If the police are attempting to cover up violence by Slovakians, what else are they covering up? Jihad? Islamic extremism? Muslim rape gangs?

The extremely worrying news being carried by the Breitbart website that Cheshire police are attempting to cover up a epidemic of threatening behaviour by Slovakian migrants should cause people to ask one big question of the police in the town of Crewe. That question should be: ‘If the police are prepared to hide threats of violence and rape coming from Slovakians, what else are they covering up when it comes to the followers of Islam? If the police, along with much of the rest of the Establishment including the headteacher of William Stainer School are happy to play down a problem that has got progressively worse over the last few weeks, how can we trust the police and the authorities when it comes to issues of Islamic Rape Gangs or jihad or other Islam derived problems? The answer is, we can’t. If the police lie over this issue the what else are they lying about.

Breitbart said:

Residents of Crewe in northern England have accused a school and the local police force of covering up violent attacks by Slovakian pupils in the school, including children being thrown down flights of stairs and threatened with rape. The headmaster has allegedly responded by threatening any British pupils who speak out with exclusion, while the police have played down the incident, leaving the town in uproar.

Yesterday afternoon Crewe Police put out a statement on Facebook regarding an incident at William Stanier Community school in Crewe which took place yesterday. The police described the incident as “an altercation between youths involving a current pupil and two former pupils,” and explained: “A teacher intervened and in the process received a minor injury for which he did not receive hospital treatment. Police are working with the school in relation to the assault.”

The force added: “Later that evening police received a call in relation to a group of teenagers gathering in the area of Richard Street. Officers attended the scene and arrested an 18 year old male for possession of a plank of wood. It is suspected these incidents are linked.”

However, the statement was met with outrage in the comments, as local people demanded to know why the police were making light of events that they say were extremely serious.

I’m not surprised that the local people are angry at the actions of the police and the headteacher. Both the police and the school management seem to have their primary objective as keeping the locals in the dark about crime and violence which involves migrants and minorities. This should not be their primary duty, or even their secondary or tertiary duty, their priority should be protecting the wider public, in the case of the police, and educating our children in the case of the school management.

I find it appalling that the headteacher is willing to go as far as threatening exclusion to any pupil who speaks out about what looks like a deteriorating and long term problem for the school. If my child was at that school I would call the head’s bluff and speak out. The school is now so unsafe because of the head’s policies and the changed demographic that no self respecting parent should want their kids to attend such an institution.

Quite rightly local people have taken to social media to discuss this appalling situation and Breitbart has a selection of some of the comments and the anger felt by locals on their website.

I still cannot get my head round the sort of person who would wish to protect these aggressors at the expense of our own children, and such an action is so plainly morally wrong, that I can’t help but ask, what else are the police and the rest of the local Establishment trying to hide?

Sadly, this incident leads me to believe that there may well be a much larger can of worms waitign to be opened relating to migrant crime and Islam related problems in Crewe. We can only hope that Crewe isn’t going to be another Rotherham, or Rochdale or Oxford or any other of the places where the police have allowed Muslims to rape with virtual impunity for over two decades.


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8 Comments on "If the police are attempting to cover up violence by Slovakians, what else are they covering up? Jihad? Islamic extremism? Muslim rape gangs?"

  1. I have been in Crewe tonight where a large gang of Slovakian kids are being followed by police. They are doing nothing wrong but why are they being allowed to scare older English people out for a quite drink?

  2. thylacosmilus | February 6, 2016 at 5:30 am |

    School’s desire to control what is said on social media is not a new phenomenon. Previously they’ve confined it to criticism of the school. I knew that wouldn’t last!

  3. thylacosmilus | February 6, 2016 at 6:28 am |

    Can one imagine the reaction of the police should the families of white alleged rapists on trial be gathering outside court holding placards saying ‘No justice for the white English’ had the complainant been a member of an ethnic minority?


    Can one imagine the articles in CiF and the Indy in such a situation?

  4. Slovak Gypsies possibly? Different culture which we have to accept and tolerate? I doubt very much that ordinary Slovaks behave like this and would be appeased in this way.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 7, 2016 at 4:08 pm |

      Yeah this sort of behaviour in the school screams ‘Roma’ to me. As members of a ‘group with protected characteristics’ according to various bits of ‘equality law’ the head will find it much more difficult to come out and criticise the malodourous behaviour from these Roma/Gypsies. I think in this case the word ‘Slovak’ was used much in the way ‘Asian’ is used by the media in connection with Islamic Rape Gang cases.

  5. English, still here... just. | February 7, 2016 at 12:54 pm |

    What else are they covering up?
    All of the above and plenty more besides.
    They are “only obeying orders”.

  6. They are gypsies with slovak passports, not Slovaks

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