Friday Night Movie number 18 – The Limping Man

Another bit of great British drama this week from 1953  with The Limping Man starring a very young looking Lloyd Bridges.

The plot revolves around a US citizen called Frank Prior, played by Lloyd Bridges, who travels to London to take up with an old girlfriend who he hasn’t seen for six years. Prior gets off of the aircraft at London Airport and while he and the other passengers are walking across the tarmac one of them is shot by an unseen sniper. Prior is detained by Scotland Yard for questioning as he has witnessed the shooting and is later released.

Prior travels to London and meets up with Pauline French, his former lover, played by Moira Lister and learns that she had an intimate relationship with the murdered man but she will not talk about this affair to Prior. Unbeknownst to Prior Scotland Yard also know about the link between Pauline and the dead man and Prior finds himself under surveillance and also under suspicion.

Not to give too much away but the plot of this film has twists and turns and some of the characters turn out to be not as they seem at first. In my view this is a gripping film from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy the movie, I did when I saw it a while ago.

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    More cultural enrichment. We are truly blessed.

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