Why does this man deserve to be treated worse than a killer paedophile?

UPDATE: According to Twitter sources Mr Robinson has been released from Peterborough prison today.  More details at @TRobinsonNewEra

Some may say that I’ve ‘come late to the party’ over this story, as others have put their oar in first, but I have my own reasons for the delay in commenting on the matter of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson being recalled to prison. Mostly the reason for the delay is that there were all sorts of rumours flying round about why he had been recalled, including that Mr Robinson had breached his licence conditions by travelling overseas.

I didn’t want to make a comment concentrating on any particular aspect of the case without some further, firmer information than what I was hearing and reading. Now, however is the time to comment, because there are aspects of this case which are extremely troubling. There are features of this case and how it is being handled that have wider implications.

Mr Robinson has been held in prison, or been notified for recall, for alleged breach of licence since at least the 14th July. Even though he has been imprisoned, the prison authorities are allegedly refusing to tell Mr Robinson what he has been recalled for. This seems very strange as, according to the website of the Offenders Families Rights helpline, the prisoner is supposed to be informed exactly why they are being recalled. He can be recalled on what is termed ‘standard recall, or for a ‘fixed term recall’ which is for a period of 28 days. It is not known at this stage what type of recall Mr Robinson is subject to. However, what is troubling is that the authorities have manipulated Mr Robinson, who was originally convicted and imprisoned for mortgage fraud by acting as a ‘fixer’ introducing people to a dodgy mortgage broker, into a a position where he needs to pay back money to the State, but the State is not giving him the facility to be free and unimprisoned and pay the money ordered. It seems that whatever the merits or not of the original case, the State is working very hard to keep Mr Robinson in prison.

Here is what the person who is currently administering Mr Robinson’s Facebook page has said most recently:

I’ve just spoken to Tommy and he has asked me to let you know what’s going on. He still hasn’t been told why he has been recalled, despite asking several times. HMRC had given Tommy an extension on his time to pay off the monies due until October. He was told whilst in Prison that the Judge had said he must pay the monies on the original date otherwise he will get 2 ½ years. Tommy says it is all a stitch up, as per usual, as being in Prison means he would have been unable to pay the monies owed on the 17th.

He is well and has been in a fight which is why he is now on the block.”

It cannot be usual for someone in his position with a conviction for a fraud offence to have such onerous conditions placed upon them or there not to be any flexibility in paying back monies. Even violent chavs brought before the courts for drunken fighting in the streets can get time to pay their fines. OK asset siezure and being banned from being a company director are conditions that can be placed on an offender but surely not, as in Mr Robinson’s case, preventing a man from voicing his political views, or forbidding him about talking about allegations of police corruption? You can understand a sentencing condition that is relevant to the case, such as banning a person from being a company director, but not this sort of thing. Neither is it usual to fail to tell a prisoner why they are being recalled or for a payment extension given by HMRC to be apparently disregarded. The conditions placed upon Mr Robinson are almost as odd as a Magisrate or Judge putting a non-violent,non-sexual offending shoplifter on the sex offenders register

This case stinks of corruption, of malevolence on the part of the authorities and of a state that would desperately like Mr Robinson, and all that he stands for, to go away. He’s the scratch in the rose coloured spectacles that too many public servants wear when dealing with Islam and multiculturalism.

Even if you don’t like Mr Robinson or agree with his antipathy to extremist Islam, or anything else about him, you should, if you are reasonable and open-minded that is, be concerned about how his case has been handled by the state, and how he personally has been treated. There is so much that is not right about this case. 

To be recalled to prison and to not be given a reason for the recall is an unreasonable abuse of Mr Robinson’s rights. If he has done something wrong for which he needs to be punished then he should be told what he is being punished for. For example you would not punish a child for breaking a rule unless you told them what rule had been broken and why it was important that it shouldn’t have been broken. It just seems so odd and strange that a reason for the recall has not been given. At the very least it is morally just to tell someone why they are in trouble?

