From Elsewhere: If they find the Union Flag ‘offensive’ then they can leave on the next plane out.


If there’s one thing that we can guarantee will come out of the mouths of Leftists and similar types then it’s they will invariably find something that they find ‘offensive’. It can be something that is relatively minor or even, as in this case, something that is not really an issue at all.

This case revolves around unofficial Union Flag patches that have been stuck on the stab proof vests worn by security staff at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, according to a report in the Bristol Post. The patches, that are not part of official uniform and were placed in memory of police and security staff who have died in the line of duty are admittedly non-standard items, but their use been ignored by management for about two months. It was only when an unnamed ‘member of the public’ (probably a leftist lunatic) complained to management, that an order went out for security staff to remove the patches. In effect these badges were tolerated by NHS management right up until someone whined about the flag badges being ‘offensive’. Here’s part of the Bristol Post report. As is normal policy for this blog the original quoted text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Bristol Post said:

Security guards at the Bristol Royal Infirmary have been banned from wearing the Union Jack on their stab-proof vests.

The 12 members of staff, employed by the NHS, received an e-mail telling them to no longer wear the flags on their uniforms.

An insider at the hospital said around half of the security staff had been wearing the Velcro badges with pride for the past two months, but there had recently been a complaint made by a member of the public.

I’d love to know just who this member of the public is? I’d also like to know what their motivations were for making the complaint? I suspect, knowing that Bristol has a loud but unrepresentative coterie of Lefty lunatics, anarchists and easily led students, that this complaint could come from one of these groups.

The hospital worker told the Bristol Post that security guards had received an e-mail asking for the flag badges to be removed with immediate effect.

According to the source, the e-mail stated: “After a complaint from a member of the general public you are to remove the Union Jacks from stab vests.”

So one complaint and the NHS caves in to the complainer? This suggests to me that the management were more than eager to stop the staff wearing these badges and were looking for an excuse to do so. If that is the case then the UK probably has people who hate the nation and its symbols working within the NHS as part of the organisation’s management. This is not a good situation for Britain or any nation to be in.

The badges are similar to those sold in aid of charity Care of Police Survivors (COPS), a charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives whilst on duty.

They rose to prominence two weeks ago many police officers donning them in the wake of PC Keith Palmer death in the Westminster attack.

I understand that these are not official uniform badges but they are not, at least to any reasonable person ‘offensive’.

The Bristol hospital worker, who did not want to be named, said: “The badges have been a recent thing. The security guards got new stab vests that had Velcro on them and so decided to get the badges.

It is an insult to the British people that they are having to be taken off.

All the security staff are upset about it and cannot quite believe there has been a complaint.

The staff are doing their best for everyone in the hospital, trying to keep people safe and a complaint like this is made.

Personally I find it offensive that someone is offended that much by the Union Jack.”

I find myself in agreement with the hospital worker who has been quoted by the Bristol Post. It’s an insult to the British people and it’s offensive that someone even bothered to complain about these patches. It makes me wonder how people become so petty minded that they see a manifestation of the national flag as being something worthy of complaint?

It is not the first time the black and blue flag badges have proved controversial.

In 2015 a Sussex Police officer was asked to remove the badge by his supervisor because it breached uniform policy.

Meanwhile other forces joined suit later that year asking for police officers to take off the flags because it was not functional with policing uniforms and over some concerns that it could cause offence in some communities.

So the British flag causes offence in ‘some communities’ does it? I wonder what ‘communities’ these forces could be speaking about? Could it be that the police are referring to the often seditious, jihad supporting Islamic communities? I along with many others would consider that this is most likely to be the ‘community’ that would be ‘offended’ by the flag of the nation that gives them shelter and support.

I’m not exactly the world’s greatest fan of the current incarnation of the British police, bearing in mind how infested they are with political correctness, but I would in no way be offended by the sight of a police officer wearing a small Union Flag patch on their uniform.

If the person who made this complaint really hates the United Kingdom and its symbols so much then why don’t they take themselves off to Bristol Airport and buy a one way ticket somewhere else. After all if they hate the country that much they may feel better, and we would be better off, if they left and never returned.

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  1. Henry McCarty | April 7, 2017 at 4:50 pm |

    I have little time for the filth — sorry, police — but I wouldn’t object to plod wearing a badge like this. I have just ordered a load of England badges for my family in case they ever need to go to hospital. It will be interesting to see the reaction to that!

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