I told you this would happen (Crewe edition)

Although the majority of the stories on this blog’s ‘I told you this would happen’ feature concern ordinary citizens taking the law into their own hands because of the authorities pandering to Islam, that doesn’t mean that there are not other imported cultures that not causing problems. Also, just as with Islam, the authorities such as the police and local authorities, are pandering to those unwanted imports who cause the problems and they pander often at the expense of the ordinary British citizen.

In Crewe, Cheshire, a dispute at a school involving violent East European young people has escalated into a very troubling situation. Local Britons who are rapidly losing faith in a police force dominated by concerns about being politically correct, engaging in vigilante patrols of the town. The East Europeans, who are most likely to be the sort of violent Roma scum that seem to ponce and cause trouble wherever they go, are being sold to the public by the mainstream media as ‘Slovakians’. The reality is that these junior thugs whom the police and the educational and political establishments in Crewe are trying to hide and protect are just violent, poncing Roma and that community is just as troublesome and just as disliked back in their home countries as they are here.

As has as happened in other places in Europe where locals have lost trust in the police to deal with the massive amount of sex crime and violent crime that is being committed by Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem, the locals of Crewe have started to fight back. According to some sources tension between hard-pressed Britons and arrogant, violent, swaggering Roma has been building for a while and exploded when British children at a local school were threatened by said Roma.

The police and the head teacher of the school concerned went out of their way to try to hide and play down the Roma problems in Crewe. The police, as they did in the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gang scandals, denied that there was any problem with minorities committing crime in general and the violent Roma in particular. The headteacher of William Stainer School added to the tension and the anger when he went so far as to threaten parents and children with expulsion from the school if they spoke about the problems and the threats to children allegedly coming from these Roma. It will certainly appear to many people that the Headteacher has got his priorities all wrong and has attempted to wield a big stick at parents and children in order to protect the ideology of multiculturalism.

Yet again we have in Crewe another situation where sadly I can say ‘I told you this would happen’. Where the authorities are engaging in blatant pandering to minorities and the pleas made by Britons to sort out the problems caused by certain minorities have been ignored. Because local people may have thought or perceived that the police and the school were not ‘on their side’ it has created a situation where locals have started vigilante patrols in order to keep their children safe.

I don’t approve of vigilante action and I see it as evidence of a failure of policing and a failure to respond to genuine concerns by local British parents. However, I really can’t blame parents for wanting to protect their children, and without doubt the police, the school and the local authority have obviously failed to do that. When the police put the ideology of multiculturalism way ahead of protecting British citizens then it is almost inevitable that some will feel that they should do protective work that Crewe police are obviously failing to do so.

If the powers that be wish to prevent this sort of vigilantism from growing then they need a rethink in how they deal with crime committed by certain minorities. Many people, myself included, have become utterly sick of the abject pandering to certain groups which is a policy that is not leading to harmony, but instead is stoking up further and more serious conflict.

Yes, I told you this sort of thing would happen, but it gives me no satisfaction to be proved right again. If these Roma, like Britain’s troublesome Muslims, had been jumped on hard when they first started to cause trouble, then much of the growing anger among British citizens and vigilante action like we are seeing in Crewe would be far less of a problem.


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