Happy Birthday America

It’s the Fourth of July tomorrow (at least in this time-zone), the date that commemorates the start of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence. It was the time that the Americans decided that they would no longer be ‘subjects’ of a distant and capricious King, but would be citizens of their own nation, governing themselves. A free people in a free land, a comment which was also made about the Land of Israel when it was reborn.

I’m not an American, I’m a Briton and I’m proud to be, I embrace my Limey-ness wholeheartedly, I love my country, but that doesn’t stop me admiring many aspects of American life, American values, American culture and the American political and legal system. This particular blog for example would not exist in its current form if the First Amendment to the American Constitution did not exist. Europe would be under the thumb of the heirs of Herr Hitler had not Americans (among others I might add) spent copious amounts of the blood of their young men to defeat Nazis and given the world numerous inventions. However, I would prefer it if you presaged re-broadcasts of PBS in the UK with the trigger warning ‘here be a Leftist view of history’.

I don’t like everything about the United States of America, just as I don’t support every action of Britain or every action of Israel or every action of modern Germany To have an uncritical attitude to our American brothers would be both dishonest and foolish. However, there is much to admire about America.

One day I’ll visit the United States, and the first place I’ll visit in Washington DC, is the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, it’s such an important document with so much influence, not just on America but many other places and people as well. However if I visit the White House, I promise, most faithfully, that, unlike Rear Admiral George Cockburn, I will leave all matches, lighters and any incendiary materials at home 🙂

Happy Birthday America, even though you do spell ‘Colour’ and ‘Programme’ wrongly.

Liberty is a wonderful thing, use it, appreciate it, but whatever you do, don’t lose it. There are many people who hate Liberty and who would remove it if they could. Listen to those who have had their Liberty removed and appreciate what you’ve got, and fight for it.