With the taxpayer paying for weekends away for Islamic Hitler-worshippers and their mates, this country should officially be considered as ‘Mad’.

The British taxpayer has paid for a bunch of ‘dodgies’ to have a weekend way in this place.


The excellent blog that covers the murky world of East London politics and especially the Islamic politics that infests the place, Trial By Jeory, has come up with a story that shows just how much Islamists and Islamic theocratic fascists have managed to infiltrate not only the elected establishment of the council, but also the Department of Communities and Local Government and voluntary agencies.

This story revolves around a so-called interfaith team building weekend that was funded by the DCLG and where the grant was administered by the Church of England’s Urban Fund. Unfortunately this event was not as ‘interfaith’ as it could have been and no Jews seem to have been invited which I suppose is not surprising bearing in mind that one of the participants is former Tower Hamlets First councillor Ahad Miah. Ahad Miah appears to be a bit of a Hitler-worshipper and during one of Israel’s defensive wars against the Bearded Savages of Hamas posted the following image on his Facebook page.

Now that Miah has been caught out being a Jew hating Hitler-worshipper he is trying to backtrack and using the ‘I didn’t post this someone else must have done it’ lie, yeah right. Others involved in this jolly to Suffolk have denied that it is was paid for by the taxpayer but this is turning out to be another dishonest denial.

Trial By Jeory, after publishing photographs showing the group having a lovely time at our expense, said:

“The weekend away in Suffolk, however, has been funded entirely by the taxpayer…through a fund set up by the man Mahbub and his Tower Hamlets First colleagues love to hate: Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

They were given a grant of £2,000 for their weekend break from the £5million Near Neighbours Fund which was set up by the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2011. The intention was to promote inter-faith dialogue in key areas throughout the UK. East London was of course one such area.

The Near Neighbours grants are administered by the Church Urban Fund, which is a charity arm of the Church of England. Community groups are requested to submit applications and explain the parameters of their proposed projects and explain what how the money will be well used.

There are many in Tower Hamlets who are well-practised of course in sniffing out grants and saying the right things to secure them. Unfortunately, there are also too many who fail to do their due diligence when checking these applications out.

For some time now, the Salvation Army in Stepney – run by Nick Coke – has been working with a group of Bengali Muslim men called Stepney Fathers, which is run by Ishaque Uddin, and the Stifford Centre, a Bengali dominated community centre in Stepney. Nick and Ishaque are both active members of Citizens UK, an umbrella group of community organisations including the IFE.

Stepney Fathers, the Stifford Centre bosses and the Sally Army guys have had lots of meetings together, they play badminton and they socialise generally. These meetings work for them and are no doubt useful to the narrow numbers involved.

So it was perhaps a natural step for a group of friends to suggest a weekend away together; even better if someone else could pay for it.”

Although this story relates to the sort of Islamic political corruption that we’ve come to sadly expect from Tower Hamlets it also mentions the local Salvation Army leaders and their involvement with Citizens UK, a troublesome leftist ‘community umbrella group’ whose senior staff have often run political cover for the extremist East London Mosque when ELM has been caught out being extremist. This blog, Fahrenheit211 has written before about the problems concerning Citizens UK and the idiotic Christians and Jews who naively support it.







Corrupt politicians, electoral fraud, grant sniffing, dodgy finances, vote buying with targeted grants to Islamic organisations and streets that are becoming increasingly unsafe for non-Muslims, women and LGBT people are just some of the things that are wrong with Tower Hamlets and its Islamist local government. If anybody wanted an object lesson on what happens when the followers of Islam get involved in politics then Tower Hamlets would be that lesson.

It’s well worth reading the whole of Ted Jeory’s article, which can be found via the link below in order to inform yourself just how bad things are in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.



Original story from Ted Jeory


From the same site, mealy mouthed and dishonest denials from some of those involved in the ‘jolly’ of the posting of pro-Hitler images.