On the parliamentary ‘Palestine’ vote.

Sarah Champion MP. Ignoring Islamic rape gangs but politically fellating the Islamic terrorists of ‘Palestine’.

Last nights non-binding House of Commons vote in favour of recognising the terrorists and untrustworthy shysters that make up the Palestinian Authority as a nation was a night of shame for Parliament. In a debate full of half-truths and attempts by many MP’s, especially Labour MP’s to pander to the Islamic vote, the Commons showed that too many MP’s are ill-informed about the nature of those who claim to represent the Muslim Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza. There was little recognition of the fact that Fatah are untrustworthy and cannot be trusted to negotiate fairly nor was there general acceptance that Hamas are genocidal terrorists. About the only positive thing that can be said about this debate and its result is that it does not bind the British Government to the course of recognising ‘Palestine’.

I watched some of the debate and I was stunned at the behaviour of many of the MP’s. Some of the Conservative MP’s present didn’t appear to be informed at all about the problems that the Israeli government have had in finding someone in authority among the Arabs who they could have confidence with in negotiations. One Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen even used the known anti-Semitic slur, ‘the Jewish lobby’ in his speech to the House.

However, no matter how bad the Conservative MP’s were the Labour MP’s were far worse. Sarah Champion the MP for Rotherham took some time out from ignoring the problems with Islamic rape gangs in her area to make a passionate speech about how badly the ‘Palestinians’ were treated, and almost completely ignored the constant and long term violence meted out by Arab thugs. Mike Gapes of Ilford in East London, another MP who seems to have an eye on grabbing the votes of the increasing number of Bearded Savages who reside in his constituency, got up and gave it large for the ‘poor oppressed Palestinians’. Diane Abbot turned up for this debate and was so misinformed she made a statement that showed that she was even unaware of the history of her own constituency. The motion was even proposed by an MP who likened the flying of an Israeli flag to the flying of a Nazi flag. Nobody will be surprised that Jeremy Corbyn the London Labour MP who has never appeared to meet an Israel hater he didn’t like, turned up to this debate. Many of the MP’s set great store on one particular aspect, that over a hundred other nations have recognised ‘Palestine’ as a nation, what they failed to mention is that many of these nations are countries run by or influenced by the ideology of Islam. To use the ‘lots of nations have recognised Palestine’ line without clarifying it was dishonest and disingenuous.

Last nights debate saw Labour’s Islamopandering writ large. Labour MP after Labour got up and uttered words of sympathy and support for Arabs whose leaders have never shown the slightest genuine desire for peace with Israel.

Although in the great scheme of things this vote may not change anything, because its result does not bind the Government to any particular course of action, it has achieved one thing and one thing only. This vote has exposed just how deeply Islamopandering runs in Britain’s Labour Party. Many British voters watching this debate will be disgusted at the sight of Labour MP’s going out of their way to fish for votes among Muslims by backing the Arab thugs of ‘Palestine’. Truly, Labour have been revealed by this debate as the ‘Islam Party’ and we can only hope that they suffer for this at the next General Election. The Labour MP’s who have gone out of their way to try to talk down the problems of crime and corruption caused by the followers of the ideology of Islam were the same ones who got and spoke so passionately about granting a bunch of murderous thugs the status of a nation. Any residual respect that people may have had for the Labour party evaporated like mist on a sunny autumn morning after the performance of that party’s representatives last night. It was a night when I, as a supporter of parliamentary democracy, became ashamed of my own parliament.

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  1. Yes it’s always the Islamophiles like Tonge, & Gallowsy – a bunch of fascist ideologists who “try” to separate the Israeli from the Jew so that all Israelis are Nazi colonialists with expansionist plans of the 3rd Reich! Truth is Israel is the only country in the world that knows the Satanic scum its dealing with! Also 2.8 million Israeli Arabs haven’t yet applied to live in Gaza or any of the other neighbouring foxholes of medievalism

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 16, 2014 at 9:34 pm |

      Hi Norma and welcome to Fahrenheit211. I agree with you that Israel is on the front-line in the battle against Jihadism. However bad things are for non-Muslims in places like London or Rotherham or Stockholm or Paris, Israel faces daily a very real existential threat from Islam. I’ve also noticed the likes of Tonge, Galloway, Slaughter and Corbyn speaking hatred about Israel. You are correct it is telling that many Israeli Muslim Arabs would prefer to live in Israel and live in relative safety than live in some of the Shariah hell holes that Islam has created right next door.

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