Mr Robinson’s original sentence of 18 months is around the middle of the tarrif for this offence on the CPS website, yet it seems that he is being treated as if he was a much more serious offender by the Home Office. The onerous licence conditions, the removal of his right to speak on certain subjects, that are not, according to what I can find out, matters where something like ‘sub-judice’ would apply, would seem astounding to those not familiar with this case. It seems over the top. It is especially worrying for Mr Robinson to be silence by threat of imprisonment like this, because it is likely that Mr Robinson may wish to speak about the many threats of violence that have been made by Muslims against him, and his family and where no action has been taken by Bedfordshire and other police forces. One recent threat was from a Muslim who threatened to behead Mr Robinson in front of his children. It’s an appalling situation to be threatened, have one’s family threatened and yet know that the police can no longer be relied on to be honest, impartial enforcers of the law and keepers of the peace. When police forces sell their souls to political and especially Islamist interests, as appears to have happened in Bedfordshire, justice suffers for all, and not just those like Mr Robinson who have spoken up.  

Things are bad for Mr Robinson and many of the problems have been made worse by police inaction when Mr Robinson has been threatened.  According to one report I’ve seen, Mr Robinson cannot even exercise his right to vote because his appearance on the Electoral Register would alert all manner of Islamic jihadist psychopaths as to his location and the life of him, and his family would be in grave danger.  How could Mr Robinson rely on the police to protect him based on previous lack of action by them? Effectively he’s been bullied by Muslims and Leftists and the police into surrendering his right to vote, I don’t know about you but I’m really disgusted about that. 

It’s interesting to compare how Mr Robinson is being treated with how Robert Oliver the paedophile killer has been treated. Oliver was released after 9 years for involvement in the killing of Jason Swift who disappeared in the early 1980’s. Oliver was released from prison in 1997 and he authorities have gone overboard in resettling him and putting him back in the community. Thousands upon thousands of pounds have been spent ‘rehabilitating’ Oliver, preparing him for a life outside and housing him upon release. Compared to how Mr Robinson is being treated, Oliver appears to have won the legal system lottery. When our legal system treats those like Mr Robinson, convicted of a non-violent, non-sexual property crime, much, much worse than a killer paedophile then surely it is an indication that the justice system has become unjust?

It does indeed look as if Mr Robinson is being stitched up or manipulated into a position where he stays in prison for considerably longer than the original sentence handed down by the judge in 2014. Although the actions being taken by the state may just about be legal, that doesn’t mean that they are just. Finally what stinks about this whole affair has been the behaviour of the parts of the legal profession that shout loudest about ‘rights’. Although presumably Mr Robinson has some legal representation, we have had an almost complete silence from those Leftist legal paragons of virtue in the human rights law community. These solicitors and barristers who see themselves as doughty fighters for justice and never seem to turn down or be too busy to represent rapists, child molesters, terrorists, traitors and others who are accused of much worse things than Tommy Robinson has been convicted of, have been noticable by their absence. There has been no high profile Mansfield or Pierce or Booth to step forward to represent or advise Mr Robinson, and it is plain to see that the legal leftists will prefer leftist legal causes.

There is much about the Tommy Robinson case that seems both odd and wrong and as I said previously even if you don’t agree with the man, there can now be little doubt that the state is targeting him in an unjust way. It seems that those in power wish to kick him until he cannot get up again, primarily because of his political views and that should frighten all of us, because if the state can treat Mr Robinson like this, then they will treat all of us non-Muslims like that.

Outside the old main doors of the Old Bailey in London are the words ‘Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish the Wrongdoer’. In Mr Robinson’s case it appears that the authorities are at fault with the wrongdoer’s being defended, and the ordinary working class bloke, the children of the poor, being punished instead. Yes, Mr Robinson has done wrong as regards the original conviction, but I doubt that the way he is being treated has anything to do with Justice. In my view Mr Robinson’s treatment is much more to do with the State being panicked about the growing number of people who are becoming openly and vociferously ‘Islamosceptic’, and the State may see removing Tommy Robinson as a way of quieting the growing unrest. Personally I think things have gone beyond the stage where taking out one or two figureheads removes the problem, because anger about the problems that extremist Islam has brought to the UK now has taken on a life of its own.

This case stinks, it truly does.


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  1. Police behave just like the communists used to when persecuting anti-communists… but Tommy is out now and hopefully we’ll find out what has been going on. If the government had listened to him & co so many groomed girls could have been saved. But they all called him a racist – such an easy option allowing all MPs and PM to do nothing! Now we have it – thousands groomed girls needing help

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 27, 2015 at 6:33 am |

      Agree there Clara. Now that Tommy is out and not subject to licence conditions he can tell his story. The police are behaving appallingly with regards their Islamopandering.

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