Now That’s why Pakistan is a s**thole volume 44 – Murdering Djinn edition.


Just when you think the news from Pakistan could not get anymore mad, along comes a story like this one in which outrageous and ignorant superstition, along with gross corruption, gets to influence the legal process. We are not talking about the sort of odd religious rules that any nation with an established religion might have, but more the equivalent of someone saying ‘a demon did this killing’.

According to the Pakistan Tribune, a four year old child disappeared and was found murdered but the police accepted the word of an ‘exorcist’ that the child had been killed by supernatural means, by Djinn or demons. How mental is that? In a civilised nation someone blaming a death on a demon would probably not be treated as anything other than evidence of the person having a mental illness of some sort. In Pakistan however some police officers are quite happy to take at face value the word of an exorcist that ‘a Djinn did it’, especially if it is in order to protect a powerful tribe in their region.

The Pakistan Tribune said:

Four-year-old Ahmad’s mutilated body was found dumped in a forest in Chilas in the first week of October. The boy had gone missing or “disappeared” when he accompanied his mother to fetch water at least two weeks earlier from Somal village.

The family did not register a case. They did not even hand the body over for a post-mortem as a Rawalpindi-based exorcist announced the boy was killed by “supernatural forces”.

The police did not question or investigate the incident. They took the spiritual healer at face value. But as the issue received much media attention, the police finally exhumed the child’s body. Specimens from the body were thereafter sent to a forensic laboratory in Lahore for an autopsy. Credible sources at the laboratory confirmed dispatching the report to G-B on October 16.

But authorities in G-B deny receiving any forensic report. “We haven’t received the report yet,” said Dr Essa Khan, the medical superintendent at a government hospital in Chilas.”

While speaking to The Express Tribune last week, G-B police chief Zafar Awan also denied receiving any reports.

It usually takes time to obtain results since such laboratories are usually very busy,” said Awan.

The denial is said to be an attempt to avoid action against the suspects who belong to a powerful tribe of Diamer.”

How can we consider somewhere like Pakistan as part of the family of nations when their police can not only be corrupt, or be subject to undue influence, but can excuse that corruption, and thwart a murder investigation, using an excuse like this one.

Pakistan is a classic example of what happens when Islam rules somewhere. The corruption, the superstition, the oppression of women and religious minorities, that we see in Pakistan is the result of being controlled by Islam and by Islamic culture.

Islam has ruined Pakistan, just as it ruins so many other places that it occupies. ‘Forward to retardation’ should be the motto of Pakistan, because as Pakistan goes forward through history, all I see is more and more religious, social, economic, legal and moral retardation.


Original story from the Pakistan Tribune