Are you a liar? A dissembler? A person who will be a stooge for food? If so there’s a job opportunity out there just for you.


Are you are a dishonest, politically biased ‘academic’, someone who is prepared to say anything that you are paid to say, whether it’s true or not. You might even be the sort of person, who if life had been different for you, would have felt no moral problem with winding back the odometers on second hand cars in order to turn a profit? If that is the case then here’s a job for you. It’s for the post of Senior Researcher, paid for by the rest of us through our taxes, with the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama, who are purveyors of questionable and probably thoroughly fake, ‘hate crime statistics’.

It appears that Fiyaz Mughal’s ‘Empire of Lies’ that encompasses not just the Tell Mama group itself but equally questionable entities such as Faith Matters, ‘Religious Reader’ and the laughably named and completely ineffectual ‘Muslims against Anti-Semitism’, has managed to secure funding for a senior researcher into ‘Islamophobia’.

The job, which is more than likely paid for by you and me the taxpayer, is paying £35,000 per year for the lucky liar who gets the job and is a full time post. According to the job description published on the Guardian public sector jobs website the post description says:

As Senior Researcher, the successful candidate will draft research reports, audit and manage data collected from victims of hate crimes, and use qualitative and quantitative skills to inform stakeholders in politics, police forces, social media platforms, and civil society about anti-Muslim hate and Homophobia.

In other words they want a bullshitter who will take Tell Mama’s dubious ‘hate crime’ statistics and questionable reports, written by academics who are closely associated with Tell Mama, and to give them an air of false academic credibility. This fake credibility will then be used so that Tell Mama can whine louder to government departments, the police and the press regulator in order to get more cash for organisations run,founded or controlled by Fiyaz Mughal, have people arrested for dubious ‘hate crimes’ and help to shut down our right to speak freely and critically about the ideology of Islam.

This is not a post I would advise anyone who aspires to having a career where they are respected as honest, accurate people and who are brimful of moral probity, to apply for. Being associated with an organisation like Tell Mama is quite frankly a reputation killer. Having Tell Mama on your CV is a bit like stating on your CV that you were the person who gave Peter Sutcliffe The Yorkshire Ripper his last lorry driving job. It’s not a good thing. Still, if you want to be tainted by having worked for an organisation that is consistently dishonest when it comes to ‘hate crime’ statistics and stories then that’s up to you. Still if you are a former ‘car clocker’, itinerant tarmac salesperson, welfare fraudster or even someone with no morals whatsoever then this might just be the job for you.

Personally I find it disgraceful that this bunch of shysters have managed to screw this amount of money out of the rest of us, with the help of Civil Servants at the Department of Communities and Local Government. Tell Mama and indeed Fiyaz Mughal himself should have been made persona non grata in government and administrative circles after they were caught telling outrageous lies about the number of anti-Muslim attacks following the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013.

I look at the £35k of our money that is being spunked on this post and I can’t help wonder what else could have been bought for that money, money that is being wasted on advancing Fiyaz Mughal’s dubious ‘Islamophobia’ career.

I did some checking up and this is just some of what one year of this money would have bought instead of providing Tell Mama with an academic ‘beard‘.

1 years salary for a band 5 nurse

1 years salary for two newly qualified British soldiers

1 years salary for a teacher outside of the London area

4408 sessions with a GP doctor (based on £7.94/ 11.5 minute consultation)

163 weeks of elderly home care visits (based on a cost of £214 per week for a ten hour week)

387 basic self propelled wheelchairs

At least 6 School pupils educated for one year (based on an average for 2014 of £5000 per child in Dedicated School Grant)

Approximately six men could have surgery for prostate cancer in a private hospital (at an average of £6k per patient)

137 Ambulance call outs where the patient is transferred to hospital

I look at these figures and I could weep. Everything on the list above is stuff that is far more useful and valuable to Britain and its people than funding another Tell Mama hate crime bullshitter.

It’s a disgraceful waste of money on an even more disgraceful organisation.


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