Labour agree to gender segregated meeting, only if it’s held of course, for the benefit of Muslims.

Labour Rotherham bus skit

As an observer of the horrific and sad process of the Labour Party transmogrifying itself from the workers party to the Islam party, I thought that they could not get any lower than Ed Miliband’s promise to make criticism of Islam illegal. However, I was wrong, the Labour party has gone lower than a snakes belly with their latest wheeze of Labour activists agreeing to address gender segregated Islamic audiences at a hustings.

Labour, in its publicity and in the image it tries to promote of itself makes much of their drive for ‘equality’, and a lot of the legislation that they brought whilst in government was ostensibly aimed at equality between those of different races, genders and sexualities. However when it comes to chasing the votes of a group of people who are the most viciously misogynistic in the country, Labour’s claims of being the party of gender equality is chucked straight out of the window.

Guido Fawkes is reporting that Tom Watson MP, Liam Byrne MP and Mr Jack Dromey MP as well as Siôn Simon MEP  appeared in front of a gender segregated Islamic audience in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, despite the party hipocritically making great play for women’s votes with their ‘pink bus’ and promises of more taxpayer largesse for ‘services’. These senior Labour figures seemed to care nothing about the appalling misogyny that exists in Islamic societies and Islamic communities and in fact appear to be perfectly OK with it provided that those being misogynistic are likely to vote Labour. There is little excuse for this meeting and even less excuse for senior Labour figures to attend it. Although Islam is not the only religion to practise gender segregation at religious services, Orthodox Judaism comes to mind here, such segregation is not the norm outside of the synagogue itself or outside of an environment that is being used for a religious service. This example of Islamic gender segregation goes way beyond what should be acceptable in a civilised society, this meeting is not a religious service or similar, it is a hustings and therefore is not an event that should be subject to gender segregation.

Labour seems to make a great amount of noise about gender equality but when it comes down to it they are more than happy to take the votes of extreme misogynists from the Islamic community. If Labour are happy to pander to the demands of Islamic community leaders over something as obviously wrong as a gender segregated hustings we must ask ourselves the question: ‘what other demands from Muslims and their leaders will Labour say ‘yes’ to?’

This country cannot afford another Labour government, we cannot afford it economically, we cannot afford the negative effects of their social and educational policies and we definitely cannot afford Labour’s policy of saying ‘Yes’ to what ever demands are made by members of an ideology that is daily showing itself to be unfit for inclusion in a free and civilised society.

It really has come down to this:

Vote Labour get Islamic misogyny,

Vote Labour get mass rapes of British children

Vote Labour get a jihadi as a neighbour

Vote Labour get terror

Vote Labour get oodles of Islamic corruption.

Vote Labour and get national destruction

With such dubious prospects for a Labour future for Britain, no wonder this discredited and dishonourable party makes so much noise about how much they support the NHS, after all it’s about all they have left. They’ve trashed just about every other value and principle that the party used to stand for, in their grubby quest for the votes and the on street support of backwards savages who see women as fourth class citizens.


Original story on the Guido Fawkes website

5 Comments on "Labour agree to gender segregated meeting, only if it’s held of course, for the benefit of Muslims."

  1. AndrewWS | May 3, 2015 at 7:49 pm |

    To be fair, this was according to their hosts’ rules, so there wasn’t a lot they could have done about it.

    But I agree with you entirely about the horrific consequences of a Miliband victory.

    • They didn’t have to attend. They could have made a loud noise saying how unacceptable it was – just as Labour politicians did (quite rightly) about segregation in the old South Africa.
      It’s depressing how many on the left are prepared to throw all their historic principles, and their non-Muslim constituents, under the bus when it comes to Islam.

      • To be fair, Labour could have refused to adhere to those terms, this is a western democratic country. What happened to ‘abide by the rules and customs of the country you live in?’ This is a British General Election not a religious General Election, and therefore should be carried out in a British way, not the ways that are dictated to by the minority. Makes me wonder if all the other stories about segregated classrooms are true!

        • Fahrenheit211 | May 6, 2015 at 5:48 pm |

          If this event was gender segregated because it was a religious service then there could be some expectation of it being ‘their gaff their rules’. However this was not a religious service it is a public hustings meeting and because of that the party should not have consented to this gender segregated meeting. If anything this incident has done Labour a lot of damage as we’ve all now seen that the party appears more than willing to say ‘yes’ to the demands that Muslims make, even unreasonable ones like this one.

      • Fahrenheit211 | May 6, 2015 at 5:49 pm |

        Agree the slurpy-tongued brown nosing of Muslims by the Left is something that they should be deeply ashamed of. I used to be ‘of the Left’ and I’m appalled at what the Left has become.

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