Friday Night Movie 112 – ‘Edge of Darkness’


An inspiring wartime action film for you all this week showing brave Norwegians fighting to try to throw off the Nazi yoke. ‘Edge of Darkness’ made in 1943 is a film showing how, pressed beyond endurance by Nazi oppressors, residents in a Norwegian coastal village rose up at great cost against their tormentors.

‘Edge of Darkness’ stars Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan and tells the story of a Norwegian fishing village that has become the headquarters for a number of German soldiers. The Germans abuse the villagers and punish severely any act of resistance. There are also a number of Quislings, collaborators with the Nazis who are aiding the Germans in keeping a grip on the village.

The Nazi invaders are hated by the Norwegians and they are burning with desire for revenge against the Germans for what they have done to them. But they cannot make any move to take action against the Germans because they are waiting for arms and other supplies to be delivered covertly by the British forces. As well as having to wait in seething frustration for weaponry to be delivered to them, the villagers are also having to be concerned about the danger of being denounced by a Quisling.

This is a really exciting film that I’ve seen before but I don’t think I’ve had as part of the Friday Night Movie strand before. I was delighted to re discover it to be available and I hope that you enjoy it soon.