan Christian Post story on burning of Christian man

Very interesting report from the Hudson Institute on the dire situation facing religious minorities such as Christians, Sikhs, Hindus etc in Pakistan.