Stop Hate UK. A classic example of a fake charity.

The logo of the Stop Hate UK organisation.


There used to be an excellent website called ‘Fake Charities’ which sadly appears to be no more which coined the term ‘Fake Charity’ to describe those organisations that, If I recall correctly, got more than 10% of its funding from the taxpayer. Today I lay before you the details, and accounts, of a charity that well deserves to be referred to as a ‘fake charity’. It was brought to my attention by the person known only as ‘Nonjob’ who appears to have had an encounter with them.

The organisation that concerns us today is called ‘Stop Hate UK’. It was formed in 1995 as ‘The Leeds Racial Harassment Project’ and used staff seconded from Leeds City Council. It didn’t start out as an independent organisation and looks to be very much a creation of the local authority. It went nominally ‘independent’ in April 2000 and in 2007 changed its name to Stop Hate UK. It also expanded its area of interest away from being a Leeds centred organisation and got involved in stuff outside the area of their formation.

The organisation runs various helplines and works in partnership with other organisations and sells its services to those who wish to buy them. It also acts as a ‘third party reporting entity’ for those who wish to report crime that the alleged victim considers as ‘racist’ but who do not want to contact the police. Now where have we heard that that one before? Oh yes in connection with the mendacious grievance mongering Taqiyya artists of Tell Mama. However, just because something calls itself a charity doesn’t mean that it raises all of most of its money from those individuals who are moved to contribute to it because they agree with their aims.

The accounts of Stop Hate UK are a eye-opener that’s for sure. If this was an organisation that had a broad level of support among the public then you would expect to see the majority of its income deriving from voluntary contributions or sales of merchandise. However, as you will see later this is definitely not the case with Stop Hate UK.

I support a small local charity in my area that provides horse riding facilities for the disabled, and it raises all of its money from public subscription, and it shows. Those who manage the charity spend the majority of their time putting on community fundraisers such as jumble sales, quiz nights etc. They have no paid workers, no fancy website, it just gets on and does what it needs to do. The contrast between the local charity I’ve just described and Stop hate UK could not be more different. Stop Hate UK gets a tiny proportion of it’s money from voluntary donations,(based on their 2013/2014 accounts) and the majority of their money comes from grants either from the taxpayer or other grantmaking organisations. Most of their money appeared to come from the Ministry of Justice, Leeds City Council and the Lloyds TSB Foundation. I’d say that Stop Hate UK really does meet the standard to be described as a ‘fake charity’.

The accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014 show that the Stop Hate UK organisation raised a measly £1,934 from voluntary donations and a whopping £255,637 from grants and contracts the ‘charity’ had engaged in. It is plain to see that this is not a broad-based organisation with lots of local, regional or national support similar to what charities like Macmillan have, but that Stop Hate UK’s support is very shallow and relies almost totally on public money being funnelled to them by other diversity obsessives in government departments, local government and other grant making organisations. A quick search of the website of Stop Hate UK didn’t show up the accounts but the Charity Commission was most helpful in finding out who funds this organisation.

If you want to peruse this ‘charity’s’ financial statement then you can do so via following this link.

In case this document ‘disappears’ from the Charity Commission site please click on the link below where a pdf of this ‘charity’s’ accounts will be stored on this blog’s server.

Stop Hate UK accts

I wouldn’t really give a toss about this organisation if it was raising the majority of its funds from the general public, what charitable causes individuals choose to support is their own concern (unless they are funding jihad via Islamic charities of course), but they are not raising their money this way, they are coercing it from the public via taxation, and that deserves to be pointed out and criticised.

Although this group may do some good for some people it is right to ask whether or not it could raise its money elsewhere. For example: It runs a helpline supporting LGBT people who are being harassed because of their sexuality. Does the public need to be funding this or should it not be being funded by the many rich Gay business people who are running their businesses in or from the UK? It’s the ideal opportunity for a business person who runs gay bars to polish their image and appear as a community benefactor.

If they can’t raise the majority of their money from sponsorship or public subscription we do have to ask the question is this a real and useful organisation or is it just some form of ‘make work’ for members of the Middle Class Left?


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