From Elsewhere: A gay man who is not part of the baying Left crowd.

This piece is really worth reading. It’s from a blog called Mattaspie and it sums up the difference between the ‘baying LGBT mob’, ( who sadly end up contributing to far too many policy forums, and have an undue and unwarranted influence on government policy towards LGBT people) and decent individuals who just happen to have a hard-wired preference for their own gender. It’s written by a gay man who sees the LGBT Left as not representing either him or his views.

I distance myself from the baying LGBT Mob, who insist on giving the rest of us gays a bad name by targeting certain people, like Printers and Bakeries knowing full well that these places have said somewhere that they have some kind of religious beliefs. This is totally unacceptable behaviour.

I don’t follow the gay crowd, and have often be referenced to as the ‘Gay Black Sheep’ as I walk in a different direction to the majority of all the other gays. However I have since found that I am not the only one here, so I cant be doing anything wrong.

Lets take some hot topics that I have found myself involved with on social media recently.

The Gay Cake Story, with the Irish Bakery

I fully support any private business that isn’t publicly funded or publicly owned to make its own decisions on who it wants as its customers or clients and to choose for example if it wants to make a certain type of cake, as for suing them for being made out to be ‘less of  man’ well that is just pathetic. Just accept some people don’t agree with us, what we are or what we do. Turn around and find somewhere else to get your cake made. It is really that simple.

Gay Pride banning UK Independence Party:

I don’t stick with a particular party, I will vote for whoever will do something I want or something I think will do good.

By getting peoples backs up by this sort of behaviour we are not going to get their support. Which brings me on to London Gay Pride, how dare they ban The UK Independence Party, are they afraid of different opinions? Afraid that some may or may not agree with Gay Marriage or with migrants with HIV coming here. What’s the problem here?

The Mob continually say they we gays shouldn’t be bullied, I agree, but with that, they gays shouldn’t bully others for simply saying what they feel or believe, or for not wanting to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing. We have free speech, which should be whatever anyone wants to say.

If I offend someone that is theirproblem not mine, just block me and go away, don’t speak to me again, don’t keep harassing me on social media or getting others to do it as that just makes you a bully and an attention seeker, something which gays are constantly going on about happening to them. It seems bullying is not okay unless the gay activists are doing it. How hypercritical.”

Excellent! Well said. You can read the rest of this piece via the link below:

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  1. Vincent Bate | July 3, 2015 at 8:46 am |

    Well said that man! Another individuals’ sexual preference is of no real interest to me or most others provided it’s between consenting adults. I become less favourably disposed towards groups who triumphantly and aggressively force themselves into every facet of life an insist they’re treated better than the rest of us. Being homosexual isn’t clever, it’s who you are. I’m not, stop trying to make me pleased for you or applaud you for the way you were born.

  2. English...not many of us left. | July 3, 2015 at 10:11 am |

    Well said, Vincent.

  3. Hi thanks a lot for featuring my blog piece and thank for the positive comments, I am getting slaughtered on Twitter by the lefty PC Brigade and LGBT Activists for writing it and daring not to follow the LGBT Crowd.

    Feel free to follow me @mattaspie



    • Fahrenheit211 | July 5, 2015 at 6:14 am |

      No problem. Excellent article. Have given you a follow on Twitter. I know what you mean about the Leftist monothought clique, I’ve run into them before. I’ve always thought that equality/freedom when applied to sexuality also means that LGBT people should have the freedom to hold different views on politics and social issues, just as non-LGBT people should be able to.

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